While Kratom has a lot of uses and numerous benefits such as an effective remedy of chronic pain, migraines, and insomnia, it also comes with its fair share of unpleasant side effects. Kratom side effects can be extremely horrible, especially when you ingest kratom products in high doses.

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These side effects are inevitable, and one unique effect is the kratom eye wobbles. Eye wobbles bring a lot of discomforts, brain fog, and even difficulties in focusing your vision. However, you should understand that Kratom vision issues are not linked to it being an opiate.

That’s because opiates hardly cause this condition although extremely high doses of methadone and some prescription painkillers can also lead to vision and focusing problems.

Understanding Kratom wobbles

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Kratom wobble is a general term used to define Nystagmus. When you consume kratom in pretty high doses, all the muscles that control the movement of the eye; both lateral and medial rectus starts twitching involuntarily. As a result, most people experience an impossible level of discomfort accompanied by pain because of the fatigued and strained muscles.

The discomforts will make your eyes move around your eye sockets involuntarily. When that happens, it’s referred to as Kratom eye wobbles. This condition will make focusing on mundane and difficult tasks such as reading and writing that require focus almost impossible. Obstructed nervous control for your brain might also lead to other effects like motion sickness, vertigo, nausea, and dizziness, among many others.

Effects of Kratom wobbles

Because of the spamming movements of your eye muscles, you might experience blurry vision in the long run. Constant strain to your eyes can also lead to regular headaches whose effects can be felt along the entire periphery of your eye. That kind of headache is usually known as an eye ache, and according to some research studies, taking some over the counter pain-relieving drugs can help you alleviate the eye wiggles.

The other Kratom wobbles effect is migraines, and it’s one of the severe side effects linked to Kratom. These migraines usually occur without corresponding fatigued eye muscles. The other side effects caused by wobbly vision include.


  •  Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Double vision
  • Shimmering vision
  • Fuzzy vision

Apart from that, some individuals experience the Kratom wobbles when driving or as they move, when they stop moving, their scope of vision normally goes back to normal. Other users experience the eye wobbles after consuming Kratom related products and then putting their heads in a certain position. Moreover, others experience Kratom related vision issues when sitting still, but their condition aggravates when moving around.

Prevention of Kratom Wobbles

Since kratom wobbles are usually associated with incredibly high consumption of Kratom, you can prevent the eye wiggles by taking moderate to small amounts of Kratom products. The instructions for the right amount of Kratom consumption are usually sketchy, but 5 grams significantly reduces the likelihood of getting kratom eye wobbles.

It is worth noting that different strains of Kratom have varying degrees when it comes to the effect experienced by your eye muscles. Kratom strains such as Bali and Indo are relatively linked to the eye wiggles. Changing the kratom strain after experiencing eye wobbles is said to help. The kratom eye wobble effect is uncomfortable and unpleasant, but that doesn’t mean you should be left out when it comes to enjoying Kratom benefits. You should know the different types of kratom that lead to eye wobbles and take them in acceptable amounts. Some of the most common Kratom strains that lead to eye strain include:

  •  Bali Kratom
  •  Indo Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Borneo Kratom
  • Thai Kratom

Some kratom users say that consuming kratom is one way of preventing kratom eye wobbles. That is because boiling water or hot water does not eliminate or extract the fat-soluble alkaloids, and all these alkaloids are known to be responsible for the kratom induced eye wriggles. In spite of the lack of adequate formal research on this topic, some experts believe that eye wobbles are associated with three specific alkaloids: paynatheine, rhynchophylline, and speciogynine.


Paynatheine and Speciogynine are usually muscle relaxants, which means that the problems normally occur due to poor muscle control. Although using Kratom tea has not yet been substantiated with scientific data, users who are more prone to kratom eye wobbles should consider switching to different kratom varieties such as kratom tea and kratom capsules instead of other forms of kratom consumption.

How to make Kratom Tea

Utilize 50 grams of evenly crushed leaves. Put the leaves in a cooking pot with approximately one liter of water.


Put the cooking pot on a heat source and boil the mixture at a steady temperature for around 15 minutes. After the mixture has boiled, pour it into another container, squeeze your leaves in a filter if you would like to get the most out of them.

Place the leaves back into your cooking pot and add a liter of water and then repeat the process. Once your leaves have boiled for fifteen minutes and you have squeezed them two times, it is time to discard them.

After that, put all the collected kratom liquid back into your cooking pot and then boil once again until the liquid levels down to around 100ml. Remove the liquid from the heat source and store it in the refrigerator for a maximum of five days.

If you would like to increase the longevity of the liquid, you should consider adding some alcohol to the mixture. When adding alcohol, you should keep in mind that one portion of alcohol is usually equal to three portions of Kratom.

How to cure Kratom Wobbles

Are you wondering how you can stop kratom eye wobbles? It’s worth noting that Kratom wobbles can only be prevented because they are not curable. The only thing you can do is wait and allow your body to get rid of all the kratom strain in your system. Once you start experiencing the kratom wobbles, you can only take some over the counter medication like Advil to help alleviate the symptoms. Apart from waiting for your eye muscle spasms to go down, there is nothing much you can do to stop them once they start.

Kratom Woobles

Sleeping, rather than staying awake, will only increase the duration of the kratom wobbles. When asleep, the metabolic processes of your body are slowed down leasing to Kratom dissipation because the body will be sober. Some kratom users also claim that closing the eyes usually helps in alleviating the eye wobbles.

Using activated charcoal is also associated with alleviating Kratom induced eye wobbles. The charcoal typically absorbs the extract alkaloids before they get absorbed by your body. The kratom wobbling impact can be controlled and stopped. Nonetheless, charcoal has a couple of major setbacks:

  • It’s only relevant when the charcoal comes into contact with your stomach contents.
  •  You lose the other Kratom properties when the alkaloids get absorbed.
  •  The intake of charcoal is limited to the first two hours only.

Because the stomach takes around two hours to perform its functions effectively in your digestive tract, the activated charcoal should be consumed within two hours after ingesting kratom.

How long does kratom wobbles last?

Since we have seen that Kratom eye wobbles are not curable, then the next question should be; how long do the wobbles last? In general, wobbles takes around two to six hours to subside completely. Some people suggest eating which normally absorbs all the remaining alkaloids. Eventually, the time wobbles take to dissipate significantly depends on the amounts of Kratom consumed fully. It’s essential to abstain from using Kratom for a couple of hours after experiencing eye wobbles. If you consume kratom again too soon, the eye wobbles might reoccur in a short time. In some cases, the use of Kratom might also activate conditions associated with nystagmus. In such cases, the medications you can help you immensely.

Moreover, you should always remember to consult a qualified physician before consuming any medications to counter the eye wobbling.


While kratom strains are effective natural remedies for many ailments and conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain, they can have some unpleasant side effects, particularly when consumed in high doses. As we have seen, one of the most popular side effects is kratom eye wobbles. Although this condition can be incredibly annoying, you can easily avoid this vision issue by taking simple precautions since there is nothing much you can do when you are already dealing with eye wobbles.

However, you can expedite kratom wobbles by treating them in the same way you would handle an alcohol hangover. Make sure you take a lot of fluids and eat a heavy, fatty meal to assist your body in processing Kratom at a quicker rate. Some people claim that drinking some fruit juice helps in easing the kratom effects. Some users consume activated charcoal to get rid of the alkaloids, although that means you will receive fewer kratom benefits. Nevertheless, kratom eye wobbles and many other side effects should not be something you have to go through if you take the recommended dosages.

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