Blue river wellness, formerly known as coastal kratom, is a popular kratom vendor based in Colorado. Today we are going to take a closer look at the many different kratom strains and other substances offered by the company. We also hope to answer the question of whether or not the companies quality changed alongside the name change. Without any further ado, we are going to share our thoughts regarding the company.

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Is there any more information available regarding the company?

There sure is! As mentioned above, the company is based out of Colorado, more specifically, Charleston. The companies name change is actually directly related to the area in which the company is headquartered right off of Blue River Parkway. Something important to mention is the fact that the company is currently only shipping kratom and other substances within the domestic United States.

Blue river wellness Products

  • This is a big change as in the past the shipped worldwide. If you live elsewhere, it seems as though this particular vendor would not be the best choice for your needs. The customer service is also important to mention due to the fact that they go above and beyond in an effort to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied.
  • In fact, this has earned the company quite the devoted fan base who are not afraid to be outspoken in regards to their thoughts surrounding the brand.

What products are offered by Blue River Wellness?

It is very important to know what products a company offers before making a purchase. Blue River Wellness is home to several different strains of kratom. They actually have a few different house blends that have been custom made for the company that seems to be quite popular.

  • Two examples of this particular type of strain would be Blue River Wellness Maeng Da and Blue River Wellness Bali. In fact, they are so popular that oftentimes they are sold together in a bundle that will sell out very quickly.
  • This bundle also allows for quite a bit of saving, which is sure to further please customers. It is also important to note that they sell so much more than kratom as well. They sell a variety of other herbal substances that are safe for human consumption.
  • You are also sure to see that Blue River Wellness goes out of their way in efforts to separate themselves from the many different sources of competition. The biggest and most notable way in which they have attempted to do this is via removing all mentions of kratom from their online storefront.
  • This is done to protect both the vendor and customer from any possible legal ramifications that could occur. Instead, you will find that all of the products being offered are advertised as Mitra or speciosa powders. This is generally done do to the legality of Kratom and related substances in particular areas.

Blue River wellness

There are quite a few of the Kratom strains being marketed as Mitra that seem to be fan favorites. One example is a tropical blast. This blend manages to encapsulate all of the Hawaiian island vibes that one could ever imagine. It is particularly juicy, and the aroma is just simply amazing when compared to the usual kratom scents that can be a bit pungent. This particular blend gives users the best aspects of all of the different kratom strains, but particularly greens and whites.

Are the products considered to be affordable?

We are happy to report that to the best of our knowledge, all of the products offered by Blue River Wellness appear to be relatively affordable. Long gone are the days of paying an abundance of money for kratom thanks to the many online vendors that we now easily have access to.


  • The current going rate for an ounce of the kratom seems to hover around $10.99 per ounce. This is about average and a pricepoint you can expect to see nearly everywhere. It seems though that bulk pricing can be a bit more pricey if purchased from Blue River Wellness.
  • In fact, bulk pricing is considered to be outrageously priced here.
  • This is due to the fact that 32 ounces of Kratom will cost you nearly $200 dollars. That is not exactly considered a pocket change. It is typically expected that the price range for this much kratom will vary anywhere from $100 to $130. As you can see, that is quite a big difference and really puts the pricing into perspective.

Are there any ways for customers to save money?

There are actually a few ways in which customers can expect to save money. The first is via the company-wide loyalty program. This program was designed in an effort to reward repeat customers for their purchases. Anyone can sign up for an account and more often than not, the reward will end up being a discount code. They also offer regular discount codes on a regular basis. In order to find these codes, it is recommended that you check out the companies social media platforms as this is where most companies decide to advertise their sales. These discounts are sure to be appreciated by all customers. It is safe to say that there are definitely ways in which customers can save money while shopping with Blue River Wellness.

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Are the reviews from other customers favorable?

It appears that most of the past customers that have made purchases via Blue River Wellness have had a positive experience. This can be chalked up to the fact that the company has been around for quite a while now and truly seems to know how to care for their customers. In fact, the company has actually donated quite a large chunk of money in efforts to keep Kratom legal in as many places as possible. This just continues to show how much they care about the industry they are involved in as well as their customers. While on the topic of customer reviews it seems as though many customers feel as though Blue River Wellness is the very best place to purchase kratom from. Talk about a rave review!

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