The full names know Joe Rogan of Joseph James Rogan. He is an American standup comedian and a mixed martial arts commentator. He was a former actor and television host. Joe Rogan has a massive following on social mead, and in most cases, he has been noted to discuss several healthy herbs kratom included.nThe topic of Joe Rogan kratom has been featured on most of his podcasts, where he has admitted to trying kratom on several occasions. He is among people who have a lot of influence. He has several opinions about the use of kratom. Kratom is known to have several effects in the way it helps in pain management and opioid addiction recovery process.

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Several issues have arisen about the use of kratom. The herb is obtained from Thailand, where it has been exported to different countries due to its health benefits. Joe Rogan has several takes about kratom. Here are some of the opinions expressed by Joe Rogan about kratom:

What are the uses of kratom by Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan has done a lot of research about the use of kratom, and he offers his views about the different strains of kratom available in the market. In most of his podcasts, he talks about kratom. He has outlined several uses of kratom. Here are some of his takes about kratom

opioid effects

An effective way to help people quit opiates

Opiates are known to cause a lot of side effects. Several people try to stop kratom, and they are unable. The use of kratom, according to Joe Rogan, has been known to work very well in getting rid of the side effects of opioids addiction.

The herb has effects similar to those of opioids but is mild. You can apply it to quit opioids, but it will not expose you to the addictive nature of opioids. Many people got hooked to opioids due to different reasons.

For example, they may be using pain killers who had opioids. With time, they got hooked with an opioid. The introduction of the herb has worked very well in helping people get rid of the addiction. It is among the most effective methods you can apply to get rid of opioid addiction, which can expose you to a lot of side effects.

Effective painkillers

pain management with kratom

Some chronic pain symptoms can be hard to control through the use of ordinary pain killers. The introduction of kratom has been proved to be highly effective in the treatment of chronic pain. Kratom is known to act fast and get rid of chronic pain.


Several other products can be applied to manage pain, but the application of kratom has been known to be highly effective. It is a product you can use, and it will play a significant role in helping you manage pain associated with different forms of injuries. People who participate in sporting activities sometimes develop injuries. The use of kratom has been proved to be highly effective.

Use of kratom in martial arts

Joe Rogan is a martial arts enthusiast. The use of kratom to enhance energy is an excellent deal for martial arts enthusiasts. Kratom is known to improve energy levels. The high endurance levels people experience as they engage in martial arts play a significant role in making them more useful. Many people who prefer active lifestyles use kratom. It is a valuable herb that makes them more useful. You can rely on martial arts to enjoy several health benefits.

Use of kratom as a pre-workout supplement

Joe Rogan discusses the use of kratom as a pre-workout supplement. Several people would like to improve their endurance levels. The use of kratom before workouts leads to high energy production, which is necessary for people who are participating in activities that aim at improving their endurance levels.


With the use of the herb, it is straightforward to improve your endurance levels, which are very necessary for promoting performance in sporting activities. There are times when bodybuilders would like to improve their performance. With the use of the plant kratom, it is easy for people who would like to improve their energy production to try the plant.

Joe Rogan takes kratom

There are several reasons why people use kratom. Joe Rogan uses kratom to manage pain. He developed knee pain, which has disbursed him, but he decided to use kratom to manage the pain. He uses 6 pills a day, and each is about 750 mg.

Kratom is among the herbal products which you can apply to manage pain. Many people have tried it, and it has worked very well. The opinion of Joe Rogan on the use of kratom to manage pain has motivated many people to try it.

People would like to use a product which has been recommended by people whom they trust. Joe Rogan recommends the use of kratom to manage pain, which has motivated many people to try it. The product is available in different forms.

Some use it in powder form, while others prefer using it in capsules. It is a readily available supplement which has been proved to be highly effective in the management of pain. You can rely on the product to realize great success in your struggle to manage pain. It works very well in the management of pain.

Kratom effect

Which brand of kratom does Joe Rogan Use?

In his effort to manage pain, Joe Rogan uses the Urban ice organics kratom brand. The brand is among the best when it comes to kratom quality. They offer their kratom products online, where you can easily order. People who would like to enjoy the health benefits of kratom can easily order.

They have reliable customer support that you can contact to get more details about the product they sell. There is an increase in the number of people who take kratom due to the several benefits associated with the product. You can work with the company to get top quality kratom.

Are there any side effects when using kratom

Kratom is known to have no side effects. There was a time when the FDA offered a warning about the use of kratom, but the issue was about contamination of some samples of kratom. You need to get kratom from reliable suppliers who will not expose it to any form of the disease.

When kratom is handled well, it will not expose you to any side effects. It is among the few products which are known to offer you several health benefits if you can handle it well. Ensure you always get kratom from the best sellers.

What do high doses of kratom cause?

According to Joe Rogan, high doses of kratom lead to relaxation. People who would like to relax and enjoy sleep or even relax after their daily work they can take advantage of kratom to relax. You need to take a high dose so that you will enjoy the effects.

Always be careful not to take too much. Take your usual dosage but increase it a bit so that you can enjoy the health benefits associated with the use of kratom. It is among the best products you can apply to read your mind. Its mind relaxing effects have made it among the best products you can use to manage anxiety and stress.

What effects low doe doses of kratom have?

stimulating effects

When taken in low doses, kratom leads to stimulating effects. You will get rejuvenated and enjoy improved moods if you can make small doses. There are also some strains of kratom which are known to offer stimulating effects.

You can go for such specific strains to enjoy health benefits. Pure kratom does not have known side effects. You can apply it in your daily life, and it will help you enjoy several health benefits. It is among the few products you can get in the market which will work very well towards improving your life in general.

What effects does kratom have on creativity?

People who participate in stand-up comedy need to be creative. The use of kratom has been known to have a cognitive function. It stimulates the brain, which leads to making people more active. There are several uses of kratom which has attracted several people to use it. It is among the few products which have taken the market buy kratom. Some people refer to it as an herb of faith due to the several health benefits associated with the application of kratom. You will realize the best results if you can take advantage of and use kratom in your daily life.

Does Joe Rogan recommend kratom

Joe Rogan highly recommends kratom. He uses the product to manage knee pain. Kratom has been known to be highly effective in the management of knee pain. You only have to ensure you buy products from reputable sellers who adhere to high standards when packing them. Always stay careful to avoid cases where you can end up buying contaminated kratom.

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