Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Introduction

Eden’s Ethnos is a company located in San Francisco, California, and is a kratom vendor with close links to the agricultural industry. This company has since 2016 been a member of Trade key, a worldwide trade outlet and brags to stock the freshest and finest ethnobotanicals. Whereas their non-stamped kratom compartments and powders are relatively more expensive in comparison to other stores, they do stock a broader inventory of kratom strains and products. Furthermore, the company’s objective has always been customer satisfaction; hence, why every review of customer service and quality has always been positive.

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In this review, we will take a more in-depth look into this company’s product line, their reputation in the nootropic market hence better understand its standing in comparison to that of its competitors and the prices of their kratom products. With this in mind, you will be better placed to know whether or not this is a reliable vendor of kratom products.

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Products

The model of Eden’s Ethnos is similar to that of Amazon, and this is proved by them offering kratom products as well as joining several other brands, concentrates, leaf sorts and customer overviews all into one webpage. Thus, through their website, you can purchase healthy herbs such as Moe, Salvia, Ayahuasca, and Kava. For orders paid using Bitcoin as a preferred payment option and those exceeding $75, free shipping is provided.

This vendor stocks a wide assortment of kratom strains which you often cannot find being sold by other vendors in the market. These popular kratom strains offered by Eden’s Ethnos include Green, Red, White, and Red Borneo strains, Sumatran strains, Green Malay, three varieties of Maeng Da as well as Vietnam/Riau/Thai kratoms. Additionally, they stock a range of blends, and most of the kratom expels consist of Golden Reserve, UEI, 20x pitch, kratom team packs, and liquid tinctures.

Eden's Ethnos

Some of the other popular kratom brands offered by Eden’s Ethnos are Captain Amsterdam, Kratom Therapy as well as Kratom Infusion plus isolates like White Rabbit Kratom and Club 13. This wide range of kratom products is a vital trademark of this vendor with numerous shippers willing to heed to whatever request Eden’s Ethnos has.

Despite Eden’s Ethnos stating itself as a seller of ethnobotanicals, only kratom products are advertised on their website. Usually, the range of products they stock includes kratom extract, kratom powders, as well as kratom capsules. However, no further information is provided about these items on their product page since all that is shown are the product images, and if you try to click on the image, nothing happens.

Eden's Ethnos effects

Therefore, you get no additional details, no product descriptions about any of the kratom strains they have on offer as well as no pricing information or something related. This is somewhat weird considering product information is the backbone for every successful selling of kratom products. Buyers usually pick their kratom vendors with extreme caution but are always willing to give a shot to new sellers depending on the location and quality of their kratom products.

If you are lucky enough, the pictures of the kratom products shown on this company’s website might open. Nonetheless, all you will see is the name of the kratom product. One image, for example, opened and displayed the name Red Bentuangie at the top of the page. Moreover, this kratom strain was very rare to come across, and upon further research, I realized it is among the most relaxing strains of kratom. According to conversations on Reddit, Red Bentuangie is manufactured from more mature kratom plants.

Another page on this company’s website takes you to the liquid kratom section. Similar to the previous strain, all you could find is a picture and name, without any product information. Therefore, you are not provided with additional information to rely on before deciding whether or not to purchase the product. This being, not a technological issue is entirely not acceptable from Eden’s Ethnos, considering the adequate amount of information you need before making a purchase.

The other kratom product image displayed on their website is that of UEI kratom extract. Likewise, you are not provided with any additional information, pricing details apart from the fact that they sell Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract. This also applies with their kratom capsules as well as Maeng da kratom powder.

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Prices

Eden’s Ethnos is notorious for not disclosing the prices of its kratom products on its website, which raises the issue of transparency. Fortunately, this vendor is known to distribute its products to other resellers who sell their kratom products, and this information only available after digging around online about the prices they demand from their clients.

Kratom products such as 15gram bottle of Bali Kratom with 30 capsules costs is sold at $22.95, with this the same price point which their Maeng Da Kratom capsules are sold. This price is relatively standard for a bottle containing 30 capsules. Moreover, other kratom products such as the premium Bali kratom capsules are sold for $18.99, whereas the Red Bali containing 30 tablets goes for $19.95. Each of these pieces contains 500mg of kratom powder.

Eden's Ethnos products

Eden’s Ethnos 65 count Maeng Da Kratom capsules are sold for $32.95 whereas the 28-gram kratom capsules retail for $21.45. Finally, a bottle of Bali Kratom containing 140 tablets retails for $65.95, and for the 100 units, you can get this same kratom capsules for lower than $40.

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Payment

Eden’s Ethnos usually incorporates new merchants and subsequently goes ahead to stock them to prevent the depletion of its stock for all its buyers. They typically do not state the prices on their website. However, you can find the exact cost of the product you are looking to buy with other online dealers since these prices often are similar. Additionally, if you are not a fan of the popular kratom brands, you can opt for the clear powder of the leaf.

There are several strains offered by Eden’s Ethnos, which shippers provide you with direct expenses, with this different to what is done by other online vendors. Furthermore, payment options are straightforward plus you get the opportunity of free returns; therefore, you have nothing to lose by choosing to shop at Eden’s Ethnos.

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Customer Service

Eden’s Ethnos completely fails to provide you with any information on their website relating to their customer service. Moreover, on their reseller’s page, they state every sale they make is final after recently suspending the return policy due to concerns about the pending ban on all kratom products.

However, upon further investigation, there is no such ban pending. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is looking to reevaluate the medicinal value of kratom products. Thus, no decisions have been made to regulate or ban kratom products in the United States. Whereas some states in the US have banned kratom, most states have failed to pass any legislation which could consequently prohibit the sale or possession of kratom. Therefore, Eden’s Ethnos has no excuse as to why they should do this, thereby denying buyers of their valid customer refunds.

Most of the competing rival vendors are very active on social media platforms and Reddit, paying close attention to customer feedback. They also go ahead and reply to any complaint the customer experienced with the seller, as well as providing them with free kratom samples and refunds. Thus, this proves their commitment to maintaining excellence and quality. Furthermore, these kratom vendors go ahead and offer buyers with incredible deals and discounts as well as coupon codes. All this Eden’s Ethnos ignores plus their Contact Us page does not provide a price point for shipping preferences, no details about the shipping policies and no email address to address.

Eden's Ethnos benefits

Instead, all you get in the Contact Us page are fields to input your name, your phone number, your email address plus a brief message to the business.

All in all, Eden’s Ethnos is a respected vendor with many fans who see it as a reliable and legit seller of kratom powders and accessories. Despite its share of criticism when compared to other online vendors, you can be sure to get reasonable prices and kratom products of excellent quality. Moreover, this company is famed for its speedy dispatch of ordered products, something which many customers highly appreciate. This consequently raises its customer review by its purchases from different parts of the globe.


It is no doubt that Eden’s Ethnos is a reliable vendor that has all the necessary attributes all distributors of kratom products need to have. Nevertheless, whereas they boast offering quality products and timely delivery once you place an order, some of their business practices need to be improved further. This includes their online presence as their website does not display vital information such as product information, prices as well as additional information about the kratom product. Consequently, this makes you, as a buyer, feel coy to do any business with this vendor since it makes you doubt their trustworthiness.

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