Mitragyna speciosa, which is more popularly known as Kratom is a substance used for many benefits. The primary benefits include sedative and stimulant effects. Kratom can be used as a

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  • sleep aid,
  • for pain-relief,
  • ease anxiety,
  • And as a mood booster.

However, one emerging use has been weight loss. Although it is not normally a primary reason for people taking Kratom, many have noticed that Kratom seems to aid weight loss. Some have attempted to use Kratom for weight loss.

In, this article we will explain whether Kratom can help weight loss and what the best ways to take it to achieve this goal are. Also, we will explore weight loss in more detail and analyze how Kratom can boost the effectiveness of well-known habits that are known to help weight loss. Finally, we will assess the safety of using Kratom as a weight loss aid.

General Weight Loss Tips

Firstly, it is important to remember that there are many factors involved in weight loss. Kratom may help to aid weight loss; however, it is dependent on you making some dietary and lifestyle changes. This will increase the effectiveness that Kratom has for weight loss.

Furthermore, Kratom can make some of these tips much more accessible to complete, which can be significant in aiding long-term weight loss. Losing weight is not an easy task. Furthermore, there are specific genetic and environmental factors that can make weight loss harder for certain individuals. Also, it can be tough to maintain weight loss long-term.

Many people opt for fad diets which lead to them losing, but then regaining a significant amount of weight. The best method of weight loss is a sustainable one that allows an individual to maintain a healthy weight in the long term.


  • One of the best ways to lose weight is to track your calories and decrease your daily intake. This is easier than it sounds; however, any weight loss plan needs to account for calories. By measuring these calories, it is easier to control them.

Eat Regular Meals

  • Additionally, a weight loss plan should include eating regular meals. Skipping meals may seem like it can help to lose weight; however, it often causes overeating at other times. It is recommended to eat regular meals and to avoid snacking wherever possible.

Incorporate Fruit and Vegetables into your Diet

  • If you get snacking urges, it is recommended to snack on fruit rather than junk food. In general, you should try and incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet.
  • They are usually low in calories and fat. But, they are also high in fiber. These factors make them an important food group for weight loss.

Increase Physical Exercise

  • As well as diet, physical exercise is essential for weight loss. It can help you shed off those extra calories, and it can keep your health in the best condition.
  • Regular exercise is essential for sustained weight loss. You can stay active in many ways such as jogging, playing sports, and even walking. Later, in this article, we will look at whether Kratom can play a role in exercise.

Risks of Obesity

There are many reasons to pursue weight loss if you are overweight actively. Here, we highlight some of the dangers of remaining overweight. You can check if you are overweight by measuring your BMI. This will tell you if you are of a healthy weight or if you are overweight. If you are significantly overweight, these are the risk factors for your health.

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Certain Cancers
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Heart Disease & Stroke

How Can Kratom Aid Weight Loss?

There are a few specific reasons that explain the weight loss mechanism of Kratom. There are two main factors to take into account. The first is that Kratom can naturally cause weight loss as a side effect. This is mainly due to its appetite suppressant effect which we discuss in depth below.

However, Kratom also indirectly cause weight loss through its mood boosting and stimulant effects. People with depression are more likely to be overweight, and therefore the mood-boosting effects can help users to better cope with their symptoms.

It can invoke feelings of motivation and optimism in users. This can help to push them harder to achieve their weight loss goals. Weight loss usually requires a level of motivation and willpower to change habits consistently. Kratom can help to enforce these habits and prevent a user reverting to their old habits.

Also, Kratom is known to be a stimulant which can make it easier for users to get regular physical activity and they may also be able to engage more strenuously as a result.

In anecdotal terms, many people have reported weight loss as a result of Kratom. The majority did not use Kratom for this purpose, but it was instead a ‘side effect.’ This needs to be explored further, but there are huge anecdotal experiences that show Kratom can supplement a weight loss routine.

Is Kratom Safe to Use for Weight Loss?

The safety of any substance is always essential. Many weight loss fads and supplements be fairly harmful to health. In general terms, Kratom is usually very safe.

  • There are side effects; however, these are usually manner, and they can be prevented with dosage control. Kratom is safe so long as you start with a low dosage. Also, you should not think of Kratom as your only tool for weight loss.
  • This can lead to high doses because a user wants fast effects. This mentality should be avoided as it can reduce the safety of Kratom. However, you will be pleased to learn that there have been no documented cases of either Kratom overdose or deaths caused directly by Kratom.
  • This means that the supplement is safe to take for weight loss. Also, the substance is not very addictive, which means it can be used as a sustainable solution.
  • Like all supplements, you should always practice precautions when taking them. Any unusual symptoms should be looked at by a doctor.

Can Kratom Suppress Appetite?

