Kratom users are always on the lookout for Kratom vendors who can offer them top-quality and reliable. It may be challenging to find the right vendor because new vendors and suppliers are venturing into this kratom business. Most of these new entrants are only interested in the profit part of the company and the process, disregard customer needs, which is mainly the quality.

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The Green Harmony Kratom is a kratom vendor that most people can trust and rely upon. This is because the company has invested more in the products it sells to its customers. They even further give detailed information on all the products that they have in stock. This is a good practice by the vendor because most vendors do not bother to give consumers insight on precisely what kind of products they are buying.

The Green Harmony Kratom is an Indonesian based vendor who is located in Kalimantan Barat. In this area, Kratom is usually grown locally. This puts most of their customers at easy since they are well aware of the source of the products they are buying. It is a good option for uses compared to buying it from an American vendor whose source is questionable. However, the green Kratom vendor is not bound by any standards or rules as compared to vendors in the western world.

In this review, we will focus more on the Green Harmony Kratom and its different aspects to bring out an accurate and detailed result. We will get to know what makes this vendor unique and stand out from the rest, the uniqueness of the services they offer and what individuals are expected to pay. We will also get to know why most people prefer their products, and this will help other potential customers to make an informed choice before buying any of their products.

Green Harmony Kratom

About Green Harmony Kratom

This particular Kratom vendor operates in Kalimantan, Barat, which is in Indonesia. It has had great reviews from people because of the quality of their products and their prices. The vendor usually understands the needs of most consumers.

The vendor has made sure that the Kratom products they produce are of high quality and their potency is high. This is done through statistical and laboratory analysis. They source their Kratoms from reputable farmers in Indonesia where it is mainly grown in large quantities. This usually guarantees the customers top quality products.

Green Harmony Kratom products

Green Harmony Kratom products usually include green, gold, red, brown, white, and yellow vein kratom strains. They also do stock a wide range of superfoods, herbal tea, and the pink Himalayan salt.

Some of the products one can find at their shop include;

Green Harmony Kratom Maeng DA

This is a kratom strain of top quality that is mainly derived by employing the traditional art of grafting to obtain a version of the Thai Kratom tree that is very superior. It is also known as Mitragyna speciosa. The innovative production of this tree that is unique gives room for better stability in the process of growth and also makes it less likely to be affected by changes in the environment or season.

The herbal compound obtained from the grafted tree is a huge treasure in Thailand because of its potent aroma, which earns it the name Maeng Da or ‘pimp grade’ when translated to English. Its smell is usually healthy and pleasing while its leaves are dark green. The kratom often shows a hue that is bright green when its leaves are crushed or grounded into a powder-like substance with particles likened to those of sugar.

Maeng Da can only be found in one place which is in Indonesia where the first plantation of kratom was legally recognized. This plantation supplies the topmost quality Maeng Da, which is hand-picked from green vein trees that have matured.

The traditional art of grafting the Mitragyna speciosa usually increases the potency levels, which is likely due to the mixing of two different strains. The grafting process also speeds up maturation which in turn leads to more alkaloids.

Effects of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da’s dynamic effects have given it a reputation as a top-of-the shelf kratom. It’s known to be having more flavonoids and alkaloids that are active than any other known strain of kratom. The mitragynine substance is the most recognized.

Maeng Da is very popular among professional workers, athletes, and students because of its energy-boosting capabilities, and its effects are minimal.

Green Harmony Kratom Product

Green Harmony Kratom Red Vein Bali

This kratom strain is commonly found and is known to offer a great aroma. The specific variety of Mitragyna Speciosa tree gives larger leaves than the normal ones which are known to increase too. This makes the Red Bali Kratom an economical product that is easily found.

The location where this particular strain is grown usually determines the percentage contained in each alkaloid. Therefore, it is essential to have a great understanding of where each specific strain originates from.

The Red Vein Bali Kratom is obtained by blending a hybrid mixture of the kratom strains of Borneo and Sumatra. There is a probability that most of the Bali Kratom products are derived from the same source, and this is because they contain the same alkaloid composition.

The Red Vein Bali Kratom is very popular due to their distribution that is widespread, and their pricing is very affordable. Its aroma tends to last for shorter periods compared to other strains which make it be purchased in vast quantities.

The kratom is available in a wide range of sizes, blends, and styles with its cost is approximated to be between 12 dollars to around 300 dollars with discounts for larger quantities.

Green Harmony Kratom Super Green Malay

The super Green Malaysian has its origin on the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa tree, which is the kratom tree. The green leaf refers to the color of the veins and not of the leaf. The alkaloids contained in the leaves usually vary depending on the vein color and the location of where the tree was grown.

This strain originates from the forests in the mountainous countryside of Malaysia. The soil composition in these areas is unique and directly affects the growth of the kratom tree. This makes the green Malaysian strain to have an experience that lasts for long compared to green strains from other countries.

Green Harmony Kratom effects

The Super Green Malaysian is easily found, and the price ranges between 12 dollars to around 350 dollars.

Green Harmony Kratom White Vein Borneo

This is a strain of the Mitragyna Speciosa which is the kratom tree. The strain is usually associated with the options of the Red Vein Borneo and Green Vein Borneo. This particular strain is mainly grown in Borneo Island, which is a property of Indonesia.

The Borneo strains are less potent than some other kratom strains from different countries. The White Vein Borneo is the strongest of the Borneo strains, which makes it popular among many people. Since this particular strain is very rare, their prices are also high. They usually range from 39 dollars for 50 grams to 299 dollars for one kilogram. It’s advisable to buy large quantities due to discounts.

Other products that the Green Harmony kratom usually deals with include;

Green Harmony Kratom Payment method and promotions

The Green Harmony Kratom usually accepts check, cash, money order, and cash on delivery. A customer can also pay through PayPal, MasterCard, or visa. If an individual wants to use additional alternative payment methods, he/she should feel free to contact them. Their customer support system is active, and one will get a response almost immediately.

Green Harmony Kratom benefits

When you visit forums like Reddit and Double M herbals, you are bound to stumble onto coupon codes of up to 15%. These regular promotions are carried out every month, and one should develop a tendency to visit the forums often and take full advantage of the offers.

Green Harmony Kratom Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on the Green Harmony Kratom are usually positive and with lots of praise for the quality of products delivered. These reviews are contained in Kratom forums such as Double M Herbs and Reddit. Positive reviews are always a good sign of the quality of service a vendor offers and how customers are handled.

The Green Harmony Kratom has also included a reward program where you get the point each time you spend a dollar. The reward points are redeemable and offer an additional saving method for their loyal customers.


The Green Harmony Kratom Indonesia is regarded as one of the best kratom vendors. The fact that they get the Kratoms directly from their source ensures that the product quality is always guaranteed. Their prices are also very affordable to many customers in regards to the quality of products they have.

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