More people have discovered how Kratom is beneficial leading to a rise in demand for the product. With the high demand, most people do not know where to shop for quality Kratom as there are many online sellers. Locating a quality Kratom dealer online is a difficult task as most of those available promise and purport to provide high-quality Kratom.

This EZ Kratom review will explain why it is the best seller of Kratom and why buyers should trust it. Let us start by stating what to look for in a Kratom dealer.

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Features of a Good Kratom Dealer

Everyone wants to get the best value for their hard-earned cash on a quality product that will provide the benefits they are looking for. Some Kratom sellers have a low-quality product but still sell it at a high price, therefore, do not be deceived by a high price to dupe you that the product is of high quality.

There are a few facts to know before you purchase Kratom online;

  • Kratom only grows in Southeast Asia and nowhere else in the world
  • Kratom is not available in pure form
  • Kratom that is in powder form is cheaper than that which is in the form of capsules
  • Kratom is illegal in some parts of the world

It is, therefore, vital to purchase Kratom from a reputable vendor. Low-grade Kratom is not as effective as high-quality Kratom strains.  Let us now look at one of the reliable Kratom online vendors.

EZ Kratom – Review

EZ Kratom is a Kratom vendor based in the United States, and it was established a few years ago. Its location is in Holiday, Florida, and it deals with the wholesale purchase of Kratom. However, being in operation since 2016 has not given it much exposure to potential buyers. EZ Kratom has only gained some popularity after consumers started giving it reviews on online platforms.

Ez Kratom Quality

What is Kratom?

The people of Asia have used Kratom for centuries for healing and recreational purposes. It is used to treat chronic pain in the neck and the back. EZ Kratom sells the product in 18 varieties to meet varied consumer preferences. Some of the options include Yellow Maeng Da and Red Maeng Da, setting the company apart from other vendors. The product is sold in the form of powder, capsules, and extracts.

  • Powder formKratom leaves are dried and then crushed to powder. The powder is then mixed with other substances to make it soluble in water for regular drinking.
  • Capsules – Kratom in capsule form is the most popular where the Kratom powder is mixed with herbal extracts and put into a tablet. The capsules are sugar-coated to camouflage the bitter taste of Kratom. You are advised to take Kratom capsules under a doctor’s prescription.
  • ExtractsKratom extracts are made when Kratom leaves are boiled in water or alcohol into a concentrated paste. The resulting product has a bitter taste that many people cannot handle; hence, you are not advised to use this option.

What sets EZ Kratom Apart?

The following are some of the things that make Ez Kratom a reputable Kratom vendor

  1. An assortment of products – Ez Kratom has about 18 Kratom products that include Kratom capsules, White Horn, Yellow Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and Ultra Enhanced varieties.
  2. Kratom sample pack – for people who wish to try the product, EZ Kratom offers a sample pack that contains four strains at $39.95. This saves the user time as it provides them with all the strains in one box. The pack includes four popular strains in a 28g pack for each strain. The customer chooses the four strains he wants to try out.
  3. Affordable price – EZ Kratom powders are sold at a minimum of $45 which is a good bargain as their product is of high quality; the price is for a 250g pack of Kratom. The Ultra Enhanced Kratom is sold at a starting price of $77.60 while Gold Full Spectrum starts at $106.80. The prices of EZ Kratom might be on the higher side, but its high-quality products compensate this.
  4. Able to supply big orders – EZ Kratom provides Kratom in quantities as low as 250g and up to 10kg at a go. Not many Kraton vendors sell the product at such a high quantity.
  5. Quick shipment – after you pay for your Kratom product, shipment to your destination takes about five days, and it is free if you decide to use USPS. It is important to note that the word “Kratom” will not appear on the package as it may be passing through countries that are not legalized.Buy Kratom from Reliable Vendor
  6. Cash on delivery – when you log into the Ez Krotam website and wish to make a purchase, you can choose to pay cash on delivery. Your order will be shipped using UPS/USPS/FedEx, and you will pay when it is delivered; you will be required to make ID verification. Orders on cash on delivery terms are shipped on the day of purchase. If shipping within the United States and using USPS, there will be no extra charges on COD orders.
  7. Customer care service – if you have any questions regarding EZ Kratom products, you can contact the company through +1 (727) 389-7121 for general queries and if it regards your package, call them at +1 (727) 505-7097. Their email address is and Their working hours are Monday to Friday from 10: am – 8:00 pm and on Saturday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm ET
  8. Coupon system – EZ Kratom accepts readily available coupons online. If you find a coupon, you can enter codes on the coupons for a price reduction on the total price.

You need to know how to look for the best vendors. Anything that gets into your system has to be original and safe. There are many other vendors around, and you may get confused who to trust with your kratom. Since kratom interacts with your central nervous system and is one of the sensitive systems in your body, then research is needed, look for the best kratom and that which will help you get that treatment instantly.

As it is a product that is natural, and as it is, you are not prone to severe side effects. It is naturally extracted dried and stored under suitable conditions only for you to take. You will not have to worry if you are under other medication as it will not interact with those drugs to a point where you have to see your doctor. This is why many people are opting for naturally made medication, and kratom tops the list of them.

When it is coming from your trusted vendor, then you do not have to worry as they get them from the indigenous farmers who do grow them naturally and being their job they have no time to tamper with it.

Kratom Dosage

Kratom is not a painkiller; hence cannot get rid of chronic back pain in an instance. When you take Kratom, the pain will subside, but you will not be cured after a single dose. Depending on how much pain you have, you have to be patient as the pain may take even months before it completely goes away.

  • How well does it feel for when the pain to go away completely. When you are going through chronic disease, then you understand how pain can give you sleepless nights. Apart from this, it also takes care of other things like sleep disorders, anxiety, and mood all in one package. You do not have to take a couple of drugs as kratom can do you all this.

Correct Kratom dosage

  • EZ Kratom indicates the dosage on the bottle; the correct dosage is 7 to 9 grams daily in powder or capsule form. If you wish to increase this dosage, it has to be under a doctor’s supervision.
  • It is important to note that the 7 grams are not taken at once but in smaller quantities when you experience pain. All you have to do is make sure that you take 7 grams in 24 hours spread in smaller quantities.


Before you purchase Kratom, talk to your doctor as the product should be taken under a doctor’s supervision. Since your doctors are aware of your chronic back pain, he or she better understands and will know the right dosage for you. EZ Kratom will supply you with high-quality products that will help you get rid of the chronic back pain. Since they sell it in bulk, you can buy it in one go and treat your pain till the end. After using the product, make sure to spread the good news by giving a useful review, and you will have helped a person in need. As many people are going through a lot of pain, some anxiety others are lacking good sleep, and all this can be treated with kratom. When you give your testimonials, you will have saved so many going through different conditions.

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