Many people get confused on how best they can treat their recurring migraine, or their never-ending lack of sleep or maybe their frustrating fatigue. We all know how troublesome and stressful these issues can be if not well handled. A classic migraine can end up spoiling your well planned day. That is why people will run to all sorts of medicine. Others are preferring to use synthetic medications while others were preferring to lean to herbal medicine. Now that you have decided to use herbal medicine, you pick out on the most trending one Kratom.  You do not have to worry about herbal medicine as they are naturally grown and have fewer side effects as they are not added to any other chemical. What do we understand by this kind of medication?

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What is Kratom?

This is an evergreen tree that grows in the tropics of many Asian countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, and so many other countries. The plant is from the opioid family is mainly used as a sedative and stimulants. But mostly the leaves of this plant is the one is most important.

  • The plant is mainly used for all sorts of pains, stomach ailments, and as a substitute drug for addiction. It is essential to know that the plant has not been 100% certified for use. That is why it is not used in many countries, including its mother countries.
  • This can come in when you have tried other medication to take away your pain, and they have failed. Some people have taken this medication, and they are happy with the results. That is why they have recommended it.
  • You do not have to suffer to that extent and miss what can help you.

Kratom component

The main elements of kratom are alkaloid mitragynine and hydroxyl mitragynine. These components act to provide the analgesic effect, thus including relieving pains as well as acting as a stress reducer. The elements also serve as an anti-inflammatory. That is why the herb is used as a postoperative medication. The plant is usually green in color. The leaves can either be green or brown. They can either be crushed to a powder form or consumed as can also be made to tablet. The leaves can be crushed to make tea which can help sooth that headache.

  • Apart from being green, the plant also comes in a variety of colors depending on the kind. Each color of leaves come with its function and purpose. The plant being an opioid act to activate and influence the brain receptors. That is their main difference from the opiates. The red-veined leaves of kratom are used to work as a sedative.
  • The white-colored veined leaves are used as a stimulant. It is known to guarantee high performance. That is why it is essential to understand what you are using and what you are using it for. Know if you are treating anxiety or depression or migraines.
  • However, if you want to treat almost all of these conditions, then the best option would be the green-colored leaves. They have a combination of all these properties. That is why most people prefer them.

Advantages of kratom

Benefits of kratom

The plant has sedative, analgesic and stimulant properties. That is why it is highly used for pain and depression, as well as fatigue. The herb can also be used for drug addiction treatment because it acts as a drug interrupter. It helps deal with mild cases of withdrawal. Apart from that kratom works to provide the following benefits;

  • It Treats anxiety.
  • Deals with addiction withdrawal symptoms.
  • Treats postoperative pain
  • Migraines
  • It creates a sense of calmness and euphoria.
  • Fatigue
  • Boost one’s immune system
  • Enhances a person’s moods

Is kratom safe?

As much as this drug has been praised for its performance, it is vital to know that it comes to its kinds of side effects. The most serious one being an addiction. The continuous usage of kratom can cause addiction. It can be unfortunate to deal with one kind of addiction only to end up dealing with a new one. That is why one is advised to seek a doctor’s advice before indulging in it. Apart from addiction, there are other kinds of side effects that come with using kratom. Most of these side effects are brought about by one being too dependent on the herb. They include;

  • Might reduce motor coordination.
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Tremor
  • Inability to sleep once dependence
  • Hallucination.
  • Constipation
  • Lack of or no appetite
  • Weight loss

Apart from these side effects if not well used the herb may have severe negative interactions with other drugs. That is why one needs to be very careful with it. The drug can either be beneficial or end up being the worst mistake of your life.

Is kratom legal

Is kratom legal?

In some parts of the world like the US, the herb is considered legal and is sold as supplements. However, in some other countries like Thailand, the drug is very much illegal. This is because thorough research has not been done on it; that is why it has been prohibited. The herb would be well accepted if only it would have been thoroughly researched; no one understands much about it.  Make sure you look at the laws regarding it before hitting the streets to purchase it. Or else you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

  • Some doctors say that the drug is too active for the body. Also, the fact that the drug has elements that have some addictive properties is another issue at hand. This may lead to the dependency of patients consuming the drug.
  • However, the drug has not been regulated in most places, therefore, creating fear among many. This is because there are no standards about herb medicines.

What to consider while using kratom

Make sure you are under the doctor’s prescription before using this medicine. Mainly because a lot of things about it have not been fully proven scientifically. Another thing you ought to understand quite well is what you are treating.

  • As we have seen earlier, there are different kinds of medicines for various purposes. Don’t go for healthy while your condition is mild. Don’t just use the herb because you assume your illness. Or just for a social call.
  • Carefulness should be your number one element. You wouldn’t want to overdose on it. Although there have been no or rare cases of fatal and death, the drug can cause seizures.
  • Make sure you have thoroughly researched the elements on the drugs and understand them thoroughly. In case you feel it is not working for you as you would want don’t just overuse it. This is what leads to addictions and overdose.
  • You shouldn’t have to be anxious or lose sleep or struggle with depression anymore. This herb might be the solution for you. It’s, however, up to you to know and gauge if you can withstand its side effects. To reduce the chances of overdose or any other risky situations, make sure you are consuming this herb under the doctor’s prescription. It is also essential to not put your life at risk while using this herb.

How By getting addicted to it.

This might be the worst form of the drug’s results. That is why carefulness is highly emphasized. It will be so sad to cure a condition and start occurring one from that. That being said, kratom is a whole revolution of the power behind the sense of organic medicine. If well consumed. It can end up being your best friend.  Deal with that pain if you can.

Why kratom

Who doesn’t want a natural product?  When you do your research, many people are embarking on organic products. There are so many synthetic products that have been stuffed with chemicals that are dangerous to the human body. They bring in adverse effect some that cannot be reversed that is why naturally made medication is preferred, and kratom is in this.

  • Kratom being a natural product, you will have fewer side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs. There is also drug interaction synthetic drugs tend to interact with other synthetic drugs worsening a condition taking a natural drug with another medication; there would be less interaction. This is why kratom is preferred more because of its many benefits and its affordability.

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