If you want to read more about the effects of Kratom, then this is the right article for you. Various dosages and strains can provide wildly different results. This makes it vital to understand what these effects are and how to use Kratom in the best way. Kratom is a plant-derived substance that has been known to have a variety of medicinal uses.

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There are many different types of ways to get the supplement, with different strains and methods of ingestion all being advertised with different effects and instruction. One of the problematic aspects of purchasing kratom is that the results can range from calming and sedating to stimulating and mood-regulating.

With that in mind, it can be challenging to find the right product for everyone. This article will explain the various veins and strains of kratom so that the variations in kratom products becomes more transparent and more comfortable to decipher. We will explain the effects of Kratom and how these can differ depending on the strain. It is essential to keep in mind that impact can vary depending on the individual. Some people find certain strains useful, and this takes some experimenting to find the right strain that gives you the effects you need.

Multiple Strains of Kratom

A common misconception regarding kratom strains is that the different varieties offered are separate variations of the kratom plant. However, there are only two known strains that exist in nature: bumblebee and Rifat. Since there are only two scientifically unique strains of kratom, the “strains” found at most retailers are merely a selection of kratom products with other effects.

  • Their scientific name would call no strains sold today; instead, producers most commonly name their strains based on region and color. The effects of different strains can vary even though they come from the same primary plant.
  • The effects can range from sedation to pain relief, and increased energy.
  • The results can vary based on dosage as well as tolerance.
  • We will explain how the effects can differ depending on the strain.
  • Given that there are multiple “strains” of kratom while only two strains exist, studies have shown that the differences in strains sold in stores and through different vendors come down to the way the kratom is dried and processed.
  • The veins of the plant also result in variations of strains, which is why most varieties of kratom are separated by color.

One thing to note is that since the FDA does not regulate kratom, not much research has been done as far explaining the distinct nature of each strain. It is ultimately up to the producers and retailers to describe the effects of their products and how they differ. However, there are many anecdotal experiences available online that seem to suggest common effects.

Even, with a lack of long term research, many users have successfully used Kratom to treat their illnesses. In terms of pain relief, Kratom is an excellent supplement, and this is backed up many users experiences. Also, they have seen many other positive effects which have allowed them to manage long term conditions in a far more natural way.

Red Vein Effects

The most popular variety of kratom is referred to as “red vein.” Red vein kratom is grown primarily in Southeast Asia and is likely the most widely available strain. Frequent kratom users cite red vein varieties as being a high starting point for new users of the supplement. While in small doses red vein kratom can produce a stimulating effect, this variation is mostly known for its effects as a sedative.

  • Red vein kratom is known to provide peace of mind and produce calming effects like other herbal medicines. The supplement is often used as a painkilling alternative to traditional over-the-counter medications that have an increased risk of dependency.
  • Since the herb helps to relieve pain, commercial substances such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen may not be required for minor aches and pains.

Ultimately, the way this vein and any other vein of kratom is ingested will affect the way the user feels. Dosage is a vital part of figuring out which aspects of using kratom will be more prominent. For example, higher doses of red vein kratom are more likely to produce the sedative effects that may help with insomnia or anxiety.

Potent enough strains of red vein kratom have been shown to help ease the withdrawal symptoms of opiate addicts. One of the primary concerns surrounding kratom is potential dependency developing on the supplement as it has opiate-like qualities. However, using it as an alternative to traditional opiates might be useful to people looking to decrease opioid use in their daily lives. It can help to break the addiction and foster better habits that allow you to regain control of your life.

White Vein Effects

Whereas red vein kratom is synonymous with calming and relaxing effects, white vein kratom products produce the virtually opposite impact. Strains of white vein kratom are commonly associated with increased focus and attention. While dosage once again plays a role in the effects of kratom, white vein strains are known for their ability to enhance the user’s mood and produce stimulating effects that even can result in euphoria for some.

  • For people that are exhausted or in a less than desirable mood, white vein kratom is more effective than other strains at combating poor concentration and depressive symptoms. Many users of kratom find that the supplement is often a good substitute for caffeine in users looking to increase alertness and motivation.
  • As caffeine is an addictive substance, the use of kratom as a replacement once every few days may be a great alternative to the cost and adverse effects of excessive coffee drinking.

Many users have successfully transitioned to caffeine and found the ‘boost‘ from Kratom far more sustainable and having fewer side effects. Many professionals use Kratom to focus better on their work and achieve better results.

