Enhanciosa is kratom vendor that is based in Texas, and it features an expanding customer base as well as an extraordinary social media presence. Operating out of Austin, Enhanciosa provides its customers with a premium grade kratom with various strains available as well as other options which are customer friendly. Enhanciosa was started back in the year 2016.

  • When it comes to kratom, Enhanciosa strives to obtain quality organic kratom that has been sourced ethically. Furthermore, Enhanciosa products are harvested from the wild, and they are free from pesticides as well as other adulterants. Enhanciosa provides its kratom to its customers’, either domestic or international customers at an affordable rate, and they offer quality customer care services.

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Products available at Enhanciosa

Enhanciosa vendors offer various kratom strains in powdered form. Some of the kratom strains they provide include;

Bali Supreme

  • Bali is a strain of kratom which very popular in the market and is well known for uplifting your mood and boosting your energy. Bali kratom enhances mental and physical abilities, and furthermore, it releases anxiety, and it can be used in relaxation as well as in relieving pain.

Green Vein Mahakam

  • The effect of the green vein kratom is ordinarily mild and well balanced. Just like Bali, green vein kratom is also known for being uplifting and energizing. Nonetheless, green vein kratom is said to have a great balance of alkaloids hence creating nuances of effects.

Enhanciosa kratom products

Premium Jong Kong

  • This strain of kratom is often known for its potential in pain-relieving properties as well as cognitive function improvement and elevating your mood. Moreover, this strain of kratom helps in promoting states of depression as well as anxiety while avoiding fatigue, including heavy drowsiness, which mainly occurs with the red vein kratom.

Green vein Banjarmasin

  • When looking for a strain of kratom which is rounded well, then the green vein kratom is the best for you. Despite being not famous like the red strains, the green vein is incredible, and it features a combined effect of both white and the red vein kratom.
  • This strain of kratom helps in relieving pain as well as euphoric effects. You can use this kratom strain to help you with improving your focus and concentration.


  • This is among the new strains of kratom in the market. Sulawesi kratom has gained popularity rapidly, especially in the United States where it is exported in bulk. Sulawesi kratom mainly helps in the management of chronic pain, stress disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression as well as for relaxation of the mind and the body.
  • Consequently, Sulawesi kratom is more soothing and calming; it helps in the relaxation of the muscles and helps one to become stress-free.

Some of these kratom strains feature very exotic names, and this is due to the regions they have obtained the kratom. For instance, Banjarmasin is a small city located in the southern part of Kalimantan. These names give us clear evidence of how Enhanciosa is transparent on where they obtain their kratom.

Furthermore, other strains of kratom available at Enhanciosa include

  • Green Medan,
  • Red Banjar,
  • Red Maeng Da Jong Kong,
  • Green Bentuangie
  • and White Maeng Da Jong Kong.

Every kratom page in Enhanciosa features its detailed information on how it was obtained, the place in which it was harvested, and how Enhanciosa practices ethical sourcing.

  • You are guaranteed a seven-day satisfaction at Enhanciosa on all orders, including 250gram bag or more substantial. In case you are not satisfied with the product performance, Enhanciosa will then swap it for an alternative.
  • Always keep in mind that this offer is extended and it is exclusively for 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1000 grams bags per order. After seven days of delivery, this offer becomes invalid.

At present, Enhanciosa participates in the American Kratom Association GMP program. Enhanciosa is undergoing the process of transforming its internal processes to conform to the standards of GMP. This process takes plenty of time to implement, and it is keenly being addressed.

The cost of kratom at Enhanciosa

When it comes to pricing, Enhanciosa features super affordable prices of kratom, and this is one of the reasons as to why Enhanciosa has become successful.

  • At Enhanciosa, each ounce of kratom powder goes for as low as $8 and capsules it is $88 for 1000 grams. You can have a kilo of kratom at less than $1000, and this is the reason as to why Enhanciosa is very popular among people who purchase kratom in bulk.

