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One of the Kratom vendors that have been attracting a lot of attention in the recent past is Apex Kratom. If you are a Kratom lover, then you have probably heard of them. So why exactly is everyone buzzing about Apex Kratom? Mostly this is due to the free samples they offer their first-time clients who would like to try out the different strains of Kratom available. What caught my attention when it comes to Apex Kratom is their free shipping offer which I found to be extremely tempting. Most online vendors charge a lot of money for shipping and packaging. When you factor in the outrageous shipping costs, you end up buying the product at a very high price that may not be worth it. The worst part would be to pay all these shipping fees only to end up with a low-quality product.

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This is an in-depth review of Apex Kratom and why it stands out from other competitors in the market. We will take a look at the products they offer, the different customer reviews, and their pricing.

About Apex Kratom

Based in Wyoming, Apex Kratom pride themselves with providing high-quality products at low prices. It is true though that their products are quite cheap and Kratom users can afford them quite easily. About their products, most customers have found them to be of high quality.

What makes Apex Kratom stand out from the rest of the Kratom vendors is their deep discounts. Now, when you are a new client, you get free samples which are pretty high and so far I have not seen such a promotion from any of its competitors. Who does not love free samples? Given a chance, we would all love a free sample of Kratom to get the morning started.

In the recent past, Apex Kratom decided to rebrand their products. When you visit their official website, you could be confused for just a few seconds simply because nothing seems to scream Apex Kratom. What you will see is a Kratom Theory logo instead which was confusing to first-time website visitors of Apex Kratom.

The Kratom Theory serves as an information hub for Apex Kratom. The whole Kratom Theory idea was to help facilitate a discussion of all news and facts about Kratom. The Kratom Theory also includes different Kratom guides to help Kratom users fully understand all the relevant details when it comes to Kratom use and functions. I, personally loved this idea since it allows clients to explore new facts and information about Kratom that they did not know about.

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The Kratom Theory also has very detailed information about other online Kratom vendors and the products that they offer. This was a great idea which gives Apex Kratom customers the chance to buy different Kratom strains that are not provided by Apex Kratom. Sharing detailed information about other Kratom vendors also shows their customers their confidence in the products they produce.

Also clearly explained in the Kratom Theory is how to brew the famous Kratom tea. Now, most Kratom users will tell you that they do not need a tutorial to brew excellent Kratom tea. This, however, is not true, and the tutorial does help a lot. Kratom tea when the brewed right has a great taste with lots of benefits that you will get to read all about in the tutorial.

Their website is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can look through all the products and services that Apex Kratom provide. Unlike most online vendors who have complicated websites with very little information, the Apex Kratom website has a simple design but with lots of valuable information.



The Kratom Theory is continuously refreshed, and you are bound to find new information about Kratom always. The review they provide on other Kratom vendors is also quite detailed and very informative and unbiased.

I was astonished by the Apex Kratom website and found it to be rather interesting. Having looked at several Kratom vendor website, I found this one to be a step better than the rest. Maybe I love all the new information that I got to read about or perhaps it was just my simple-minded nature. Either way, you should have a look at their website.

The products offered by Apex Kratom

  • Apex Kratom provides a wide range of Kratom products;
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Borneo
  • Red MD
  • Green Malay
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Borneo

All these are different strains of Kratom, and the best part is that you could get each of the above in either powder or capsule form. With this option, you get to choose between the capsule and powder depending on the use and your individual preference.

Some users of Kratom require the powder form while others require the capsule form. You must do extensive research to determine whether the powder or capsule form suits your individual needs. There are a lot of online resources that have all the detailed information on Kratom that you could always go through before making your purchase.

Their free samples that I talked about in the beginning include 10 grams powder-form Kratom of your choosing. These samples help you determine whether a particular strain of Kratom is ideal for you. The good thing about free samples is that it does not cost you anything to try out. Also, you get to try out new strains to determine whether they suit your needs or not.

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It is quite clear that Apes Kratom offers a wide range of products for you to choose from. Most online Kratom vendors tend to specialize in only one or two strains of Kratom. This is usually because it can be quite challenging to have all the Kratom strains. Apex Kratom has certainly outdone themselves by stocking such a wide variety of Kratom strains.

Apex Kratom prices

One ounce of each Kratom form starts at 9.99 dollars and caps off at 32.99 dollars which in my opinion is pretty fair. Most customers find these quantities to be rather satisfactory, and the prices to be low when compared to other online Kratom vendors.

You also get the chance to purchase in bulk, with half a pound going for 49.95 dollars while a kilo retails at 129.95 dollars. In terms of pricing, Apex Kratom is quite fair, and you get top-quality products. Their prices are standard and remain constant throughout with no fluctuations. Some online vendors have been known to increase their rates during Kratom shortages, but that has not been the case with Apex Kratom.

Compared to other Kratom vendors available, Apex Kratom has dramatically lowered the cost of Kratom for its clients. This is huge because there are no shipping and packaging costs. The shipping costs have always been a problem when dealing with online vendors, but Apex Kratom has ensured that this is no longer a problem.

Apex Kratom Customer reviews

One of the most talked-about Kratom vendors is Apex Kratom, and this can easily be seen in the Reddit posts. Most of the customer reviews are positive with a lot of praises on excellent customer services and products offered by Apex Kratom.

Positive reviews are great, especially when vetting an online vendor. You should always look at the different customer reviews before deciding to buy products from an online vendor. The basic concept is usually that an online vendor will treat you in the same manner as it treats its customers. Should an online vendor provide poor services to its clients, then you too will probably get poor services. Apex Kratom has positive reviews with clients satisfied with the services offered. This means that you will also get quality services from Apex Kratom.

Apex kratom products

Most customers also find it advantageous that Apex Kratom also sells via eBay. Since Apex Kratom can sell via eBay, customers have several payment options available to them. eBay accepts almost all forms of payment, and customers can, therefore, get easy access to the Kratom they need.

Some customers have gone ahead to list Apex Kratom as one of the best vendors with exhilarating Kratom strains. These reviews show that Apex Kratom deals with top-quality products that you can believe in.


There is no doubt that Apex Kratom stands out from the rest of the online Kratom vendors. They offer a wide range of products at low prices and fantastic deals. I loved the idea of the free sample because it gives first-time clients the chance to use Kratom and discover whether it is ideal for them. Then the no-shipping costs help a lot of clients save money that they could use to buy more Kratom. Looking at the current marketplace, the services offered by Apex Kratom are spectacular. It is also worth mentioning that their website is full of valuable information that all Kratom users should be aware of. Take a look at the online customer reviews to get the full picture of Apex Kratom. Request a Kratom sample today and get to have a taste of the Apex Kratom products.

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