Blue Magic Kratom is the term used to refer to proprietary brands of Kratom compounds. It has its origins in the southerly region of the Asian continent, specifically the states of Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Selections from the Kratom leaves are usually suppressed and then dried to get a fine powder that is both a stimulus and a sedative. The strain works well for pain, the elevation of mood, anxiety, and instills calm energy on an individual. It also a euphoric feeling on the user.

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Blue magic kratoms are mainly found in the form of capsules while some are stocked in powder form and are regarded as safe for use. Most of its diehard users refer to it as a magical herb because of the leading brands. The blue magic kratom is usually found in brands which include; the Blue Magic Maeng Da kratom, Blue Magic Red Dragon and Blue Magic Bali.

Blue Magic Maeng Da Kratom

The Blue Magic Maeng Da is a Kratom strain of a very high quality that is usually derived with the use of the art of grafting that is very ancient, and this results in the production of a version of a Thai Kratom tree that is very superior. The Kratom tree is also known as Mitragyna speciosa. The herbal component harvested from this tree is a huge treasure in Thailand because of its potent and unique aroma. The Maeng Da capsule is obtained by mixing several strains such as the yellow, green, red, and white strains. It is known to give a general and effectively-rounded feeling.

Blue Magic Kratom

The Blue Magic Maeng Da Kratom capsules are found in almost all smoke shops around the world. For people who are known to experience depression and a state of mania which are alternating, then this strain is perfect for him or her. It also works well to relieve pain and overall anxiety. When used in larger doses, the kratom is known to have a somehow euphoric feeling.

This brand of the Blue Magic Kratom has for many years built a good reputation among its users all over the Kratom world. The Kratom capsules, as well as its strains, work very correctly. Most of the users who buy this Kratom strain are always on the lookout for an overall better and calm feeling. This feeling of calmness helps one to tackle his/her daily tasks with much fun and enjoyment.

The recommended dosage for this particular Kratom strain is usually a small dose for first-time users while the experienced users are also encouraged to get used to trying lower doses every other time. A dosage guide is generally provided for people who are new to the brand or the Kratom strain in general. The price range for the Blue Magic Maeng Da capsules varies a lot but purchasing seventy-five capsules of this Kratom strain will cost around twenty-five US dollars.

The Blue Magic Maeng Da is packaged very professionally and can be shipped to anywhere in the world in a relatively quick and faster way.

Blue Magic Red Dragon Kratom

This is the most recent Kratom strain that is mainly found in herbal powders and leaf extracts that have become increasingly popular all over the world nowadays. The Kratom strain itself is obtained from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant leaf. This evergreen indigenous tree can is located in the southeast parts of the Asian continent. Much of it is used in countries found on that region mainly as a sedative, pain reliever and sometimes for purposes of recreation. It’s highly preferred among individuals whose daily work brings about a lot of mental exertion such as doctors. Its effects are mostly being compared to those of caffeine since they are almost similar.


The Blue Magic Red Dragon Kratom has its name originating from its reddish cast color. It has a lot of resemblance to the Thai Red Vein Kratom. Not only do they look alike, but the Red Dragon Kratom also replicates some if not all of the qualities and the results of the Thai red vein Kratom. The only difference between the two is the cost with the Red Dragon being less expensive and affordable by most people.

The capsules of this Blue Magic Red Dragon Kratom are usually sundried in a manner that brings out a delightful red color. The capsules of this strain are well known for relieving chronic pain and also relaxing of the body.

Benefits and uses of the Red Dragon Kratom

The high frequency of alkaloids in the Red Dragon Kratom makes it the perfect strain for various conditions and uses. Some of them include:


The Red Dragon Kratom is highly beneficial to people who are affected by lack of sleep. The Kratom helps to capture the natural sleep inhibitors in a person and as a result, makes the person to sleep. It lures one’s mind and body to a condition that is very convenient and conducive for sleep. However, the required dosages of the kratom capsules should be taken to avoid other unwanted side effects that may arise.


Since the Red Dragon Kratom is similar to caffeine because of its effects on a person, it is mainly used as a stimulant or a supplement for energy. For many decades it has been known boost levels of energy significantly for those individuals with jobs that are physically demanding, for example, construction workers.

Pain Reliever

Pain Reliever

The Red Dragon Kratom is highly effective when it comes to pain. From the small discomforts of the body to chronic illnesses, the strains work well. Individuals with headaches, migraines, nerve, and muscles pains, and even vascular pains are well taken care of by this Kratom strain.

Stress Reliever

The opioid properties present in the Red Dragon Kratom can act on the receptors of the brain and affect the activities of the brain significantly. The Kratom strain helps in muscle relaxation and brings about a state of almost somnolence.

  1. This Kratom strain is also very repellant to attacks of anxiety and worrying feelings in a person. It gives a perfect impression of peace and tranquility when the right dosage is used.
  2. The strain also has a significant mental acuity increase, and as a result, it generates a higher mental concentration. Higher alertness and mental productivity are improved with the use of the Red Dragon Kratom.

Blue Magic Bali Kratom

The Blue Magic Bali Kratom is also mentioned as the premium commercial quality Kratom. It is the most well-known Kratom strain on the cyberspace. It occurs in a finely powdered form with the same molecules as those of fine sugar. The alkaloid levels of the strain are tested to make sure that its high quality is consistent.

The Bali Kratom strain is well known for relieving of anxiety and pain, and it’s beneficial at that. Its consistency and potency make it much stronger than all the other standard strains. The Blue Magic Bali Kratom is usually kept under room temperature and in dry places to maintain its freshness for more extended periods.

When taking the Bali Kratom for the first time, it is always advisable to start with a low dosage. An individual should take one or two grams of this strain to observe his/her body reaction. Then he/she can gradually increase the dosage in a way that won’t have adverse effects on the body.

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Effects of the Blue Magic Bali Kratom

  • It helps in enhancing the mood of a person
  • It is an ideal pain reliever
  • It also helps in relieving anxiety
  • Enhances body and mind relaxation
  • It also has soothing effects on an individual

    Common Side Effects of the Blue Magic Kratoms

    Kratom use has always been known to have some side effects on individuals. Some of these effects may be very extreme to the extent of death. Other effects include severe constipation, complete dependency, and addiction. These effects are always associated with the wrong dosage of the Blue Magic Kratoms.

    The common side effects include;

    Irregular sweating

    Irregular sweating

    Kratom use precipitates very unusual sweating on an individual even when he/she is in extreme cool environmental surroundings.


    The continued use of Blue Magic Kratoms causes severe stomach pains. An individual may also experience tightness in the stomach and feelings of pain, which usually occurs after Kratom use.

    Nausea and Vomiting

    Blue Magic Kratoms can also bring about a strong feeling of nausea on an individual which may be later followed by vomiting.

    For many years now, Kratom use has been spreading, and the rest of the world now has been exposed to Kratoms compared to before when their use was only limited to their areas of origin. The powder and extracts from the Kratom leaves have unquestionably brought about greater and very welcome benefits to individuals. However, since there is no approved procedure for their administration and dosage, people are advised to approach Kratom use with more exceptional care and caution. This will guarantee that a person experiences all its benefits and also in the process he/she avoids all the side effects.

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