Boosted kratom is a kratom company that sells different forms of Kratom. Kratom is available in several strains with varying vein colors. The Kratom color is determined by the leaves vein color from where the strain is extracted. Different strains provide different health benefits. Therefore, Boosted Kratom has various strains of Kratom which are presented in different colors. In terms of product selection, Boosted Kratom is among the major vendors. Here you will not miss getting what will alleviate your pain they got all varieties for kratom, and they will advise you why you should take a particular kratom product.

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Boosted Kratom forms

Boosted Kratom pack their product in the form of capsules and powder form. Depending on individual preferences, some people prefer to use Kratom in powder form while others prefer the capsules. Kratom powder is ideal for some as they can consume it in large doses. Capsule consumers like it because of the convenience that it provides plus others do not like the bitter taste of powdered Kratom. Boosted Kratom provides the two forms of Kratom.

  • The best Kratom comes from Southeast Asia as the area has weather conditions that are fit to grow potent Kratom strains. Boosted Kratom also sources its Kratom from Southeast Asia to ensure that their customers have the best Kratom.
  • Any Kratom strain that is not from Southeast Asia does not measure up in potency to the one from Southeast Asia.

What are the Effects of Kratom?

Kratom is extracted from the leaves of a tree that is found in Southeast Asia. These leaves have psychoactive properties, and they are smoked and crushed, brewed, or put into capsules for consumption.

Kratom is used for the treatment of chronic pain as it provides analgesic effects. It has also been used by opioid addicts to counter withdrawal symptoms; it also provides the same effect as an opiate with less harmful effects. People who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety use the product to calm them down. New users of Kratom might experience some side effects just as it happens with the use of other medications. The side effects include:

Kratom side effects

  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • hallucinations
  • increased urination
  • itching
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • seizures
  • sweating

The product is illegal in some countries as it is considered to be a drug due to its ability to give the user a ‘high’ feeling. This is the reason why during shipment, the package will not read “Kratom” due to legal issues. Also, due to its ability to make the user high, some people are abusing it. However, when used appropriately, it helps the user deal with their condition. Users are advised to cease using the product once the pain of condition has been treated. This is because prolonged use of Kratom leads to addiction just as one would be addicted to opiates. After one stops using it after prolonged use, they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • aggression
  • emotional changes
  • hostility
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • jerky movements
  • muscle aches
  • runny nose

Users are advised to take the dosage as stated as overdosing on Kratom can lead to serious health complications, including addiction and death. You should not take Kratom when you have had alcohol; you should follow the process just as you would when taking other medications.

Why Buy from Boosted Kratom?

So, why should you source your Kratom from Boosted Kratom? Delivering a potent product is not enough; the price has to be affordable, have an efficient shipment, and provide convenient payment options. Let find out if Boosted Kratom meets these conditions.


Quality is essential in a Kratom product as a product of poor quality will not achieve its intended purpose; it will just be a waste of money. Some vendors contaminate their product which leads to users developing other health complications as a result. You have to do your research and also look at the customer’s reviews. This is where people give their testimonials about the effect of the product.

Boosted Kratom sources its product from the origin; thus, quality is certified. Also, it subjects all their strains to third-party laboratory tests. Third-party laboratories provide more reliable results than those offered by the supplier. All information regarding the lab tests is available on their website. Each time a Kratom is delivered, it undergoes the tests, and it is not sold until the results are out and satisfactory.

Product Selection

Boosted Kratom provides a wide variety of Kratom strains in powder and capsule form. Some of the available capsule strains are:

Kratom powder and extract

  • Green Thai Kratom
  • Green Vein Borneo Kratom
  • Premium Bali Kratom
  • Premium Green Malay Kratom
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Red Sumatra Kratom
  • Red Thai Kratom
  • Super Green Maeng Da
  • White Bali Kratom
  • White Borneo
  • Yellow Vein Kratom

The following are available in powder/extract form

  • Gold Vein Kratom
  • Green Kapuas
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Sumatra Kratom
  • Premium Bali Kratom
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Red Kapuas
  • Red Thai Kratom
  • Super Green Indo
  • Super Green Maeng Da
  • White Bali Kratom
  • White Borneo
  • White Indo Kratom
  • white Maeng Da Kratom
  • White Sumatra
  • Yellow Vein Kratom


Shipment is at a less cost on all orders; big or small. Shipment is processed through priority mailing, priority express mailing, and first-class mailing. If you place your order on weekdays before 3 pm, you will receive same-day shipping. Shipping takes 3-5 business days, and the person ordering has to be over 21 years.

Cost and Payment Options

Boosted Kratom products are provided at affordable prices. The powder is very affordable, but the capsules cost slightly more because of the packaging. To avoid this, you can purchase the powder and empty capsules and then make the Kratom capsules at your convenience.

There are various payment options that the vendor provides, such as cryptocurrency, credit cards, and electronic check. Also, Boosted Kratom offers discounts and coupons which lower prices.

  • Beginners have an opportunity to sample from their variety packs where one gets to choose from 12 capsules or 12 loose powders and create an individual variety of three.
  • The red strains of Maenga Da, Bali, and Thai are the best-selling among the Boosted Kratom variety.
  • They are smooth and rich with a fast ability to provide calmness, ease pain, and provide consistent results all the time.

Return Policy

Kratom strain for energy

There is a 30-day return policy at Boosted Kratom where faulty shipments can be returned with new deliveries made free of charge. However, you will cater for shipping charges when you return the product.  If your money has to be returned, a full refund is made within 5 business days.

Customer Service

User reviews reveal that Boosted Kratom is keen on efficient customer service. They provide support to customers who have issues when placing orders and are ready to handle complaints whenever they arise. They have a “Contact Us” section on their website, a telephone number, and an email address which you can use to contact them on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Why kratom and not synthetic products?

Who doesn’t like to consume what is natural? Kratom is an indigenous plant, and its products are naturally extracted. They are not mixed with chemicals. Also, kratom is preferred because is cost-friendly. You do not have to spend a lot on this product; it is less expensive. The other thing about kratom is that it can alleviate pain caused by different chronic diseases. These diseases can make you suffer, and taking a lot of opioid drugs can interact with other drugs that can cause an adverse side effect. The side effect of kratom is less severe since it is a natural product. This is why this is preferred than it has more benefits.

  • If you are looking for customer friendly kratom Vendor then Boosted Kratom is the place to get your kratom. They have all that it takes, and the cost is affordable. When it comes to legitimacy, they will give you what is fresh and that which will help you. The only disclaimer about kratom is that it cannot cure a disease, but it makes you feel better at the end.
  • You can only go the herbal way after you have consulted your doctor. There is something patient reaction to a drug; a drug can make you suffer thus before you get your kratom to talk to your doctor so that you are advised the way forward.

In summary, Kratom is an effective pain reliever and analgesic if used in the right way. Boosted Kratom is a legit Kratom vendor that provides quality Kratom to deliver desired health effects. All you have to do is to take it as instructed, and you will not have any problems. Beginners should start with the capsules like the one in powder form has a bitter taste. Do not look again for the best Kratom vendor visit Boosted Kratom website and place your order today and get the best kratom products you have been looking for in the market.

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