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While most people have come to acknowledge that maeng Da kratom is one of the best strains of kratom when it comes to pain relief and energy boost, most have not known how convenient it is to take it in capsule form. Most people tend to trust the maeng Da kratom powder since they are never patient enough to wait for the effects of capsules to kick up. Well, this could be a challenge, but then the most important thing is timing. Not every time is relevant for kratom dosage. Remember, in kratom society, and there is no universal way of taking kratom. What matters is what can work for you.

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Which is better, Maeng Da kratom powder or capsules

Before giving the difference and maybe advice on which option to take, it is essential to note that the two options will ultimately provide similar effects when taken in the same quantity and quality. The capsule and powder difference only affects the process of and probably the time for taking your kratom.

  • The first noticeable difference is that taking your Maeng Da kratom dose in capsules form is more favorable than in powder form. If you are a kratom user, you will attest to me that you have to bear with the unpleasant taste of kratom powder.
  • The capsules help you to take the dose easily without having to scream at the unpleasant taste of kratom. Note that the powder can even get stuck on your tongue if you go the wash and toss method for your dose. If you fear the natural unpleasant taste of kratom, then the capsules can be of a great deal for you.

Maeng Da capsules

  • Additionally, Maeng Da kratom capsules are very convenient for you. You take them even when you are on a journey. You can imagine having to measure the right amount of powder on that public vehicle, train, or plane. You will be creating a lot of drama as people will be wondering what you will be taking.
  • However, when you are to take them in capsules form, it will be a regular thing since you will be like any other person taking their medication. Remember, if you leave home having measured your right dose, it might end up not being accurate as some powder may be stuck on the container.
  • Maeng Da kratom capsules also guarantee you an accurate dose. They come already measured, and the weight included on the pill. This means that when taking the capsules, you can be sure of making your dose accurate.
  • For the powder, on the other hand, it is not a guarantee that you are going to have a precise dose. There must be a positive or negative error in the measurement. You don’t need such an inconvenience. It is rather advisable to take your kratom in capsules.

How many capsules should I take?

This is simply asking which is the best dose for your Maeng Da kratom. Well, many factors determine the right dosage for you. One of the major factors that this article will dwell on is the type of effects that you require. Maeng Da kratom comes with different results.

Such include

  • pain relief,
  • energy boost,
  • concentration boost,
  • seduction, among other effects.
  • It even goes ahead to help in opiate withdrawal.

You will realize that all these effects need a different number of capsules. Additionally, there is no specific kratom dose that can work universally for all people. Therefore for each required result, there is a range of kratom capsules that we would suggest.
Have a look at the recommended number of Maeng Da kratom capsules relevant for each effect.

Capsules for Euphoric effects

  1. Maeng Da kratom is known for giving euphoric effects. When you feel very bored with life in such a way that anything next to you is boring, you can boost your emotions. This is what is referred to as euphoria. If you have other things to do, you should ensure that you keep the euphoria at a low level.
  2. If this is the type of effect that you desire, then you should take between one to three capsules of maeng da kratom in a day. The range is, however, determined by factors like gender and the kratom usage experience.
  3. If you are just a starter, you should start by taking only one capsule. However, if you are used to taking tablets, then you can take it to three capsules. Anything above that will be dangerous for you.

Capsules for pain relief

Capsule Vs Powder


  1. Whenever you want to relieve pain before you talk about the number of capsules of Maeng Da kratom you should take, go ahead to check at the potency of Maeng Da kratom you are using. Usually, the power is indicated on the capsules. Generally, the number of capsules for pain relief is more similar to that of euphoria.
  2. However, for the dose to be effective, you need to have more potent capsules of Maeng Da kratom. One to three capsules can serve the purpose of pain relief. If the pain is mild, you should ensure that you don’t get much of the dose.
  3. If your pain is mild and you go for three pills, you might end up having euphoric effects. If you are looking for pain relief, I don’t think that euphoric will make you comfortable.

Capsules for opiate withdrawal

  1. When you are going through opiate withdrawal, you can bear with me that it is not a pleasant experience. It comes with a lot of side effects, which makes you very uncomfortable. Maeng Da kratom has the compounds which can suppress the side effects even as you continue recovering.
  2. The recommendable number of capsules, in this case, ranges between three to four pills. The opiate withdrawal may be more challenging than you think. Therefore, start with three tablets for a day.
  3. However, be keen to stop taking the dose once the side effects of opiate withdrawal are done. Otherwise, you might end up struggling with kratom addiction.

Capsules for seductive effects

  1. For seduction, you might need more pills than for any other consequences. Maeng Da kratom is very critical and relevant when it comes to giving seductive results. Before getting to know the amount of kratom you should take for seduction, you should note that you should never take kratom for temptation when you have other things to do.
  2. It will distract you in such a way that you will not concentrate on doing other things. However, for the seduction, you need to take between three to five capsules per day. Do not go above five capsules per day; otherwise, you will be welcoming other complications like kratom addiction or tolerance.

Capsules for an energy boost

  1. Most people take Maeng Da kratom for an energy boost. If you have some very demanding job responsibility, you will have to look for a way to keep focused on it and do it to the end. The same applies to men who want to have some significant time in bed with their wives.
  2. Take note, however, not to take Maeng Da kratom capsules for an energy boost without planning on how to use it. Two to four pills will, however, be enough for the energy boost. If you are a beginner, however, take not to start with three capsules and do not move to four if the two pills are giving you the best effects as far as an energy boost is concerned.

Capsules for depression relief

  1. Nearly all strains of kratom can be used to deal with depression, including the chronic one. This is to means that if you feel out of place and so depressed, you can take advantage of Maeng Da kratom capsules. You don’t have to suffer depression until you die. If anything, you should enjoy every bit of your life.
  2. In this case, two to four pills will be enough for you. Do not go above four capsules even if you feel so much depressed. If you don’t take care, you might end up adding more stress to your life when you will realize that you are addicted to kratom.

Capsules for pain

Final thought

Maeng Da kratom has been proved to be very relevant for dealing with your health needs more naturally. You don’t have to depend on the over the counter drugs when you got some remedy in kratom. Remember, some of those over the counter painkilling pills are made from kratom. To make your work more convenient, you can shift to take the kratom in the form of capsules. It is very comfortable, accurate, and more pleasant, among other strengths. You don’t have to struggle with the powder when you can have the capsules easily. Today in the market, nearly every vendor deals with tablets more than they do with powder, meaning that you will never lack them when need be. You got to enjoy being part of the kratom society, and not to suffer along.

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