Another potential application of white vein strains of kratom is for users that struggle with ADHD or other attention-related disorders. As white vein kratom improves focus and alertness, being able to use an herbal supplement to enhance productivity might be a valuable tool in a person’s arsenal. Kratom could also be hugely beneficial as a substitute for Adderall in ADHD patients. Many researchers and experts have concerned about recent increases in Adderall use, especially among teens and college students.

Kratom may have the ability to increase concentration and provide stimulating effects that rival Adderall without all of the risks that the herb is associated with. It is important to note though that as kratom is not currently approved for use by the FDA, it is not recommended for minors to use kratom, and it is always best to take caution when using a substance without researching thoroughly and evaluating all of its potential risks and benefits.

However, you can safely use the substance if you start with a low dosage. It is incredibly safe when used in this manner, and many anecdotal reviews have shown its relative safety. It is essential to be aware of the risks; however, it is also crucial to be mindful that so many people have used this substance successfully.

There have been no directly caused Kratom deaths, and any overdoses are extremely rare. You can enjoy the effects without needing to worry about the risk of negative consequences. There may be side effects, but these are mild compared to other legal substances and medicines.

Green Vein Effects

Green vein kratom is the most balanced of the strains currently available. This variety of kratom is great for users seeking a balance of relaxing and stimulating effects in a more subtle way than the other types. Green vein strains may have a positive impact on the mood of the users but are not as stimulating and captivating as their white counterparts.

  • These strains may also improve energy levels and focus; however, this depends on which strain being used and the amount of kratom consumed.
  • Some users have reported that green strains are useful in treats conditions such as social anxiety, as the reduced sharpness of the product’s effects may provide the boost in confidence and energy needed to take on social responsibilities.
  • Overall, green strains are most commonly associated with balance and a more rounded array of effects that provide benefits for those seeking a mild boost in mood and responsiveness.

While each vein type of kratom provides differing results, the actual strain of kratom being used also plays a role in how the user will respond to the supplement. The color portion of the name of the strain refers to the vein color of the plant, and the second half of the name usually refers to the region where it was produced.

Similar to other herbal supplements such as medical marijuana and CBD, the various strains of kratom all contain subtle differences that will change the way the user reacts to the herb. For example, the Bali strain of kratom is notably one of the most euphoric and similar to opiate-like substances. Red Vein Thai, on the other hand, is like the Bali strain with reportedly less of the adverse side effects.

It is important to try various strains of kratom to see which works best for each. One user may prefer an Indonesian strain of kratom, while another may prefer strains originating from Malaysia. Diversifying and trying multiple strains allows for the user to experience the different effects that kratom offers and helps to narrow down which strains and vein types are most effective for the symptoms the user is attempting to relieve.

Influence of Tolerance on Kratom Effects

The effects of Kratom can be influenced by tolerance. This means that the impact can be weakened if you regularly take Kratom. We, therefore, recommend that you take a few days off. This allows your body to ‘reset’ and it means that the effects won’t be lessened. We do not recommend continuously taking Kratom without any breaks.

  • This will make the effects less noticeable, and it will also mean you might require an increased dosage to receive the same impact. You can also reduce the role of tolerance, by using multiple strains. If you stick to just one strain, then this increases the likelihood of developing tolerance.
  • Many users have kept the same effects in the long term by sticking to a few strains that have the best impact for them. They also take many breaks away from the substance, which allows them to have the same effect they did at the start.

There are many anecdotal experiences of users who have been using the substance for years without experiencing any significant tolerance, and they were able to enjoy the effects that improved their quality of life.

  • Just as there are many concerns about the effectiveness of kratom, there is still so much to learn about the supplement and how it interacts with the human body. With a lack of funding and research time devoted to learning about kratom, a lot of the differences each strain has to one another is often based on users reporting their own anecdotal experiences.
  • As a result, it is essential to try the strains out to honestly know how they affect the user instead of relying on other words alone. This is true especially as one strain may affect one person in one way and another person differently. Hopefully, as more herbal medicinal alternatives are becoming legalized in the United States, research on kratom will receive more attention and a greater focus.


There are still plenty of unknowns regarding vein types and strains, but generally, assumptions can be made about how the vein types will affect a given person. For stimulating effects, use white veined varieties; for sedating effects, use red veined kratom. Finally, for a balance of the two, use green veined strains.

As more people start using kratom regularly, a greater consensus will help us understand how each strain works and what differences they have on a biological level. It is recommended to continue researching the effects of each strain and typical results that other users have had with each supplement. As is currently stands, trial and error is the best method in finding out which type of kratom is most useful for each person that uses it.

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