In case you weren’t aware, Reddit is a vast online community. It works similarly to other social media networks; however there is a level of anonymity involved. Since Kratom is thus far unregulated, one of the best ways to find anecdotal experiences is through Reddit. The website works through the use of “subreddits” which are like mini-communities. In this article, we will show you how you can use Reddit to get a superior Kratom experience. We will also analyze our findings from the Reddit community with regards to Kratom.

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Benefits of Using Reddit for Kratom Information

There are many benefits of using Reddit to gain specific information about Kratom. Below, we list the unique benefits of using this social media website to benefit your overall Kratom experience.

Experienced Community

  • There are many Kratom enthusiasts available on Reddit. These people are genuinely happy to talk about their experiences. Some of them have been using the substance for years which means they can provide helpful advice.

 Helpful Answers

  • Everyone can see the answers given by the community. This allows answers to be expanded upon, and it also means that incorrect advice can be commented upon by different users. The community aspect implies that only the best solutions will be visible.
  • The upvoting system of Reddit means that the most useful answers are those favored by the community. These will be able to view at the top of posts.
  • This system is sound as it helps you differentiate good advice from bad advice. Although anyone can comment, these communities have their hierarchies of reputation.
  • This means certain experienced members can get badges, and you can, therefore, recognize them more easily.

 Large Amount of Information Available

  • Aside from the community aspect, Reddit also has a lot of information available about different Kratom strains. The “Wiki” parts of individual Subreddits provide fantastic beginner information.
  • It is filled with unique descriptions that will help you to better how Kratom works, and the way it can benefit you. Some of the best information about Kratom is found on the Wiki pages of these Kratom subreddits.

 Easy to use Interface

  • The Reddit interface is clean and easy to use. It is also easy to navigate which makes it simple to learn more information about Kratom strains. Reddit is available on the desktop through web browsers, and also on mobile applications.
  • This means you can easily browse Kratom information from your tablet or your smartphone.

 100% Anonymous

  • Reddit is different from Instagram and Facebook because you do not need a photo or any personal details about yourself.
  • This means you can discuss Kratom with full privacy, and you don’t need to be worried about someone viewing your activity.

Can Find Detailed Information about Different Kratom Strains

Kratom is relatively new in the west, and therefore there is limited information about certain strains. However, through Reddit, you can find a lot of detailed information about many strains. This information is not always available from other sources which are why Reddit can be so beneficial for boosting your Kratom experience.

Kratom is newly discovered in the west, and there are always new developments. Reddit is one of the best places to stay updated on all Kratom news. You can also discuss this news and look at the reactions of other members.

Best Subreddits for Kratom  Information

Reddit isn’t just one community. It works through “subreddits” which are mini-communities. They are free to discuss any topic they want, and these communities mostly run independently. Below, we list some of the most relevant subreddits for finding Kratom information.


  •  The biggest subreddit is r/Kratom by far. In many ways, it is the hub of all Kratom discussion on Reddit. There is helpful hints, news, and advice regularly shared on this subreddit.
  • There are 66.9k subscribers which makes it a fairly active community.
  • You can find many scientific perspectives and anecdotal experiences from this subreddit.
  • The community are helpful, and always willing to answer beginner questions.
  • Overall, this is an essential subreddit for learning more information about Kratom.


  •  The concept of “Nootropics” has risen in the past few years. Many people are now taking supplements to provide cognitive benefits.
  • Kratom itself is considered to be a powerful nootropic due to the benefits that it can provide.
  • Nootropics discuss all types of these supplements; however, Kratom is also regularly discussed. This subreddit is highly scientific, and the members are eager to help.
  • It has 175k subscribers which makes it a very active community.


  •  Another community based on “Nootropics” is StackAdvice. This subreddit is dedicated to many supplements, and it includes Kratom based discussion. The subreddit aims to discuss combinations of different substances and supplements.
  • Users share their experiences of combining different supplements to benefit from synergistic effects. It is a great community if you want to combine Kratom with other substances to boost the fact.


  •  Another growing subreddit for Kratom discussion is KratomKorner. They are small, but the friendly community who regularly discuss all facets of Kratom. You can talk about dosage, effects, and the experiences of different strains.
  • As of now, it has around 8.5K subscribers; however, it is still reasonably active, and there is tons of useful information available.

Reddit Guide to General Dosage

One of the best features of Reddit is that everyone can discuss their Kratom dosages. Members can compare their own experiences, and tailor dosages based on their requirements.

The majority of Reddit members recommend starting on low doses of around 1-2 grams. However, this can be increased depending on the strain and your requirements. Many Reddit users split their dosages in the day and night. There is a lot of discussion around tolerance and the ways to prevent it. Generally, the users have had success through taking regular breaks.

