Li Herbals Introduction

Li Herbals is a Long Island-based company that is committed to bringing quality kratom to its customers in New York. Kratom powder from Li Herbal vendor is of high quality. Li Herbal started operating since 2015, and within that short period of operation, Li Herbal made some significant development to their online stores. Li Herbal was capable of adding exotic strains of kratom which were never available in the western world previously. Moreover, Li Herbal is an active supporter of the American Kratom Association. Furthermore, they have gone above in promoting scientific knowledge as well as keeping customers informed of their quality.

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Li Herbal products

The Li Herbal vendor has in stock not less 12 unique kratom products, including quality kratom tea. Some of their amazing products include;

  • Bent Matcha Tea: The today world seems to be passionate with the Bent Matcha tea since it is rich in minerals and vitamins with antioxidant properties.

Furthermore, Bent Matcha tea contains three times more of catechins known as epigallocatechin gallate, which is an antioxidant known to help in fighting cancer, heart disease, and viruses.

  • Red Matcha Tea: Li Herbal features a Red Matcha tea that is made from organic micro-powder hibiscus flowers, which are customarily handpicked. The Red Match tea is known for its anti-bacterial properties.
  • It is capable of treating malignant bacterial affected cells which are taken from our oral cavities. Consequently, the Red Matcha tea is capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria in humans.

Li Herbals Tea

There are various exotic strains available in Li Herbal, and they include;

  • Green elephant matcha, the white/red/yellow matcha tea split kilo, the yellow matcha tea, the white matcha tea, and the green matcha tea.

The top strain of kratom at Li Herbals

The Lil Herbal Green Kali has always been regarded as the top strain that is sold out quickly and faster than any other kratom powder at Li Herbal. This understandable given that Green Kali has high strength as well as an extended duration. Nonetheless, Green Kali is deeply energizing, and it is like coffee in nature.

The cost of Kratom powder in Li herbals

The Li Herbal tea company sells its kratom powder at a very cheap and affordable rate. The prices of kratom at Li Herbal have left many speechless. With $3.50 you will be able to purchase kratom powder weighing 30 grams. Li Herbal kratom prices make them undoubtedly the cheapest kratom vendor in online marketing. The low prices make you feel like you are dealing with kratom farmers directly.

Li herbals products

  • Moreover, with $28 you can buy kratom powder from 250 grams while $70 you can purchase for a kilo of kratom.
  • When you compare Li Herbal prices with other vendors, you will find out that a kilo of kratom goes for $120-130.
  • This will make you realize that you are getting a great deal with Li Herbal.
  • For those who would like to experiment what Li Herbal provides for its customers, then the split is a choice that you cannot resist.
  • When you pick up a split of kratom for $75, you will be able to get 250 grams of red vein tea, 250 grams of green vein Kratom tea, 250 grams of white vein tea as well as 250 grams of yellow vein tea.
  • Furthermore, you will earn yourself 750 reward points for your next order.

Li Herbal typically gives out discount to its customers during registration, and it includes giveaways as well as coupon codes. Once you sign up with Li Herbal, you will receive a newsletter, and you can be prepared to secure deals in plenty. At times, you can order for a free sample from Li Herbal; however, the free sample is not available most of the times. Furthermore, you cannot request for a free sample without placing an order.

When it comes to payment, Li Herbal only accepts Credit card and Amazon Pay for now. You should note that Li Herbal doesn’t allow you to pay your product with Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency.

Shipping your Li Herbals products

When it comes to shipping, Li Herbal ships orders that were made between Monday to Friday before 12 pm EST the same day. For orders made past 12 pm EST, they are shipped the following day. Shipping of Li Herbal products is done from New York, and they only do the shipping within the USA. According to Li Herbal program, these are shipping time;

  • Orders that are made from Monday to Friday before 12 pm EST are shipped out on the same day.
  • For orders that are submitted from Monday to Friday past 12 pm, EST is shipped the following day.
  • While for orders that are submitted after Friday 3 pm are shipped on Monday.
  • Orders that made on Saturday and Sunday are as well shipped on Monday.

Once you place your order, then the tracker will be sent to you once the shipping label is printed. The tracker that will help you in tracking your product will be sent to you via your email from Pitney Bowes. You will receive the email shortly after or before you receive a confirmation email about the product you have purchased. In case you don’t find your tracking in your email inbox then you can check it in your junk folder. However, if you cannot find your tracker either in your email inbox or junk folder, you can submit a contact form to Li Herbal, or you can as well reply directly to your order confirmation email for further guidance.

Shipping prices at Li Herbal varies depending on the item you are ordering as well as your shipping option. Some of the shipping options available at Li Herbal include;

  • The cost of shipping 1g to 260g of kratom using USPS first class mail is #3.11 to $5.95 this will depend on the weight of your product. While shipping the same item via USPS priority flat rate mail is $7.85, and USPS priority mail express is $26.95.
  • The cost of shipping 261g to 1,100g of kratom via USPS priority flat rate mail is $7.85 while USPS priority mail express is $26.95.
  • Shipping 2,251g to 3,250g of kratom via USPS priority flat rate mail is $19.25.
  • The maximum order of kratom at Li Herbal is 3.25kg in which they don’t offer the shipment for orders over this quantity.

Depending on the shipping option you choose during checkout, it will matter on how long it will take for the goods to be delivered. Once Li Herbal hands over your product to USPS, they will no longer be in control of your assets. According to USPS, these are the typical shipping times;

  • For the first-class mail, it will take approximately 2 to 7 business days.
  • While for USPS priority flat rate mail, it will be between 1 to 3 business days but not in most cases,
  • For USPS priority express it will take between 1 to 2 business days which often not guaranteed.
  • USPS does not guarantee these shipping times since they are just approximation for shipping based on usual delivery times.

At times you will receive two tracking number. This will happen in cases where Li Herbal had canceled your previous shipping label for them to create a new shipping label. During shipping at times, your tracking number will show that you good have been delivered and yet you have not received your package. At this point, you will have to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before contacting Li Herbal. You will be assisted by Li Herbal customer care once 48 hours are over and you have not yet received your package.

Reasons why you should purchase kratom from Li Herbals

Buy From Li Herbals

When looking for kratom vendor who is capable of delivering quality and affordable kratom, then you should look no further since Li Herbal is the ideal vendor. Li Herbal is well known for providing top quality and accessible kratom to its customers at a very affordable rate.

  • Nonetheless, Li Herbal has received several positive feedbacks from their customers since they are capable of satisfying their customers. As an online vendor, Lil herbal has become very successful due to its absolute customer satisfaction.
  • For most of the kratom users, Lil Herbal will always be their reliable vendor due to their high-quality products and competitive prices.

In case you submit the same order twice, contact Li Herbal and inform them that you had placed an extra order accidentally. Once they receive your submission, they will send you a refund.


When you require a kratom vendor who is reliable and offers quality kratom at the same time, then Li Herbal is the best option. Never hesitate to purchase kratom from Li Herbal since their products are of excellent quality. Consequently, each time you make an order, you will always get a fresh mandate. Li Herbal is known for having top kratom experts who help in creating some fantastic kratom products. Furthermore, Li Herbal offers various exotic strains of kratom that are hard to find anywhere else, especially in online marketing.

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