Dragon herbarium is located in Portland. Dragon herbarium is well known for selling a wide range of medicinal herbs in bulks for aromatherapy, soap crafting, essential oils as well as sachets. Moreover, when it comes to the kitchen, Dragon herbarium offers various culinary herbs in bulk from customizable spice blends, cooking spices blends, and herbal tea. For your wellbeing, Dragon herbarium offers tinctures herbals, body detoxifying products, bath salts, herbal supplements, and bulk clay.

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  • On another hand, Dragon herbarium is well known for the scented products. They offer large assorted incenses, smudges, occult and metaphysical oils, resins essential oils as well as pheromone oils. Furthermore, there are various unique gift items to select at Dragon herbarium from crystals, candles as well as jewelry.

Dragon herbarium products

Dragon herbarium makes every effort in selling organic products to its customers. The sources of botanicals at Dragon herbarium is said to be from the best herb suppliers in the United States. You should know that if a Dragon herbarium product is not organic, then it is cultivated without the use of chemical or harvested from the wild.

  • Dragon herbarium herbs will help you to maintain your lifestyle in various ways. There are numerous superior qualities of herbs at Dragon herbarium that will help you to meet your needs. For spicing up your dish, Dragon herbarium features dried culinary herbs.
  • Furthermore, there are various medicinal herbs, supplements, wide varieties of craft herbs, and therapeutic herbs at the Dragon herbarium. The bulk herb selection at Dragon herbarium features over 400 different species to choose from.
  • Dragon herbarium features quality control staffs who inspects the dried herbs in bulk to ensure that the finished products meet Dragon herbarium quality specifications.

Dragon herbarium Oil

When it comes to packaging, Dragon herbarium uses green and recyclable material. Furthermore, Dragon herbarium pads their boxes to secure your package. Dragon herbarium boxes are made from the post-consumer paper while the herbal bags are made from cellophane since they are biodegradable.

Why shop at Dragon herbarium

At Dragon herbarium, you provided with top-quality herbs. Dragon herbarium has been offering organic as well as wildcrafted herbs and essential oils to the Portland community for over 38 years. Furthermore, Dragon herbarium provides its customers with more than different organic spices and herbs for your culinary and medical needs. One of the reasons as to why you should shop at Dragon herbarium is that they dedicated to supporting your health and your wellbeing via their personal care.

  • Dragon herbarium features an excellent website which helps in protecting your personal information from reaching any third party. Furthermore, Dragon herbarium website has clear information on their products, and they educate their customers on the effects of each that product they offer.
  • Nonetheless, Dragon herbarium deals with professional farmers who help in harvesting quality herbs to meet their customers’ interest. Dragon herbarium products are of high quality, and it features affordable rates. If you are looking to buy herbs in bulk, Dragon herbarium always offers the best at a lower price.
  • Dragon herbarium herbs are either organic or grown in the wild. Under that, all Dragon herbarium products do not contain any chemicals. Furthermore, their herbs are dried in a sterile environment to avoid any contamination during the process.
  • At Dragon herbarium, you are always offered excellent customer care services, and in case of any problem, they are always there to help. Dragon herbarium products are well-packed pouches that resealable as well as moisture-resistant, airtight, and it is well protected from Ultra Violet ray that comes from the sun.

Dragon herbarium is well known for having amazing crystals including;

The blue kyanite.

  • This is a fantastic stone that is often used in meditation and attunement.


  • This crystal is commonly used in detoxifying your body by eliminating anything hazardous to your health.

Lemurian quartz.

  • This is one of the most amazing crystals available at Dragon herbarium, and it is very affordable at only $5.

The black tourmaline.

  • There are various sizes of this crystal at the Dragon herbarium, and it features a beautiful design.

Lapis Lazuli.

  • You can get this crystal for $3.75 at Dragon herbarium. The lapis lazuli features a gorgeous color combination of blue, white, and black.


