When going through the different Kratom vendors, you must have come across Kratom Infusion. Now, many clients believe that Kratom Infusion has some of the most potent Kratom strains in the current market. Since this vendor has been in the Kratom business since 2001 in the United States, they sure must have a lot of expertise in the field. Unlike most Kratom vendors, Kratom Infusion always has pride itself as one of the few companies that attempt to improve Kratom and provide quality services to its clients.

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  • Kratom uses are probably conversant with the fact that there are different strains of Kratom available in the market. Getting the right strain that you want can be a little difficult if you do not find the right vendor.
  • Here is a review of the Kratom Infusion vendor to show you exactly why this particular vendor has been on top for so many years. Together we will take a closer and detailed look at this specific vendor.

About Kratom Infusion

Based in Louisiana, Kratom Infusion was founded in the year 2001 as solely a Kratom vendor. Multiple of stores across America get their quality supply of Kratom powder at wholesale price from Kratom Infusion. These stores include botanical apothecaries, headshops, smoke shops, and filling stations. Judging from the different stores that Kratom Infusion has been stocking, it is quite clear that they provide quality products that suit most, if not all, Kratom users.

  • Kratom Infusion offers branded Kratom when you buy in small quantities. However, they also do provide bulk Kratom, but this is usually not branded. The good news is that all of the Kratom that Kratom Infusion supplies are sourced from their very own trusted farmers who have years of experience.
  • Over time, these farmers have perfected the harvesting process, ensuring that clients get premium quality Kratom that is not found anywhere else.
  • Kratom Infusion can, therefore, pride itself of providing Kratom with a higher concentration of active alkaloids (especially mitragynine). Kratom users already know the advantages that Kratom offers, especially when the strain has a higher level of the base alkaloids.
  • Kratom users who have tried Kratom Infusion have found the product to be quite powerful, and thus, the vendor has always had a steady flow of customers.

kratom infusion Overview

  • When you go through the Kratom Infusion website, be sure to look at the About Us page. Here they provide the specific amount of mitragynine per kilo that their Kratom possesses compared to other vendors around.
  • You will see that Kratom Infusion provides a much superior product that is bound to keep you coming for more. Go through the entire website to have a clear picture of what precisely this vendor provides to see if the vendor suits you and supplies to your area.
  • What I liked about their website was how transparent and open this particular vendor is. They clearly explain their growing methods that ensure you get quality products. They also describe their massive investment in several drying shelters and generators which ensure humidity is stabilized to provide top-quality Kratom. Even on their website, they explain why they plant their trees far from rivers.
  • Kratom infusion has lasted in the Kratom business for almost two decades now, which means that they have grown extensively in terms of experience and expertise. This Kratom vendor, therefore, can offer its clients quality products that have been tested and proved.
  • Years of experience is critical in specific business ventures, including when dealing in Kratom. Remember that Kratom is used for different functions and the different strains have various benefits and side effects. You, therefore need a Kratom vendor that fully understands the different strains.

The best part about Kratom Infusion, in my opinion, is that they have their farmers that grow the trees. Having dedicated farmers ensure that Kratom Infusion can provide quality products to suit the needs of their different clients. Most customers can also rest easy, knowing that the Kratom they use comes from locally grown trees. This also means that Kratom Infusion offers several employment opportunities which is great for the local community.

Products provided by Kratom Infusion

Kratom Infusion stocks various strains of Kratom including the following;

  • Green Cambodian,
  • Red Bali,
  • Green Malaysian,
  • Maeng Da,
  • Red Thai,
  • Indo Maeng Da,
  • White Sunda,
  • and Red Vietnam.

You also get the option of buying Kratom capsules in bulk which is pretty high. All the different strains are top-quality, and customer reviews on the various products indicate it. There are no complaints about the quality of any of the strains mentioned above, which are incredible, in my opinion.

  • Most vendors only deal with one particular strain of Kratom because they find it challenging to provide several strains at once. Kratom Infusion, however, provides the different strains without compromising quality.


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However, currently, the vendor is out of stock, and buyers should continuously check back to find out when they are fully stocked again. Kratom Infusion being out of stock can be a sign of how fast their product is retailing in the market. Finding a good quality Kratom vendor can be extremely difficult, and Kratom infusion is such a vendor. It is unclear when correctly Kratom Infusion will restock, but we sure do hope that it is very soon.


Kratom Infusion offers fair prices for their top-quality Kratom with 28 grams retailing for around 8.99 dollars. A kilo of Kratom goes for 150 dollars which is pretty standard, especially for an online store. When it comes to pricing, Kratom Infusion is rather average, and customers get good products for their money.

  • Most online Kratom vendors tend to hike their prices, especially when there is a shortage of Kratom in the market. Now, unlike these vendors, Kratom Infusion always maintains a fair price and never compromises on the quality of their Kratom.
  • When you compare Kratom Infusion pricing to other competitor vendors, you will see quite a vast difference. The competitors usually price their Kratom expensively, and yet their quality is not as good as that offered by Kratom Infusion.
  • Kratom Infusion has average pricing for its top-quality products which make them a fair vendor and worth checking out. Compare their pricing to other online vendors, and you should observe a difference almost immediately.

Payment method

When it comes to payments, Kratom Infusion generally accepts all major debit and credit cards with MasterCard and Visa logos. This makes them quite flexible, and clients have several payment options to choose from. Once you can use your debit or credit card, then your shopping experience with Kratom Infusion should be rather pleasant and comfortable.

  • However, Kratom Infusion does not accept e-check or Bitcoin. Even though these methods of payment have hugely grown over the years, and most clients would find it easier to use them, Kratom Infusion has not yet accepted them. We are hoping that soon they will be able to accept both e-check and Bitcoin payments.

Customer reviews

When you look at different customer reviews, you will find one consistent theme; Kratom Infusion offers quality products and services. Most customers praise the quality Kratom that they got from this vendor which shows you that all their products are top-quality.

  • Most clients also acknowledge their dedicated customer services which always ensure that they get exactly what they ordered for and in time. There are no complaints about getting poor services or deliveries taking longer than indicated during purchases.
  • Some customers have even gone ahead to write about their great shopping experiences with Kratom Infusion. One Reddit user went ahead to demonstrate how the wife ordered a shipment that was processed overnight and delivered with an upgrade simply because what she ordered was out of stock.
  • This clearly shows the level of commitment that Kratom Infusion has put into their work. Most online vendors will not bother to give you an upgrade since what you ordered for is out of stock. Instead, they will refund your money.

Customer reviews are critical, especially for online vendors. Good reviews make these businesses trustworthy and ensure that clients keep coming back for more services. Different websites provide customer reviews for Kratom vendors that you should take a look at before dealing with a particular online vendor.



Kratom Infusion is one of the leading online Kratom vendors that produce quality products and services to its clients. What makes them stand out from all the other vendors is their 100 % organic Kratom powder that is alkaloid rich. They go out of their way to ensure that they provide top-quality products and at a very reasonable price. I sure do hope that their entire product line will soon be back fully stocked to serve all the Kratom users who enjoy their products.

Be sure to check out the Kratom Infusion website to get a glimpse of all the services they provide, and you could also learn lots of new stuff about the different Kratom strains. Since we are quite sure when they will be fully stocked, check back from time to time to ensure you do not miss out when the new supply rolls into the market.

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