Many individuals have been asking on whether combining Kratom and Suboxone for consumption is a good idea.  In the widely known fight on opioid academic that is nationally raging in the United States, individuals have been moving to a wide variety of possible treatments and solutions. As the problem ended up reaching high levels, many people have ended up becoming desperate for viable or cure treatments options. Some have been supported by science, have been studied carefully, and science has been providing evidence-based solutions.

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Other people are turning to various alternative methods which are founded in traditional medicine, which is not having top-rated scientific support. Suboxone is a type of medication which has been approved for opioid addiction treatment that is helping in removing individuals from addiction, which is active so they can end up getting the aid they desire.


Kratom is a type of a plant which is containing alkaloids that are natural and are also playing on opioid receptors which are found in the human brain. It has not for a long time been approved for medical use. However, this is not implying that it is illegal. Some people have been using it in mitigating opioid withdrawal symptoms.

The most important question is on what results when these two kinds of worlds collide. Many people are having the urge of taking Kratom and Suboxone at the same time, but they are wondering about the result. They are at a dilemma as they wonder on whether the combination would end up being helpful or dangerous. In this article, you will end up learning more concerning these two different drugs and how they are capable of interacting in the human body.

Meaning of Suboxone

kratom And Suboxone Usage

Suboxone is a type of medication which is used in treating opioid addiction and dependence. It contains two primary active ingredients, including naloxone and buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is a kind of opioid having partial receptor agonist. This is implying it is capable of binding to opioid receptors present in the brain and in a way, end up activating them.

As a result, this stops opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings without going through the danger of bringing euphoric or intoxication high. Buprenorphine is allowing individuals seeking for medication for opioid addiction to get into a recovery program without necessarily going through withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable before conducting therapies. In a way, this will help remove individuals from living a lifestyle of active addiction and getting them into useful treatment. It is uniquely essential for individuals who have been going through treatment for some time, and it relapsed.


Naloxone is a type of opioid-receptor antagonist that is capable of removing opioids and binding them to their receptors. It mostly ends up blocking any present opioid activity. It is being used in reversing of opioid overdoses, especially when an individual is going through dangerous symptoms, including respiratory depression.

Suboxone is administered using the sublingual method. Buprenorphine ends up working by ensuring it satisfies a person’s cravings. However, the naloxone ends up doing nothing at all. The reason is since naloxone finds it tiring to make into the bloodstream after being taken sublingually. Therefore, it is only there acting as a safeguard. Sublingual input of buprenorphine ends up not only causing a high but also intravenous kind of administration. If a patient ends up injecting Suboxone, the naloxone will be activating and kicking opioids of their available receptors. They will end up feeling some withdrawal symptoms.

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Suboxone is known as being quite comprehensive in treating withdrawal symptoms and cravings. However, some individuals may consider using another form of drugs while still using Suboxone, mostly when they have psychological addictions.

Meaning of Kratom

Kratom is a kind of plant that is found in the coffee family. It has its origin in Southeast Asia and is bearing psychoactive natural properties. It has been in use in various medical and traditional practices in its place of origin for many centuries. As a form of the drug, it somehow defies classification. It has some characteristics that are strictly consistent with stimulant and opioids drugs. However, the use of Kratom has not been approved in the USA for any medical uses. Besides, they are not conducting any research on the drug. However, they are areas in the USA where the drug is not regarded as illegal. Ver many individuals are using it for varying uses including treating opioid withdrawal, for recreation, and managing of chronic pain.

Currently, the USA official position on drug and food administration on Kratom is as a result of less evidence which is suggesting the effectiveness of the drug in therapeutic purposes. There is also a deep concern on the growing risk of public health which Kratom is posing. Whereas the drug is offering effects on both opioids and stimulants, it may end up causing a mixture on the main adverse effects. Kratom may end up causing familiar symptoms such as constipation, vomiting, and nausea. It may also end up causing symptoms which are more severe such as psychosis, addiction, respiratory depression, and seizures.

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The form in which Kratom is working in the brain has been seen to be poorly understood by individuals. Research is needed for people to understand the various mechanisms and actions it is bringing in the body. However, the drug is appearing to be an opioid agonist of partial nature. Besides, it is stimulating adrenergic receptors which are specific and regulating adrenaline, which is present in the nervous system.

Kratom Safety

Many people have been asking whether it is safe using Kratom all by itself. Kratom is mostly used at low doses as it is containing raw leaves which end up producing stimulant effects. However, Kratom has significant side effects, including nausea, itching, agitation, and anxiety.

It is using moderate doses results to facts which are more dangerous such as hypotension and tachycardia. It can end up causing complications in individuals who are having heart diseases or other conditions related to the heart. Using high doses ends up causing overdose, joint and muscle joint, diarrhea, panic, and insomnia. Severe kratom toxicity is rare, but at times it can happen.

There has been a report of Kratom related deaths as a result of overuse of the drug. Just as it is with receptor agonists of opioid nature, respiratory depression is among the main risks associated with the use of Kratom. In high consumption of the dose, the drug may end up suppressing one’s nervous system, thus stopping or slowing one’s breathing which may result to deprivation in oxygen, death, tissue and brain damage.

In most cases, respiratory depression would be requiring very high doses as it has less risk than codeine and morphine as reported from research conducted on animals. However, the effects of Kratom on human beings have so far not been studied. Additionally, an overdose on Kratom can be treated using naloxone such as opioid.

Kratom may also end up causing addiction, withdrawal, and chemical dependency. Prolonging on the use of the drug may result in the brain becoming reliable on it in maintaining the normal brain functions.

If you stop on the usage of kratom abruptly, you may end up experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as jerky movements, runny nose, mood swings, aggression, hostility, irritability, insomnia, and muscle aches. Continual use of the drug may result in the experience of adverse results such as financial instability, social problems, and health complications. You might end up being addicted, and this will be requiring treatment. Result of Combining Kratom and Suboxone

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Both Suboxone and Kratom involve opioid agonists partially. This means they will be working towards lowering opioid receptors in an individual who considers taking them together. While Kratom and buprenorphine are acting as opioids of low-level, using them together might mean they will be potentiating each other.

This implies they will be increasing their effects collectively. Low to high doses of Suboxone and Kratom will end up increasing the possibility of dangerous symptoms such as respiratory depression. However, there is an excellent likelihood that a person who is using it ends up achieving a euphoric high.

It could end up defeating the need for consuming Suboxone. Suboxone is a kind of opioid addiction which is useful as it will be taking away cravings and withdrawal symptoms such as intoxication and euphoria. Kratom in high doses would be reducing suboxone effectiveness, and in case it ends up working together, the mixture would be dangerous.

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