  • If you are a fun of ocean blue, then this is the right crystal for you. At Dragon herbarium, the amazonite goes $3.75.

Dragon herbarium Herb and spice

Payment methods

At Dragon herbarium you can pay for your product using;

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Debit card

Operating hours at the Dragon herbarium

  • On Monday to Friday Dragon herbarium operates from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm while on Saturday, Dragon herbarium serves from 12.00 pm to 7.00 pm.
  • However, on Sunday, Dragon herbarium is usually closed.

Shipping with Dragon herbarium

When it comes to shipping, Dragon herbarium ships daily from Monday to Friday. However, processing your product can take approximately 2 to 3 days before shipment is made. Due to obstinate issues, Dragon herbarium no longer serves international customers. If you are leaving within Portland, there are designated hours where you can visit Dragon herbarium to mingle and do your shopping.

  • Once you make your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. At times your tracking number will confirm your package is delivered, but you did not receive.
  • In such cases, Dragon herbarium is not to blame since they are not in control of shipping. However, Dragon herbarium will always be there to help you in any way.

In case you receive your order and you would like to exchange, Dragon herbarium cannot offer to exchange a product sold for some reasons. Furthermore, Dragon herbarium does not do refunds in case you want to cancel your order. You should note that once you place your order, you cannot make any changes due to e-commerce regulation as well as your protection.

Privacy at the Dragon herbarium

Dragon herbarium only collects your information that is essential for processing your order along with the use of Dragon herbarium website for better improvement. Once you visit the Dragon herbarium website they will collect as a store;

  • The entire product you viewed to help in showing you the full product you recently viewed.
  • Your location as well as the browser you use and the IP address. This information is often used for estimating taxes as well as shipping.
  • Your shipping address. Dragon herbarium will ask for your address for assessing estimated shipping time before placing and sending your order.

Moreover, Dragon herbarium uses cookies for keeping track of your cart content while browsing on their website. When you buy products from Dragon herbarium, they request for your personal information including your name, shipping address, billing address, phone number, email address, payment details as well as your optimal account information. Your optimal account information includes your username as well as password. Dragon herbarium will use for;

Dragon herbarium Products

  • Setting up your account at Dragon herbarium
  • Responding to the request, you make including complaints and refunds
  • In giving you information on your order and account
  • Processing payment and avoiding fraud
  • Complying with legal obligations such as calculating taxes

You need to know that, once you create an account with Dragon herbarium, they will store your name, email, phone number, and address. This will help to in populating the checkout for orders in the future. Your information can be accessed by members of the Dragon herbarium team, including the shop managers and administrators. They will be able to know the product you bought when you bought it and where it was shipped. Furthermore, they can access your name as well as an email address. This information will help the Dragon herbarium team to process your order, refund, and support you.

Dragon herbarium features various security measures when it comes to securing your personal information. Furthermore, Dragon herbarium offers a secure server, and once you make a purchase, all your transaction information will not be kept for more than 60 days. Always note that Dragon herbarium does not sell, trade, or transfer your personal information. Your personal information is not given to any third party.


Dragon herbarium is the oldest apothecary in Portland which has specialized in more than 400 organic herbs. Dragon herbarium has been operating for over 39 years. Furthermore, when it comes to purchasing quality herbs in bulk and at an affordable rate, then the Dragon herbarium is the best place. As the oldest apothecary in the market, Dragon herbarium if famous for offering its customers with fresh and quality herbal products. On another hand, Dragon herbarium is well known for working with farmers who help in farming and harvesting of quality herbs.

For long, Dragon herbarium has been offering the residents of Portland with essential herbs and oils. This is a clear indication that Dragon herbarium will never disappoint its customers. Dragon herbarium has received positive feedbacks from its client due to their quality and inexpensive products. Despite having quality herbs and oils, Dragon herbarium features extensive selections of minerals and crystals of different sizes and colors. Dragon herbarium has some fantastic display of fluorescent minerals.

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