Due to the rise of online vendors who sell Kratom products nowadays, you must do your research before settling for a seller. By doing this, you will be sure that all the products you are purchasing over the internet are safe for human consumption. One of the Kratom vendors that stand out over the internet is Kratom Eye. This seller offers a wide variety of Kratom-based products, and they offer many different Kratom strains.

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  • Kratom Eye normally stands out in the market due to its ability to provide unique kratom products to the buyers. Most of their products are derived from Kratom leaves, herbal plants that originate from Southeast Asia forests, especially in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  • Most of the customers who purchase from Kratom Eye are incredibly satisfied with the kratom products, particularly with the range of unique Kratom blends. This company has been in the kratom business since 2013, and it has already built a good reputation for providing high-quality products. If you are looking for a reliable kratom vendor, then read this detailed review to make the best decision.

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Kratom Strains by Kratom Eye

Kali Maeng Da

  • This strain provides the user with nice and smooth effects making them relax with ease. The effects of this product begin 20 minutes after consumption and last around three hours. It is good for taking at night or in the afternoon when you want to relax.

White Thai

  • White Vein Thai offers uplifting and motivating effects but fades pretty fast. They only last for two hours on the maximum. This kratom strain is ideal if you are having depression symptoms, and you need a quick energy boost for a short duration.

Green Thai

  • Green Thai is an incredibly potent energizing and motivating strain. You will experience the effects in around15 minutes after consumption and last for 2.5 hours. The results can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t used to stimulating kratom strains.

Big Red

  • Big Red strain is perfect for pain relief. If you are looking for a strain for alleviating pain, then this type is a great option. It also provides the user with some slight relaxation effects.

Exclusive Green MD

  • Exclusive Green MD is a great mood-lifting kratom strain that makes it easier to remain social around people. It will give you the focus and confidence that you’re looking for without overwhelming you with a lot of stimulation, wobbles, rapid heart beating, or jitteriness.

Hocus Focus

  • The Hocus Focus is a potent kratom strain, but it also comes with some side effects. Some users claim to experience some Jitteriness with a slight dizziness. It offers a good, but short-lasting mood lifts with a fast boost of energy, but it’s more of a rough kratom strain.

Morning Sunshine

  • This strain is a strong product, but it gives a user some side effects if the dose goes up. So, you should take it in low doses. If you take it in high dosage, you will experience light headaches and a foggy feeling. However, it provides you with good stimulating effects and strong energy boost that lasts around two hours.

Bali Wood

  • This kratom product is an uplifting energetic and fast-acting strain. It lasts for around 1.5 hours but it gives the users a good energy boost that will motivate them to concentrate and work on some tasks that you’ve wanted to do for some time.

Kratom Powders


  • This product is ideal if you are looking for something to help you relax and get rid of anxiety. It offers you sedative effects and it can also help you relax without slowing you down a lot.

White Lightning

  • This kratom strain is incredibly stimulating and energetic but it can be pretty overwhelming if you are not careful with the product dosage. This product has a high potent content that motivates users and gives them all the endurance you need to get the things you’ve been putting off for a while done.


One may possibly ask, what of the quality of Kratom Eye products? The question is well answered on the company website where they give an elaboration on the safety standards they have in place for their products. It is an assurance of receiving quality products upon making every purchase. They always take their products through thorough lab tests before taking them for sale in the market. More so, they ensure that their products are free of contamination elements such as heavy metals.

  • Besides, the products sold by this vendor are purely made from fresh Kratom leaves. These leaves are taken through a complex multi-filtration procedure to ensure that all they get rid of all the impurities. The Kratom Eye products ingredients are 100% natural.
  • The company quality assurance personnel ensure that they avail in the market the most authentic products. It is among the many reasons why Kratom Eye strains are common and regarded the best by most consumers today.


The pricing at Kratom Eye is fair and moderate. Various third parties may exploit buyers by selling their products at inflated prices. Avoiding such sellers and buying the products from the company’s official site is the best option. Every buyer is offered an opportunity to gain from their incentives and discounts. Besides, the official site sells the products at a percentage lower than the retail price.

  • There is great variation on the different Kratom products that one is willing to buy. Some products go for an average of six to seven dollars. The price will likely go even lower if there are discounts to apply.
  • Also, one may monitor the process of order shipment on the Kratom Eye website. This feature perfectly serves in helping the clients to have expectations on when they are likely to receive their order.


Kratom Eye is an online vendor with a great reputation. This factor is evident by a look at the much feedback given by their customers. Most of them praise their services, which makes a person in search of a Kratom vendor to find them trustworthy. The company also seems to have won the hearts of many buyers, who then offers recommendations to other willing Kratom buyers. Much of their reputation comes from the priority they have in ensuring their customers are satisfied at whatever cost. They have a professional customer support center, with representatives who are always ready to serve and help. Their shipment process is also a major factor that has contributed to their good image and reputation.

Placing Orders

Any potential buyer is at liberty to visit the official website of Kratom Eye and view the many products they offer. It is then that one clicks on the item that he/she is willing to purchase. There is lots of information under this tab, where a customer can read more about the product prescription. Buyers should then select the quantity of the product they are to buy and choose their preferred payment option. Kratom Eye allows different payment methods. Concluding the process of placing an order is the last phase, after verification of the detailed filled. After that, the customer tracks the order where it is delivered within two days.


  • Kratom Eye has the best shipping rates as compared to the rest of online Kratom vendors. Every customer within their local market can receive their order on the same day they place it. They have a fixed shipping fee to orders shipped via USPS priority mail service for their international customers.

Kratom health Benefits

  • They also offer free shipping services for any order placed whose value exceeds a hundred dollars. This factor makes most of its customers to make bulk orders. Besides, one is likely to receive the shipped items within a couple of days after placing an order. Their official website also allows the customers whose orders are in the delivery process to keep track of delivery.

Customer service

Kratom Eye has the best customer service department. Their representatives are always quick to address the issues raised by their customers. Every customer service delivery is done professionally and efficiently. They have multiple ways through which a potential customer can reach them. Some of their different means of contact include through their official email address, their website contact form, or a live chat option.

  • They offer customer services, which runs for twenty-four hours. Besides, they have 12 office hours every weekday. It is highly advisable for any person with a query about different Kratom Eye strains to find out more about the same through the customer service department. These representatives are always ready to offer more information on every Kratom strain produced by the vendor.


In summary, Kratom Eye is a combination of quality products and services to suit every Kratom user in the market. They have a mixture of blends that are only found at their stores. They also have affordable products, not forgetting the discounts and free shipping when the order value exceeds a given limit. Their flat shipment rate makes them outstanding. Kratom Eye has managed to build their reputation from not only their high-quality products but also the customer services they render. They have professional and highly responsive customer service representatives. Anyone willing to use Kratom products, or in search for an online vendor should have themselves to blame for Kratom Eye is readily available for them.

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