Kraken Kratom is one of the best kratom vendors out there and one of the most popular one also. They started at the end of 2015.

They’re Based in Pompano Florida.

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While doing a Kraken Kratom review, I would be judging it on the following points:

Do Kraken kratom provide five-star quality

Kraken Kratom Quality Of Products

This is the most important factor while judging a vendor. The quality of the kratom product is of utmost importance.

The market is filled with kratom vendors selling kratom products at dirt cheap rates but you end up feeling robbed if you don’t get the quality you desired. So, quality always comes first, even before the PRICE!

• Kraken Kratom Customer Satisfaction

The quality of kratom vendor is determined by the reviews and rating from the previous customers.

If previous customers are happy then there are great chances that you end up being happy with the purchase too.

So, customer satisfaction greatly determines the authenticity of the kratom vendor.


Different people have different needs and requirements. And sometimes some people have different needs at different times. So, it is very important for the vendor to have a large variety of strains so that it covers various needs of the people because ones people are hooked on a kratom vendor trust wise, it is painful for them to shift to the new vendor.


Discounts and special promotional offers offered by the vendor so that you know about them beforehand which enables you to make the purchase at the right time and get the most bang for your bucks.

• Kraken Kratom SHIPPING

This is a major problem with many vendors. While looking at the shipping services provided by the vendor, two things should be particularly looked at.

One is how fast the shipping is? Customers don’t want to wait forever to get their product delivered ones they made the purchase.

And also, kratom being a somewhat medicinal product, some people may require it urgently. So, in this case, the faster the shipping, the better it is. and the other is, how much do they charge for the shipping because if the shipping is not free than it adds to your overall cost of kratom.


Shopping for kratom in itself is a stressful experience and if the vendor has a shitty website then you not only end up postponing for purchase altogether.


This is also an important factor that should be looked at. Kratom is an edible product, proper testing by the vendor or any other third party should be checked in order to ensure that you are taking the right thing in your body.



There should be a variety of option of payment so that it is accessible to the majority of the people.


What kind of return policy they?

Kratom consistency is a big issue with even the most reputed vendors, Since most of the time, they don’t have much control over the manufacturing process of kratom.

So it is important to check whether the kratom vendor has a sound return policy in case you don’t get the kratom of desired quality.


Kratom is not just available in powder form but also capsules, extracts, oils etc. Again different people have different requirements and preferences. So just check if your vendor has the kratom in the form you want.

Kraken Kratom products

Based on the above criteria let’s attempt to do our Kraken kratom review:

Let’s start with what’s working for Kraken kratom or what are the positive points about Kraken kratom.


Kraken Kratom is known for its impressive variety of strains. Some of them being: red vein Thai, maeng da Thai, super indo and Bali kratom. Kraken Kratom continues to put new kratom products in the market.

Although they also have enhanced extracts these extracts are not something that is recommended by us due to the host of reasons which I would discuss later.


What kind of offer they provide

Time to time they bring up irresistible deals and offers like 20% off plus free shipping.

reward points: reward point is accumulated based on your orders, you earn a 1 point for every dollar spent on Kraken!
quick tip!: If you sign up to their mailing list you get it directly to your mailbox. They’ve created a separate account for the loyal customers who regularly buy from them.

QUALITY: products are of pure and premium quality. They use superior grade kratom leaf and powder is known for quality and consistency. You can judge it from the aroma. Their SUPPLIERS are reliable and reputable.


Dedicated team for customer concerns an issue. They’re friendly, cooperative and respond very quickly. You can contact them via phone, email or contact us page.


What kind of delivery service they provide?

Free shipping and quick delivery is a plus point for this vendor. No minimum order is required.

Kratom is dispatched on the very same day. Unfortunately, company charges from the buyers residing outside the US.


A sleek website which is user-friendly and easy to understand. The design of the website is very intuitive. Even if you are old school or not very technically inclined, you won’t face any problem buying from them.

Everything is set up step by step, right from adding the product to the cart to checking out. You can add a coupon code at the time of purchase if you’ve got one.

Your final price would be shown before making the purchase.

lab tested Kraken Kratom products


They’ve got their products tested with the food lab for alkaloid content as well as contaminants. There’s a regular update of the product description with this information and each product label contains a lot number for reference.

• Kraken Kratom MODE OF PAYMENT

#eCheck: however, it has a limit of $200 on it

# American express: this is the second option that they have

#Bitcoin: Kraken kratom accepts bitcoin also.

#COD: this is something unique to Kraken kratom. cash on delivery is a payment method for your order. It involves exchanging a money order or cashier’s check for your total amount due with your delivery driver, in exchange for your package.

• Kraken Kratom Return Policy

They have a 30-day return policy. That is, they are willing to accept a return on any unopened, sealed product as long as customer contacts them within 30 days of the delivery date.

However, it’s important to discuss some of the downsides also that customer has to deal with while doing business with this vendor…

• They don’t have variety in the capsules: although kratom powder is considered best to see the optimum results of the kratom powder is not everybody’s cup of tea. Whether it be the taste of kratom or the inconvenience of portability and measurement. Though they’ve Bali, white vein Borneo and maeng da Thai but still they’re not enough to cater the need of the market.

ENHANCED BLENDS have very little info available for these modified extracts. And the instructions for the dosage is also unavailable. Enhanced blends are not recommended in the first place because of the tolerance issues and other adverse effects of it.
Though you can experiment with it and optimize according to your needs but first-timers may not get the desired results or even end up getting some adverse effects.

Here’s the bottom line:

Finally, due to the huge variety of kratom available it is one stop shop for the kratom users. Excellent customer support and satisfied customer base, sound return policy and various mode of payment. Kraken kratom is worth a try!

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