Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa, and it originated from southeast Asia countries Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea as a traditional drug. The leaves of kratom are handpicked for harvest, just like tea. Kratom comes from the Rubiaceae family. Coffee also comes from the Rubiaceae family, which explains why kratom has energy-boosting effects.

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Traditionally, kratom was used as a pain reliever, and it cured diarrhea and coughs, but in recent years, research shows that it can aid in curing people with opioid addictions.

Kratom in New York City

New york city, the city that never sleeps, is always a buzz of activities. It is one of the most densely populated states in the USA, with a population of more than 20 million people. New York is the fourth largest state in the USA. It is a place you can visit and never feel homesick because of the many different cultures it houses. It brings the globe into one place.



  1. The Kratom scene is huge in New York. There are several smoke shops and herbal clinics that sell and distribute kratom.
  2. New York is always in the limelight because of the different views the people living in the Big Apple bring to the table. The issue of legalization of kratom is one of the significant discussions the residents encounter.
  3. New Yorkers took to the street at one time about the legalization of marijuana. They were for the legalization of it. It was also the first state to set up a heroin rehabilitation center.

The state senate and leaders are open about the legalization of marijuana and that of kratom in the city that never sleeps.

The legal battle of kratom in New York City

Kratom is legal in New York, but numerous bills have been put up to ban its selling and use.

  1. The Senate bill 6924 and New York Assembly Bill 8787 was passed in 2017 that restricted people under the age of 18 to purchase kratom.
  2. The bill stated that the sale of any part of the plant, Mitragyna speciosa, and in any form that is pills, capsules, or tea brewed would result in the payment of a fine, not less than 500 US dollars.
  3. A third bill, Assembly Bill 213, was also proposed that wanted to ban the sale of kratom in New York completely, but it was scrapped off after the residents of New York put together a petition to help with its legalization. It is not only the politicians who make policies in New York, but the residents have a significant impact on what goes on.

Why New Yorkers use kratom

Kratom is very popular in New York. They are several vendors and distributors of it. These are the reasons why kratom is popular in Big Apple:

Kratom is an energy booster

  • People who use it attest that their energy levels are high after its use.

Substitute for opioid

  • Research shows that kratom is less harmful to the body of the users as compared to someone who uses opioids like heroin or morphine.

Offers fast pain relief


  • New York’s hustle and bustle require one to relax before it all starts the following day again. A small amount of kratom in your evening cocoa relaxes the mind and body.
  • The relaxation needs to start a new day.

Calms nerves

  • Kratoms reduces anxiety and depression.
  • People who suffer from anxiety use kratom to reduce it and calm them.

Enhances confidence

  • Kratom gives a boost of confidence to its users.
  • They can make conversations and enjoy the company.

Treatment for withdrawal symptoms

  • People withdrawing from hard drugs suffer from withdrawal symptoms like fever, vomiting, nausea, sweating, diarrhea, and chills.
  • Research shows that kratom gets rid of these symptoms.

Reduces fatigue

  • Since it is from the coffee family, then it contains caffeine that reduces fatigue.

How New Yorkers buy their kratom

As explained earlier, the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa are handpicked for harvest and processed to acquire the end product, kratom.

Kratom comes in many different forms. They are:

Smoke Kratom

Pills and capsules

  • The leaves are dried and fitted into capsules to be taken as prescribed.


  • The leaves of kratom can be chewed raw for maximum absorption.



  • The leaves are dried and grounded and rolled in special paper then smoked.


  • Kratom is dried and grounded; its powder can be brewed into a tea.

Where to find kratom in New York City

New York has many kratom shops and smoke shops. Although kratom is legal in New York, the shops are subject to many raids conducted by the area police. However, the police do not raid the shops in search of kratom. They conduct unplanned raids to catch the sell of laced marijuana and other illegal drugs that are moved from the smoke shops.

For this and other reasons yet to be discussed, most New Yorkers do not buy kratom from smoke shops. They purchase it online.
The following reasons explain why New Yorker prefer online purchases that store-bought kratom:

● Random police raids

  • They are police randomly raid kratom shops in search of illegal drugs.

● Low-quality products

  • They prefer online bought products because the kratom is gotten directly from farmers in southeast Asia who grow it as their source of livelihood.
  • Shop-bought products are usually not original kratom; they mix it with other herbs. Online kratom pure and high quality

● Cost

  • Store-bought kratom is expensive while that that is bought online is cheaper and of high quality.

● Health issues

  • Store-bought kratom is sometimes laced with other herbs that can be harmful to the user’s health.
  • Some have even lead to death.

● Personal gain

  • Some of the sellers of kratom are in it for personal gain.
  • They handle the product in an unsanitary way and do not care what goes into it.

The only downside to buying kratom online is that it takes a bit more time to be delivered. Also, if you purchased the leaves of the plant, they could arrive having dried up or withered.

Smoke shops in New York City

The following are the most reputable kratom shops in New York:


  • It prides itself on having the best kratom brewed tea in New York.
  • It has a tranquil ambiance, and it is located in the East Village.

East Village Smoke Shop

  • This place has friendly staff and pure kratom products at affordable prices.

Midtown smoke and vape

  • It has different forms of kratom and a range of other herbs at affordable prices.

New Yorkers share their stories about Kratom.

A blogger whose website is Kratom Stories interviewed a couple of New Yorkers about their use of kratom, and here is what they had to share:

  1. The first to be interviewed was Matthew Catlin, who is a mechanic from Long Island, New York. He suffers from bad knees and fatigue. His job demands a lot of energy from him, and the fact that his knees are bad proves a challenge to him.
  • He explained that he started using kratom two years ago, and he noticed a big difference in how he did his work. Matthew informed the blogger that his knees are healed. Matthew went on to say that he mixes kratom powder with fruit juice on sunny days and with hot tea or coffee on cold days to relax him after a long day’s work.

Mitragyna speciosa

Mathew is an influential activist for the rights that involve Kraton. He often takes to the streets to fight for it. He says that kratom helps him cater to his wife and kids. Since he started using kratom, his job satisfies him, and he is forever grateful for it.

  1. 2. The second to be interviewed was Gabrielle Callea, a 57-year-old born and raised New Yorker. He started by saying that he has gotten himself in a lot of trouble over the years and even served 18 years in jail. He was a drug addict who used street drugs like heroin. Gabrielle lived a life of crime and has scars to show for it. He had bullet scars on his head.
  • He got himself in a terrible car accident that made him change his drug ways. He had just used heroin before the accident. Gabrielle got himself clean with a friend’s help. His friend told him about kratom and how it helps to treat heroin addicts. That was his journey to recovery. He has been sober and does not revert to the opioid drugs that almost ended his life. Gabrielle decided to get his life back together, and he owes it to his friend, who suggested he tried kratom.

New York law that prevents selling to minors

The Senate bill 6924 and New York Assembly Bill 8787 passed a law that kratom and its products should not be sold to anyone less than 18 years of age. Anyone found selling to minors will have to pay a fine of not less than 500 US Dollars and is at risk of losing their vending licenses.
Earlier this year, five were caught selling kratom to minors. One of the “minors” was an undercover agent who pretended to be minor to catch the culprits in action. The culprits were charged and lost their vending licenses. This goes to show that laws are taken seriously in New York.

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