We are getting advanced in the issues of kratom. Probably you are a kratom user, but you have never heard of kratom resin. Well, this is not something considered out of place. It is more of what you consider as kratom in powder form or capsules. In essence, kratom resin is simply the tar-like product that is derived from boiling the kratom leaves or powder than reducing it through evaporation.

maeng dakratom capsulesgreen malay

What comes out in a tar form is what is referred to as kratom resin. Depending on how the residue was allowed to cool, the resin may appear in different shapes. Are you wondering if such a product would be relevant? Did you know that this product is safer and more potent than the kratom powder that you have been using? Have a look at more details about kratom resin.

How should I take the resin?

Having known how relevant the kratom resin is appropriate for your life, you might be wondering how you are now to use it. Having used it before, I believe it is the purest form of kratom for use. All you need is to take your dosage amount, then dissolve it in boiling water. This is simple, just as you use your tea, you do the same for the kratom resin. Once it has dissolved, you can allow the solution to cool; then you can have your dose. You don’t have to make it cold. It all depends on the temperature that sounds favorable for you. There is no harm in taking it at any temperature.

Alternatively, you can swallow the resin as you would do with capsules. Once you have measured the right dosage for you, you can then break it into smaller pieces that would be favorable for your through. You then can wash it down with water. Did this sound simpler? I guess it did. You can have the whole of it in this more straightforward way. This makes it easy to use it on your journey. The ease that you would have when using the capsules is just the same as this very option. I guess you loved it.

What about the taste?

For better KratomTaste

I am sure you are worried and would want to know how to deal with the taste. Kratom resin has a more unpleasant taste than the powder and the capsules. However, making it as you do to tea gives you a better advantage. In other words, there are lots of flavors that you can add to it. For instance, you can add some honey, lemon, and any other sweeteners that you would prefer. With such a sweetened effect, you can be sure to enjoy all that you are taking. In the end, you will have escaped the unbearable taste of kratom resin.

How much of the resin makes a dose?

As a kratom user, I believe you have known that there is no specific dose that would cut across for all kratom users. Several factors determine how effective a given dose would operate on a given person. Such factors include body weight, experience in kratom usage, gender, among many other factors. The same applies to the kratom resin dosage.

  • It should, however, be noted that kratom resin is more potent than the powder and the capsules. This means that you should take as minimum as possible for your dose. If you have no experience in using kratom in plain-leaf form, then you should ensure that you avoid kratom resin at all. It will cost your life. Have some experience in kratom plain leaf first.
  • If your kratom plain leaf dosage is less than four grams, you should avoid the resist at all.
  • For the experienced kratom users that can take six grams of kratom powder but feel comfortable, kratom resin is the next level of dosage. If you fall under this category, then you should take kratom resin starting from one gram. You can then boost the resin dosage depending on the results that you desire.
  • If you realize that you are getting some common side effects like dizziness and nausea, it could mean that you are not in the right place. You can consider reducing that dosage what you have to know as the bottom line is that kratom resin is much stronger and so you don’t need to joke around with it. As you advance in the kratom dosage, you can increase your dosage.
  • However, you should not go past four grams as this would be an overdose. At four grams, you are likely to get powerful seduction and euphoric effects. If you realize that four grams dosage do not give you such a result, your kratom journey has gone extreme. At this point, increasing the dose will not be necessary for you. Instead, it will harm your life.
  • It means that you need to take a break and go for kratom detox. The concentration of kratom in your body has gone too high, and so you have become tolerant of kratom. It is only through a detox that you will clean your system from kratom concentration. The detox is very painful and so you should never long to get there.

Effects of kratom resin

kratom resin effects

Kratom resin works to give you the results that the standard kratom capsules and kratom powder gives. It is just a different way of taking a kratom dose, only that it is an active version of kratom. Therefore, when choosing or buying your kratom resin, all you need to check out is the strain from which it has been taken.

  • This is how to know the immediate effect to expect when you take your resin. For instance, when taking kratom resin for pain relief, then you will have to look for one which has been made from Maeng da kratom or Green Malay kratom.
  • If you need one that can give you the euphoric effects, then you are supposed to go for one made from Thai kratom. You can scan through our website to get the specific kratom effects from every kratom strain.

Buying your kratom resin

Kratom resin is somehow still a rare kratom product. Most online vendors have not ventured into making it since it is more expensive than any other kratom product. However, there are a few vendors who stock it. The best way to go about it is to search online to get the vendors with this product.

You don’t have to move from one shop to another looking for the resin when you can get it without much struggle in the online platforms. If you are not able to connect to a supplier, then you can make it on your own. You have to boil your kratom powder or leaves in critic water and allow it evaporate until the residue forms some syrup solution. You then have to transfer that solution on a platter and let it cool and solidify.

Why kratom resin?

Why kratom resin

You could be wondering why kratom users would prefer to go for kratom resin and leave alone the very convenient kratom capsules and maybe powder.

  • As said before, kratom resin is more potent than the powder, and so you need to take it in small quantities. This makes it more convenient, especially when traveling. The shapes also make it more bearable to swallow since it exposes a small surface area to your mouth hence less unpleasant taste.
  • Talking about the kratom taste, the resin is somewhat less uncomfortable. This is because it does not contain much of the leafy taste and so you can manage it even when dissolved to boiling water.


Kratom resin is prone to making one develop kratom tolerance very fast. This is due to its high concentration of kratom content. Therefore, if you choose to take kratom resin for your dose, you should take it only occasionally. The rest of the time, you should relax with your kratom powder and capsules. Remember that if you develop kratom tolerance due to the resin, there is nothing you can do to save your system from the effect except through detox, which is not bearable. It is better than to control your kratom intake, especially for the resin form, so that you can enjoy the effects that you expect from kratom.


Kratom resin is potent. It is not something you should wake up and go for. Be sure that you have managed kratom in powder or capsules form before you can graduate to this level of taking your dose. Even when you feel you are strong enough to control kratom resin, you should use it sparingly. Also, ensure that you take much water alongside the resin. Otherwise, you will not love your experience. I think that it is a good idea to make your resin to be sure of the strain you are using rather than going for what is already established in the market.

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