Reddit’s Views on Red Vein Kratom Strains

The community regularly engages in discussion about Red Vein Kratom strains. The most popular red veins seem to be Red Bali and Maeng Da. These are the strains that have a lot of discussions. Many users are impressed with the sedative effects of these strains and have noticed that they can sleep more comfortably.

They have noticed that the sedative effects don’t make them too drowsy, which means they can continue to go about their daily activities. There are many experiences that state the relaxing and mood-boosting effects of Red Vein Kratom strains throughout Reddit.

Reddit’s Views on Green Vein Kratom Strains

The community is also reasonably fond of Green Vein Kratom strains. Many users have noticed that green strains provide a delicate balance between white and red strains. A typical description has been “coffee with euphoria.” Users enjoy the energy boost that green vein offers as it is sustainable and relaxing.

This differs typical stimulants which can worsen anxiety. Green Vein Borneo and Green Horn are regularly discussed on Reddit and are popular with users due to their calming energy properties.

Reddit’s Views on White Vein Kratom Strains

White Vein Kratom strains are also regularly discussed throughout Reddit. Users have noticed that they provide a significant boost in energy. Some users report that they had to take a white strain a few times before they noticed the full effect.

A typical description of white strains is “clean energy.” White Sumatra and White Maeng Da strains are very popular on Reddit for their pain relief properties at higher doses, and their energetic properties are moderate doses.

Reddit’s Views on Yellow Vein Kratom Strains

Yellow strains are currently newer, and there is less information about on the internet. However, many of the developments of Yellow Vein Kratom strains are regularly discussed on Reddit. A standard view about yellow strains is that they are “strong but mellow.”

The community thus far seems to prefer Yellow Vietnam strains as it provides a relaxing effect alongside nuanced energy. Many users like the balance that yellow strains offer, and it looks likely that these strains will pick up on popularity.

Reddit Warning on Side Effects

Another benefit of Reddit is that you can also learn lessons from users who may have taken large doses or misused the strains. The good news is that it is challenging to overdose on Kratom, and severe side effects are infrequent. However, there are some details about the side effects of overdosing on Reddit.

The familiar stories involving side effects usually show the user taking a dose of around 15g or higher. This is far above the recommended limit, and therefore it explains why side effects occur. At this dose, many users have spoken about nausea, general aches, and horrible headaches. These examples can serve as a reminder to use Kratom responsibly.

Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety according to Reddit

A large portion of the Kratom community on Reddit uses the substance to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. This includes both generalized and social anxiety. Users benefit from Kratom, as they say, it helps to clear their mind due to the mood-boosting effects, and it also calms down their physical reactions.

A low dosage of red vein strains seems to be a popular suggestion for anxiety. In general, red strains seem to be the most popular choice for dealing with stress.  Additionally, many use white strains for a relaxing energy boost.

Best Kratom Strains for Depression according to Reddit

Depression is another common condition that is regularly discussed alongside Kratom on Reddit. Many users have had beneficial experiences with Green Horn at relieving the symptoms of depression. In general, red strains tend to be a bit too sedative for those suffering from major depression.

The views of the community are White Maeng Da works very well for relieving many forms of depression. It provides a mood boost and also gives a nice dose of nuanced energy which allows users to complete tasks they would otherwise struggle with. Users tend to take these strains in the morning so they can be useful throughout the day at managing the symptoms of depression.

Best Kratom Strains for Energy according to Reddit

Additionally, many Reddit users take Kratom to provide an energy boost. There are many written experiences of users who suffered terrible side effects from typical stimulants. Experiences involving fast heartbeats, palpitations, and increased anxiety are commonplace.

Many users want to enjoy an energy boost, without suffering from these side effects. They have found that white strains provide this nice energy boost, but they also relax users at the same time. This negates the results of other typical stimulants, and some users have even reported using white strains as direct replacements for caffeine which is more jittery and short term.

Reddit vs. Kratom Forums

Aside from Reddit, there are also forums available where you can discuss Kratom. One of the most popular forums is “” This forum has many sub-forums to discuss the different aspects of Kratom. These include specific strains, effects, and even vendors. One of the benefits of forums is that there is more open discussion allowed with regards to vendors and buying Kratom.

In recent times, Reddit has imposed some censorship on subreddits, and therefore you can discuss specific topics freely on forums. The design and layout of a forum are also different. You can find forums dedicated to Kratom, whereas Reddit is a massive online social media network. Overall, both Reddit and Kratom forums are useful places to ask questions and get fantastic advice.


You will now fully understand the benefits of using Reddit to learn more information about Kratom and also view user experiences. The community aspect is vital to Kratom, as the users learn through trial and error. This means that experiences can be used to recommend the correct strain and dosage for all users. It also means that new users can seek advice from more experienced ones who have already tried many strains. Overall, the community aspect makes Reddit a good option for discussing Kratom. Although, there also forums which you can use to engage in this type of discussion.

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