Kratom leaves have been used by humans for a long time in Southeast Asia for various purposes like pain relief, diarrhea medicine, recreational purpose, opiate addiction treatment, fatigue, and insomnia.

Kratom being a major breakthrough in herbal medicine, has numerous benefits…

Some use it to enhance their current capacity and capabilities while some use it to get their normal life back…

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Some Of The Common Benefits Of Kratom Based On User’s Experiences:


Kratom poses great analgesic properties and quickly heals pain by rapidly acting on the hormonal level. It increases the level of dopamine and serotonin level. The ingredients like alkaloids: mitragynine and 7-hydro-mitragynine present in the kratom leaves are responsible for desensitizing the pain receptors throughout the body.

This is the reason why people use it for treatment of headaches, migraines, muscle pain and arthritis.

People often compare kratom with opium and morphine because of this. But it is found to be not even nearly as addictive as the above-mentioned substances and in fact, helps in handling the addiction from them. Hence it is preferred for both temporary and permanent pain treatment.

 2.Energy booster

Kratom increases the energy level of the body by optimizing the metabolism and hormonal level.  It increases the flow of oxygenated blood in the body. Hence it is a natural and ideal solution for chronic fatigue.

3.Sexual stimulant:

In traditional practices, kratom is used to boost the fertility. It helps in increasing the blood flow and energy level which re-energizes the tired libido. Also, people report having lasted longer too.

4.Immune system booster

Kratom is rich in antioxidants which eat away free radicals and carries on with anti-microbial activities in the body. Various studies on kratom show that it strengthens up the immune system and builds overall resilience in the body.

5.Addiction recovery

Kratom is famous for its use to fight against the addictive substances like opium. It helps people handle the withdrawal symptoms because it also acts on the same receptors but in such a way that it is not addictive.

6.Reduced anxiety

Reduced anxiety: kratom has anxiolytic effects and helps people with chronic stress, anxiety, depression or any other mood-related issues. It impacts the hormonal levels of the body to optimize it for the ideal functioning state without the use of a chemical substance and their side effects.

7.Diabetes treatment

Kratom helps in prevention of diabetes as well though the research is limited on this topic. The kratom leaves help regulate the insulin and glucose level in the blood. It helps in the prevention of diabetes as well as management of diabetes.

 8.Mood booster

It is a common observation by most of the people that kratom helps uplift one’s mood and an overall state of being. Even a small dose can generate an optimistic state of mind for a person while a greater dose creates a state of EUPHORIA.

9.Helps in insomnia

Sleeping pills are generally one’s go-to stop when someone is not able to sleep at night only until the time they find the harmful side effects of health and addiction tendencies.

Luckily kratom is a natural and non-addictive substance that can help you fall asleep without forming a dependence on any substance.

10.Concentration and focus

Kratom esp white and green are increasing one’s concentration on the task at hand. It helps in brain fog as well.

Due to these effects observed after using the kratom, it is widely used for the treatment of ADD and ADHD. It is a good alternative to chemical compounds that are prescribed by doctors and sold over the counter as it keeps you away from the side effects caused by such drugs.

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Kratom Strains

Kratom has so many different strains due to different regions in which kratom is grown as well as the breeding of kratom. Each strain has different effects. Based on effects it can be briefly divided into 3 categories: stimulation, sedation and moderate.

One thing that has to be kept in mind that within a strain also there could be variation from plant to plant so there is no rigid pattern for each strain. All the reports are based on the kratom user’s observations as a whole since there are not many scientific studies done on each of the kratom strains.

Stimulation Kratom Strains

Such strains are ideal for people suffering from chronic fatigue, depression or lack of focus. People also use such strains to enhance their productivity. Such strains can be good alternative to everyday coffee since they do not lead to a sudden crash after boost of energy. They tend to be more stable in providing the energy and focus to get the job done.


Thai Kratom

The difference in effects in different strains is due to difference of alkaloids.  Although there are 28 different compounds found in kratom but two are most common ones: mitragynine and 7-hydromitragynine.

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