Kratom is becoming more and more popular these days as people are discovering the mental benefits that its responsible use can bring.

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You read about Kratom about all its benefits and want to give it a try.

But you get bombarded with so many links that you end up being overwhelmed.

It can be a difficult task to find a best kratom vendor who has high-quality kratom.

When choosing a Kratom there are some key parameters that need to be kept in mind.

Quality, of course, should be your number 1 priority since the internet is filled with scammers who sell Kratom at a low price but compromise heavily on quality.

So in order to make your Kratom shopping experience easier, I’ve prepared a quick guide and later on I’ve mentioned my own top picks based on the criteria mentioned below.

How to identify the Best Kratom vendor?

When searching for the best Kratom vendor, one key aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that the best vendor need not necessarily be the cheapest one.

While choosing the vendors following parameters are kept in mind:

  • Quality of Kratom: As stated above quality should be your NO.1 priority when you trying the kratom for the first time.
  • Price: Once you’ve prepared your kratom vendor list for the best kratom vendors, then you should start comparing them on the price so that you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Shipping: shipping is also an important factor while making your kratom vendor list
  • Packaging
  • Forms in which Kratom is available: generally kratom is available in powder and capsule form but not all kratom vendors offer it in both the forms
  • Refund policy: you should be knowing about the refund policy in case you don’t get the kratom of desired quality since the consistency of quality is an issue with kratom vendors.
  • Variety of strains: different strains of kratom has different effects. So make sure you select a kratom vendor according to your specific requirement. In case you’re not sure which kratom strain to try the best approach is to try out some kratom samples at first.
  • Customer satisfaction: reviews and ratings of previous customers is one of the ways to find out your best kratom vendor
  • Additional benefits or services provided by the vendor
  • Payment method
  • Manufacturing practices followed by the kratom vendor

best kratom vendor

Here are the few top vendors and their quick review based on the parameters above:

Purkratom Best Kratom Vendor

Purkratom imports only authentic strains following strict guidelines. Hence it is one of the best kratom vendors out there. The Internet is filled with purkratom reviews telling the popularity of this vendor(since Purkratom is based in Florida and kratom is legal there. So they follow the strict process to ensure the quality of Kratom imported in this area).

Apart from quality, purkratom provides FREE SHIPPING with no minimum order! Which is cool if you’re new to Kratom and just willing to experiment with a small amount at first. Orders are shipped the same day

ORDER TRACKING: you receive an email that your order has been shipped, you can simply follow the link and track your order. You typically receive an email confirmation immediately after the order has been shipped.

They offer kratom in both capsule and powder form. Kratom is said to be most effective in powdered form. However, Taste of kratom is not pleasing to most of the people which resists people from trying it again to continue with it. So can opt for capsule if the taste is one of your issues with kratom.

Money back guarantee! Like most of the genuine and trustworthy vendors, purkratom also provides the full money back guarantee for 30 days.

Following strains are available from the vendor:

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned their website is filled with positive reviews about the product.

Mode of payment and security: CREDIT CARDS (VeriSign SSL certificate which ensures encryption of your personal information)

Phytoextractum Kratom Vendor

This is one of the oldest and most trusted kratom vendors out there. Their kratom powder is of incredible quality. They’ve got a great variety of strains and various other herbs and plants apart from kratom. Like purkratom, they also offer kratom in powder as well as capsule form.

SAME DAY FREE SHIPPING: All orders are processed and shipped same-day

They also offer same day free shipping.

30 days money back guarantee

Payment method:

American Express
Privacy and security:  256-bit encrypted SSL ordering processCoastline kratom

kratom strains

Coastline kratom is highly reputed because of its quality and pricing. Kratom is taken from only mature plants to ensure fine kratom quality. They’ve also been around for a long time with a good track record.

Their website is sleek and easy to use even if you’re not a geek.

FREE SHIPPING: they provide free shipping throughout the USA for orders above $75
Plus they can ship the same day

100% money back guarantee.

Beginner’s pack is available for first-time buyers to test out the sample of various products offered by coastline kratom.

Coastline kratom provides powder kratom ONLY and not the capsule.

Customer support:  via phone and

This vendor is known for its capsule product but it offers powder kratom also.

Capsules are good for ease of taking, portability and overall convenience of it as compared to powder.

The good thing about using kratom capsules from is that they tell the quantity and quality of strains that are there in each capsule which is not a common practice amongst other capsule vendors.

Customer reviews and rating are good for the capsules that sell.

Their website is simple and intuitive which makes navigation easier and user experience great.

Payments can be done via credit cards and bitcoins.
Shipping is free.

Customer care is accessible via email.

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Vendor

They’ve got one of the best selections of strains in the industry. They offer three types of strains: slow, moderate and fast. Their prices are pretty reasonable compared to the industry standards.

The shopping experience from happy hippo herbals is COOL because they’re easy to use and fun website.

NO FREE SHIPPING: you don’t get free shipping when ordering from happy hippo herbals.

Customer service by happy hippo is fantastic and up to the mark.

Payment method:
#mobile check

Pesticide Testing: All the kratom products sold on happy hippo herbals come from the same farms followed by the same farming practices and they regularly get their products tested for the potential use of pesticides. You can see the reports on their website too. This type of testing determines the quality of the final product to the customer.

So this was my quick guide and quick guide to some reputed kratom vendors out there. If you any other question regarding this, feel free to drop a comment down below. Your feedback would be appreciated!

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