It is no secret that the economy hasn’t been doing all that great, especially for those who are considered to be working-class American citizens. As a result of this, many Americans are finding ways in which they can cut costs on their everyday expenses. One famous example is popping to mind is the fact that people are now more willing to roll their cigarettes rather than pay for their brand of choice only due to the rising costs associated with the product.

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The same thing can be said of kratom powder. Kratom is one of the most common prices gouged products that one will find. This is typically due to gluttonous shop owners who will do anything in their power to walk away with the most significant profit. This is not at all fair to loyal customers who want to purchase a substance that betters their life. No one should have to spend as much for kratom as they would on their electricity bill. It is utterly insane that some companies get away with this particular business practice.

  • Luckily there is a solution; this solution is known as Botanical Bunny. You may be wondering what exactly it is, but the answer proves to be very simple. Botanical bunny is a kratom vendor that offers a wide variety at an affordable price range. They also run many deals that are designed to save customers an abundance of cash.
  • Long gone are the days of paying way too much for a small amount of kratom. Today we are going to take a closer look at the company as a whole and hopefully provide you with beneficial information in regards to their product lineup.
  • The reputation they hold with customers, as well as the general price point that you can expect to find with them.

Who Is Botanical Bunny?

This is an essential question that one should consider before purchasing a kratom vendor. Luckily for you, we have the answers to this particular question. Botanical Bunny is a kratom vendor that is based out of Texas. They offer a full abundance of different strains, including rare and hard to find varieties. On top of this, they offer a ton of other products as well. Examples of such products being essential oils, herbs, and specialty soaps. While on the topic of the products being affordable, we would like to mention that this vendor has won awards for their lower prices. This is great for customers!

Botanical Bunny Kratom

  • The company isn’t all that old as they were first established at the beginning of 2017. Despite this, they have managed to quickly grow a loyal fan base by rapidly going to social media platforms such as reddit in efforts to let others know about their new business.
  • The real selling point for many potential customers was the fact that the company decided to start handing out free samples to anyone who may have expressed interest. It was a great move on the companies part as it was the best advertising method they could have pursued.

What products do Botanical Bunny have to offer?

This is another excellent question, and it is easy to understand why one would want to know about the products. We weren’t lying when we said that the company offers an abundance of different strains as the company has over 21 unique strains for your viewing pleasure. These strains range from Red Labai to Wild JongKong. There is a variety of sizing options as well, so it is safe to say that the company has most anything to satisfy your kratom needs.

botanical bunny Products

Botanical Bunny Prices

The pricing of the products is quite affordable and some of the cheapest around.

  • Pricing starts as low as a mere $5 for an ounce. This is practically unheard of and is deemed to be rare.
  • 100 grams is available for $12.50 and 200 grams is coming in at a flat-rate fee of $25.
  • You can also buy bulk kratom too if you wish. Bulk pricing is also considered to be affordable.
  • This is because a kilo can be purchased for the low fee of $90. Talk about great deals!

Does the Botanical Bunny offer discounts?

The company regularly offers discounts for their loyal customer base. In the past, the company has offered discount codes that were good for up to 30% off of the total purchasing price of orders. These codes are released regularly, and it just goes to show how much they care about their customers. We also recommend that you check out their social media accounts as this is where most companies share money-saving opportunities.

Botanical Bunny Payment Mehtods

A variety of different payment methods are accepted to complete your purchase. The company accepts all of the major credit cards. This is a great perk as more often than not kratom vendors will refuse to accept a credit card due to too possible legal ramifications for both parties. They also accept other forms of payment as well, most notably PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns about whether your preferred payment method is accepted you should reach out to the customer service team as soon as possible.

Kratom Strains

Botanical Bunny Customer Service Team

The company has the best interest of their customers in mind. Due to this, the customer service team is very professional and will do anything in their power to ensure that customers have a great experience with Botanical Bunny. We would also like to bring awareness to the fact that orders are shipped out on the same day in which they purchased. If you are at all concerned with whether or not your purchase will make it to you in time, you must reach out to the customer service team to get more information. They will typically get back to you within a business day.

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