The popularity of kratom has seen an increasing number of individuals using the herb to tap into its benefits. Unfortunately, some individuals are unable to determine the correct dose, thus end up suffering kratom hangover. Kratom is used for a variety of health benefits that include mood enhancement, pain relief, treating anxiety, insomnia, and opiate withdraw symptoms.

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About kratom hangover

If you’re careful about your dosage, you’ll hardly experience any side effects when using kratom. On the contrary, if you take a high dose of this product, your body will suffer some side effects that will, in most cases, present in the form of a hangover.

  • The effects of kratom on a regular user don’t warrant any urgent attention. However, taking high doses before your body is ready will give you kratom side effects that feel like a proper hangover.
  • Most kratom users never experience any side effects after using the product. But in some rare cases, kratom hangover is reported in some individuals.
  • In the morning, you wake up with a weird feeling as if you had a rough night. If you experience such an effect after taking kratom, you need not worry; you can implement some tips to overcome the hangover.

What is Kratom Hangover?

Kratom hangover is a condition a kratom user experiences in most cases after taking a high dose of the product; this condition presents with hangover-like symptoms. Only a minimal number of kratom users experience this condition after taking kratom.

  • You must remember this type of hangover is quite different from what you may experience after consuming alcohol. It’s somewhat mild and more bearable compared to alcohol hangover; although kratom hangover can occur at any time of the day, most severe symptoms present in the morning after overdosing kratom in the night.
  • In most cases, kratom hangover will only develop when you take more kratom than your body can handle. It may also present if you’re sensitive to the herb; it’s like your body is reacting to the presence of the alkaloids in your body. Kratom hangover may also be evident in beginner kratom users with a low percentage of body fat.

Kratom and Hangover

If you are a new user, you must be careful to take only small doses, increasing gradually until you locate your favorite spot. Slow or sedative kratom strains may also present a higher risk of hangover compared to other kratom strains; such strains include Red Bali kratom. Thus when using such as strain, you need to be careful about the dosage.

Symptoms of Kratom Hangover

Ordinarily, kratom hangover presents in the morning after the user takes a high dose in the night. As I had highlighted earlier, this condition is only seen in a few kratom users. The following are some of the common symptoms of kratom hangover.

Sleeping Problems


  • When you take a high dose of kratom, you are at risk of suffering fatigue since you’ll not have adequate rest. Fortunately, you can quickly eliminate this feeling by grabbing your favorite cup of coffee.

Nausea and digestion problems

  • Another significant symptom of kratom hangover is nausea. The severity of the condition will depend on how much kratom you’ve ingested.
  • If you consume a high dose of kratom, you’re more likely to suffer indigestion and nausea. The same may also happen if you take kratom on an empty stomach.

Other common symptoms of kratom hangover include the following:


    • Anxiety
    • Dizziness
    • A faster heartbeat
    • Mood swings
    • Diarrhea
    • Irritability
    • Depression
    • Trembling
    • Inability to focus

What is the difference between alcohol and kratom hangover

alcohol and kratom hangover

Most of us are very familiar with alcohol hangover but have nor experience or information about kratom hangover. It’s important to note these two forms of hangover present differently. The overdosing effects of both types of hangover differ. Kratom hangover presents in a milder form. The following are some of the main differences between kratom hangover and alcohol hangover.

    • Kratom doesn’t record any inflammatory response.
    • Kratom does not affect blood sugar level
    • Kratom doesn’t block the intestinal lining as alcohol does

How to recover quickly from kratom hangover

If you are already suffering from kratom hangover, choosing the right dose, reducing the dosage or stop using kratom may not solve the problem. The best way to handle the hangover will be to use any of the following methods:


  • You can decide to take a nap to assist in reducing the effects of the hangover. This will help to reduce the stress on your body.


  • In typical cases, hangovers come up due to dehydration. If you take sufficient amounts of water, it may assist in helping in clearing the hangover.


  • You can also lie down on your couch and use a cold compress to soothe your head.


  • Another way of dealing with kratom hangover is to consume a high-protein meal. For example, you can take some beef or chicken broth.


  • A moderate exercise such as jogging, a walk, or stretching can assist in reducing the effects of the kratom hangover. The body exercise will help in boosting blood circulation and eliminating the excess alkaloids form your system.
  • In severe cases, you can use over-the-counter drugs to deal with nausea, headache, or any other symptom of the kratom hangover.

Although different individuals use varying methods to counter the hangover, the best approaches include resting and dehydrating.

How to prevent the kratom hangover

If you want to avoid kratom hangover, you need to follow some basic rules when consuming the herb. The following are some unique approaches that will ensure you don’t suffer a hangover after using kratom.

1. Use kratom in moderation

  • As we had highlighted earlier, most cases of kratom hangover stem from overdosing. If you’re a beginner kratom user, you must start with a small dose then increase the dosage gradually unlit you locate your optimal dose.
  • A mild kratom dose will confer moderate stimulating effects without resulting in unwanted side effects. When you start with baby stems, you give your body the opportunity and time to adjust to the kratom alkaloids.

2. Stick to your optimal dose

  • After locating your effective dose, it’s essential to stick to the dose and avoid overdosing.
  • A low kratom dose ranges from 1-3 grams; a moderate dose is between 3-5 grams, while any odes exceeding 7 grams can be categorized as a high dose and can trigger kratom side effects, including kratom hangover.
  • You should avoid consuming a high dose of kratom to experiment on the effects; this can be life-threatening. If you use kratom responsibly, you’ll have no issues with side effects.

3. Consume high-quality products

  • You can only get the benefits of kratom if you rely on high-quality products. When you decide to use kratom, scout for reputable vendors for your suppliers.
  • You should not be tempted to buy a very cheap kratom product. You may regret the results. Never mind paying a little more for premium quality kratom products.

How to cure

4. Limit the dosage

  • Unless your condition requires high doses of kratom, you should limit the amount of kratom you take each day. For example, you can stick to two or three doses each day.
  • The frequency of taking kratom may contribute to the hangover. Your body may buildup tolerance to the product faster if you take the kratom after every few minutes.

5. Avoid taking kratom daily

  • You should use kratom when in need. If you use kratom daily, the chances of developing tolerance are higher. This means you’ll be taking great odes of kratom each time.
  • At least you can take kratom twice or thrice in a week. Any time you note any adverse effects setting in, you should stop consuming the product.

6. Use kratom capsules

  • If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to use kratom capsules since it’s easier to estimate the dosage. If you rely on kratom powder, leaves, tinctures, or other forms of kratom, it may be challenging to determine the dosage. In such cases, it’s easy to overdose.
  • Using kratom capsules can assist you in avoiding building up a tolerance to the herb. Additionally, the risk of side effects, including hangover, is minimized.

7. Use mild kratom strains

  • As we had seen earlier, some kratom strains present a higher risk for hangover such as Red Bali kratom; beginners should opt for mild strains such as Bali Kratom or Maeng Da Kratom, these two have mild effects due to moderate alkaloid content.
  • When you become an experienced kratom user, you can switch to more potent strains.

Final words

Kratom has immense benefits, including pain relief and treating anxiety, but this herbal remedy also comes with some side effects, primarily if used in excess. Kratom hangover is one of these side effects. If you want to avoid the condition, it’s essential to be very careful in dosage and use high-quality kratom products. Any time you experience kratom hangover, it’s vital to use the remedies I have highlighted above to gain relief. Alternatively, if you’re a beginner, start small and avoid potent kratom strains in your first days.

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