Furthermore, each order you make at Enhanciosa comes with shipping included in the price making shipping free no matter the situation. At Enhanciosa, they accept all major; debit or credit cards, and they make their transaction via a secure account.

Buy Kratom enhanciosa

Coupon in Enhanciosa

There are various options you can consider to shop at Enhanciosa and use online discounts and coupons. When you receive Enhanciosa coupons, it will allow you to buy and make significant savings each time. The Enhanciosa vendors will accept the coupon codes at their checkout and moreover, in the past Enhanciosa partnered with social media influencers to deliver verified codes for discounts to the viewers.

  • For you to save big at Enhanciosa, there are three simple steps you will need to follow. However, before you start saving, you will be required to apply your code for you to know whether your discount was reflected before checking out.

In case of any issues on how to use your coupon online, you can contact Enhanciosa customer service via The three steps you will need to consider for you to save big with Enhanciosa are;

  1. First, you will need to add goods to your shopping cart. At this point, you will confirm the items you will be buying and that it meets any requirements to qualify for the promotion code in Enhanciosa.
  2. Once you have approved your items, you will go through the checkout process. While checking out, at each page, you will scan for a promotion code or a coupon. Once you have found a promotion code copy and paste it in the box that is next to the product and then you click on Submit or Apply.
  3. After submitting or applying the Enhanciosa coupon, you will scan your shopping cart. After which you will confirm if the coupon was correctly entered and has been reflected in your total price. Once you do this, Enhanciosa coupon or discount will then adjust your order in total.

Payment and shipping at Enhanciosa

  • Being located Austin, Texas; Enhanciosa ships its products from the 78745 zip code. Furthermore, Enhanciosa provides USPS Express shipping on some kratom leaf powder from 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1000 grams. Each order made from Enhanciosa comes with a USPS tracking number. Once you make the payment, the tracking number is then sent to your email, and sometimes your tracking number can end up in your spam folder.
  • However, for 1000 grams kratom, which is equivalent to one kilogram or 2.2 pounds of premium kratom leaf is shipped overnight. For 500 grams, which is equivalent to 1.1 pounds premium kratom leaf is split into two ways that is 250Ă—2 is shipped overnight. For, shipping 250 grams, which is equal to half a pound of premium kratom leaf is done overnight.
  • Furthermore, shipping with Enhanciosa costs you zero dollars since shipping for Enhanciosa products has been already included in the product cost. Therefore, shipping is done according to the price specified.

Enhanciosa offers quality kratom at a cheap and affordable rate. Kratom powder at Enhanciosa starts from as low as $8, making it an ideal place for customers who would like to purchase small doses of kratom.

doses of kratomIn Enhanciosa you can make your payment using

For you to make payment via Facebook pay, Bank Wire, PayPal, Cash App, or Zelle, you will have to use the contact us form. Despite not being fancy and flashy, Enhanciosa prices are hard to beat, and they still provide their customers with high quality and pure kratom powder. Enhanciosa kratom is excellent for people who are big on organics and conservation since their products are sourced from the wild and are free from pesticides.


Finding reliable and trustworthy kratom vendors can be a hustle. There are various kratom vendors online, but only a few will deliver quality and affordable kratom, and Enhanciosa is among the few trusted vendors. There are multiple positive reviews on Enhanciosa, which are very hard to ignore. Despite being young in the market, Enhanciosa is well known for its quality kratom, which offers its customers pure satisfaction. Giving its customers absolute pleasure has led Enhanciosa to become successful and receive more positive feedbacks.

Furthermore, offering their customers free shipping has made Enhanciosa be on top of its competitors. There are various reliable kratom vendors online, but none of them will be able to compete with the prices offered by Enhanciosa. Enhanciosa has the cheapest kratom with fantastic quality. When looking for a kratom vendor that offers affordable and quality kratom and at the same time ships it free for you, then Enhanciosa is the ideal choice for you.

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