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Lifeforce is a business which is family owned and is claiming to be alert to the delivery of high amounts of kratom powder, which is of high quality at low prices. Most people have been wondering about how they are capable of measuring up to the laid claim. Well, a search was conducted, and it led researchers to various kratom forums to determine what the other customers have to talk concerning the vendor.

Reactions they ended up receiving was a mixture of responses. They saw a quite number of customers who were well pleased with the quality of the product, and they, therefore, purchased from this vendor. On a different hand, they were capable of seeing many purchasers who were not happy with the products that were being however old.

maeng dakratom capsulesgreen malay

Some of the buyers were, however, complain that the products were not as powerful as to what they were expecting. Therefore, they were forced to stay for sometime before experiencing the effects which were very well at best. Some other individuals were reporting that they were using the strains and ended up having no changes at all.

It is seeming that one can never determine what they should be expecting whenever they are working with Life Force Kratom. In case you are among the lucky, you may result in having a decent strain that will be capable of satisfying all your wants. However, the odds of ending up getting frustrated are also very high. Therefore the main question you ought to be asking yourself is on whether you have enough money or not. You need to spend some patience and time in the process of experimenting with these products.

Product Selection

The encouraging report is that Life Force Kratom is having a diverse dimension of kratom strains. You should, therefore, ensure you succeed in getting all your kratom wants at this point. The worst news is that this product is only appearing in one form, which is in the form of powder. In case you are looking towards buying kratom capsules or any other type of this product, then you will have to consider looking for the product elsewhere. Besides, the vendor is remarkably persistent on the fact that the FDA has not approved their products and that they should not be used for human use. Therefore, they were not being provided with any information on the way one can be using these powders.

Lifeforce kratom has been categorizing the products basing on the veins color to help in making it simpler for the buyers to acquire the strain they desire. With this information in mind, below are some strains that are in its category.

Life Force Kratom

Green Kratom Vein

The green Kratom vein strains are widely known for their continual ability in delivering pain-relieving effects on the red vein plus white vein kratoms energizing impact. They are also bearing a combination of other advantages such as improvement of various cognitive functions and boosting the immune system. A few of the strains you may end up finding in this category are including:

  • Maeng Da Malay
  • Super Green
  • Super Premium jongKong
  • Maeng da Borneo
  • Kratom Vietnam Green
  • Green Thai
  • Sumatra Green
  • Sulawesi Green
  • Green Kapuas
  • Green Malay
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Bali
  • Green JongKong
  • Green Elephant
  • Dark Green

Vein Red

Red Kratom Vein is among the very vibrant strains. These kinds of pressures are having sedation properties and excellent painkilling properties. They have for long been seen to be much better than most of the prescription drugs that are chemically-engineered. Besides, they are useful in relieving anxiety and stress. Some other vein red strains have the unique ability to treat patients with opiate addiction. They will be assisting addicts in quitting the opioid drugs that are dangerous while at the same time keeping the withdrawal symptoms at a minimal level. This level is containing severally items, namely:

  • Kapuas Red
  • Red Vietnam
  • Red Sulawesi
  • Sumantra Red
  • Malay Red
  • Red JongKong
  • Red Bentuangi
  • Red Bali

White Vein

White vein is being linked to varying advantages such as reducing depression symptoms, improving energy levels, boosting focus, and mental clarity. Few of the available Vein Kratom White products you may end up getting from life Force are including:

Energizing Impact

  • White Thai
  • White Vietnam
  • White Sulawesi
  • White Sumatra
  • Malay White
  • Maeng Da White
  • White Kapuas
  • White JongKong
  • White Horn
  • White Gold

In earlier days, many of the strains that have been stated above were not in stock. The white vein strains available were White Sulawesi, White MD, White Malay, and White Kapuas.

Yellow Vein

Yello vein kratom is having mood-enhancing and energizing capabilities. Many users are also reporting that Vein Kratom, which is yellow, is a product that is ideal and is widely stocked by the vendor.

The life force website is showing only two available vein products that are yellow, which include yellow Sulawesi and yellow JongKong. The JonKong, which is yellow, was being sold at a high demand.

Apart from Kratomstrains, Life Force is also stocking several various products, including alternative products such as Zingiber and different Blends, including Special Kratom.


The products of Life Force  Kratom are quite expensive. Nearly all of them have a higher price than most of what other companies in the market are offering. You were maybe wondering why this is the case. You may also be wondering on whether this is implying that they are offering something which tends to be unique from other vendors. The answer is nothing special is offered. Besides, some clients have all over been complaining about product consistency though this has not helped in making the products any better.

Frequent clients are being rewarded by using some profits. One can also consider searching for coupon codes online, which will assist you in reducing the costs of these products.


The Life Kratom Company’s website has a straightforward interface. You can easily succeed in finding products that you are looking for on the site since products are grouped various categories which are transparent. These categories are based on the kid of Kratom Strains that are used. Using the website is a straightforward process, and you should succeed in finding what you are looking for easily. All the kratom which is in the sale is being grouped into five major categories, and everything is in its place as you would be expecting to find it. They have succeeded in making a lot of improvements to the website recently and is now working much better than it was capable of doing before.

Payment method


They are having a default method of payment, with mostly e-check. You can, on the other hand, be successful in paying using money orders and cryptocurrency. The vendor is besides working on ensuring they come up with payments using a credit card. You need to be aware that the Life Force Kratom website is automatically removing all the things in the cart whenever you are not checking out the money orders in an hour of items selection. On a lighter side, you may end up enjoying offers and discounts via the coupon codes promo. If you are a loyal buyer, you should have no problems at all in the process of acquiring the coupon codes. You can be using the coupon codes in buying the favorite product or redeeming them out of Life Force Kratom.


Force Life kratom is shipping its products in the US Continental. This is mainly done through USPS. The placed orders that are sent before the onset of 2 pm are sent on the same day while orders placed after 2 pm are dispatched on the following day. So far, there have been no complaints at all concerning delay in orders requested. Therefore, there is no need of having any fear in this particular sector.

However, not all citizens in the US are capable of accessing the items Life Force Kratom is offering. Citizens from such areas are not capable of buying products from

  • Sarasota County FL,
  • Jerseyville IL,
  • San Diego,
  • VT,
  • WI,
  • RI,
  • IN,
  • and AL.

Additionally, you need to be at least 18 years old so that you can be allowed to buy Life Force Kratom.

Return Policy on Life Force Kratom

This is the place we ended up coming through another red flag, which is dominant. All the sales are the end process. You will not succeed in receiving any exchange or refund your products after ordering your order. The only time when you will be regarded as allowed for either an exchange or refund is the time the product is defective or damaged. To be enabled for the exchange/refund, the item you bought should be unused. This implies that it must be in the same condition as in the case when you purchased it.

The buyer will pay all the money that will be incurred in taking back the goods. Also, the cost of shipping which is done in making the original purchases will not be refunded.

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