One of the most commonly reported side effects of Kratom is appetite suppression. Many users came to feel less hungry, and many have reported needing less food to feel full.

  • For some users, this can be inconvenient, and it can even pose a threat to underweight users. However, for overweight individuals looking to lose weight, the side effect of appetite suppression can help them to control their diet.
  • Kratom can aid weight loss by making users feel full more with their meals, which can help them to implement diets with lower calories. Additionally, it means that users may feel less hungry between meals.
  • Snacking is often one of the primary reasons that someone is overweight.
  • The appetite suppressing effects of Kratom can allow users to focus on their routines, and help them to avoid needing to snack between meals.
  • This can make a huge difference in weight loss.

Best Kratom Strains for Weight Loss

There are a variety of Kratom strains to choose from to aid weight loss. Below, we list some of the best strains that can help you shed some pounds.

White Vein Kratom

  • The white vein strain can be effective in aiding weight loss for many reasons. They have a strong stimulant effect which can increase energy levels and provide a boost in focus.
  • This can help users to be motivated to exercise, and it can also help them to avoid distractions that lead to snacking. They can help you to stay alert in the daytime and also to expend more energy.
  • As a result, you are likely to be more tired in the night which can improve sleep and reduce late night cravings for food. Additionally, white veins also have a decent appetite suppressant effect.

Red Thai Kratom

  • The red Thai strain continues to be very popular amongst regular users of Kratom. It is a powerful sedative, and it is useful in pain relief. It can help to boost mood and can make one feel relaxed.
  • This can remove the anxiety which can often lead to stress eating. The relaxing effects of Red Thai can help users to lose weight by making them feel calmer which can reduce cravings.
  • Also, this strain provides the ability to suppress users appetite.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

  • However, you may be looking for a strain that can provide relaxing effects as well as increased alertness and focus. The green maeng strain is useful for providing a noticeable energy boost, but this is mild and combined with a relaxing effect.
  • The mood boost can aid in weight loss by encouraging exercise. It can also lead to users staying focused on their daily routines rather than needing to eat due to stress.

These are the strains that have been given many positive comments from users who have been involved in weight loss routines. However, there are many more strains available. It is recommended to experiment with a few strains so that you can find your ideal Kratom strain to complement your weight loss programme.

What is the Best Kratom Dosage for Weight Loss?

The specific dosage will depend on your requirements and also the strain that you choose. However, in general, we recommend starting with lower dosages such as 2g. You can increase this to up to 6g.
However, we recommend not taking high doses as this can reduce the motivational effects of Kratom and make you too relaxed to engage in physical activity.

You should start small and allow your body to get adjusted to the dosage. Also, you should plan a few days away from the substance to avoid tolerance.

Can Kratom be Used for Exercise?

Many people wonder if Kratom can be used as a pre-workout supplement and whether it can improve athletic improvement. Pre-workouts are designed to provide a short term energy boost to allow a user to go beyond their limits in exercise.

Kratom is capable of delivering the effects of a pre-workout. If you choose a stimulating strain, then this can perform well before exercise at giving you the energy boost you need. They can allow executing for longer periods which can be crucial for weight loss.

Also, it can provide a helpful mood boost which can give users to motivation to start the workout in the first place. Many overweight individuals can sometimes be fearful of engaging in exercise.

When used as a pre-workout, Kratom can provide confidence for users to step in the gym. One of the most important aspects of any fitness routine is engaging in regular planned exercise. Kratom can help individuals to stick to their plans.

A weight loss plan should include strenuous exercise. The amount of effort you put in can significantly alter how many calories you burn. Another benefit of Kratom is that it allows you to put more effort into without getting tired. Many users have noticed that it allows them to push harder with exercise.

It allows you to get into a focused state where you can push on to your maximum capacity. Kratom can influence diet choices. Many users have stated they were less likely to eat junk food impulsively. When used appropriately, it is clear that Kratom can be a fantastic complement to exercise.
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It is apparent that some users have benefited from using Kratom to aid weight loss. However, there needs to be more research conducted to confirm this. Kratom by itself won’t cause significant weight loss; however, it can help you to apply the habits that are needed to lose weight and keep it off in the long term. If you have tried many weight loss programmes without success, then it may be worth considering the use of Kratom to aid weight loss.

You should be aware of potential side effects as we have listed. However, these can be managed by taking the right dosage and following certain precautions. Compared to the alternatives, Kratom is a simple supplement that can be used to aid weight loss significantly. However, it is important to have the right mindset when using Kratom for weight loss. You should think of Kratom as a tool to use sparingly. It is essential not to rely on Kratom for weight loss solely. It is only useful when combined with a practical weight loss plan that involves both diet and strenuous physical exercise.

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