Kratom is a popular Southeast Asian herb which is widely being utilized for the treatment of various ailments. Many vendors are selling different Kratom products across the globe. Major Kratom is among the best online Kratom vendors in the market due to its high-quality and reliable Kratom products. The company is also among the most popular vendors as well. They started their services in 2010 to provide the best kratom products to their clients.

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  • Exactly after one year, due to their high standards and professionalism, they were nominated for the position of the best Kratom vendor in the country by Kratom Connoisseurs. This detailed review will provide you with useful information about everything you should know about Major Kratom. Its help you make an informed decision when looking for a reliable kratom vendor.

Categories of kratom strains offered by Major Kratom

The professionalism of Major Kratom is one of the things that make this company different from many other Kratom sellers and ethnobotanical stores. The company is relatively new, but they’re competing pretty well in the marketplace. Major Kratom offers you a great purchasing experience with its proficient deals. They offer a wide range of varieties of natural Kratom because the company is well aware of the unique needs of their clients. Here are some of the best product categories provided by Major Kratom:

Black Label Category

  • Black Label collection is one of the most common perks by Major Kratom. It’s among the rarest collection to find in the kratom market, and the most potent, which makes it one of the priciest category. Every brand which is under this grouping is unique and has numerous benefits to the buyers.

Some examples of the Kratom brands you will find in this collection are

Kratom use

  • the Black B,
  • Balanced Blend,
  • Buntok Lush Bang Baru,
  • Maeng Da,
  • Reds Horn,
  • Majors Maeng Da,
  • Makakam River Maeng Da,
  • and the Pure Red Thai.
  • The pricing begins at $11.99 for all the 22 to 28 g containers.
  • The collection is known to maintain the best quality stand for quite a long time.

Most Featured

  • This collection includes the newest and the current products in the marketplace from Major Kratom. Products under this unique category are known to hold the best quality stand and are obtained from mature ripe kratom leaves and then professionally cured by skilled experts to produce high-quality kratom powders.

Examples of the products in this category include

  • Mahakam River Maeng Da,
  • Spec B,
  • White MD,
  • Spring Green,
  • and Super Green Borneo.
  • All the brands come with a price tag of $11.99 for packets of 22 to 28g.
  • The Sale-Red Vein Borneo and the Sale-Spec B Batch Closeouts goes for $8.99 for the packet of 28g.

Red Vein

The Borneo Red Vein usually harvested from the different forests of is among the products found under this category. The harvested leaves have a high level of alkaloid, and the powder version of the product has a beautiful aroma. During the manufacturing process, the stems of the plants are removed, leaving all the outer veins and the leaves together.

  • The final powder is 100% natural and highly Potent. Red Kalimantan is usually deep red with an incredibly fine powder. Its inception is fast and has a long-lasting healthy effect on the users. Other products you will find under this collection include Red Vietnam, Red Dawn, Red Horn, and Pure Red Thai. All these products come with a price tag of $11.99 for one packet of 28g.

Major Kratom Products

Green Vein

  • All the products under this category are derived from mature leaves of kratom plants with some green veined leaves. A lot of customers have claimed that this category has lots of positive effects. Some of these properties include the capacity to lift the moods of individuals and the ability to provide the body with a smooth relaxation as well.

Examples of the kratom products found in this collection include

  • Green Vietnam,
  • Green Thai,
  • Jong Kong Green,
  • Super Green Borneo,
  • Green Vein Borneo,
  • Premium Green Vein,
  • and Spring Green all at a cost of $11.99 per a packet of 28grams.
  • The Premium Green Vein Batch sells at a cost of $8.99 for a similar packet.

White Vein

  • White vein collection is made from kratom leaves with stems, but the veins are removed from the kratom leaves before grinding the leaves into a fine powder. It has an incredibly refreshing aroma that’s less sedative when compared to many other strains. Some of the products you’ll find in this collection are the Sumatran Superior and the White Vein Borneo.

Spec B

  • Spec B is one of the best collections that have made Major Kratom rise to the top of the best Kratom sellers list. It’s the most popular product collection in the kratom company. The collection is blended to include almost all the kratom strains.
  • It includes some brands like Red Vein Kratom and Dark Green Kratom. These brands are considered to be some of the best pain relievers as well.

Sample tins

  • The Major Kratom vendor offers a wide variety of sample tins for blends and strains. Most of the packets are 22 to 28 g, and they are packed based on volume and not the actual weight. Most of the kratom products under this collection cost $11.99 for all the brands.

Quality and affordability

Major Kratom products are of high quality and offered at low prices, which makes them affordable to most users. A good case is the comparison of their Kratom powder, which is cheap and comes in massive bulk as compared to most of other Kraton vendors. It is this factor that has created a conviction to a majority of their customers in the market to prefer purchasing their products instead of the other expensive online vendors. More so, they have packaging that suits for their wholesale and retail customers, which makes it easy and suitable for every interested consumer.

Placing An Order

The process of using the online platform of Major Kratom vendors to place an order is straightforward. Their web page is easy to navigate, and they have a customer support system which is always ready to offer any needed assistance. Besides, Major Kratom online vendor has a Spanish language option for customers who don’t understand the simple English used. This language variation is objectively made to improve customer services at a broader spectrum. They also have the “Live Chat” option on their webpage for the customers to express their view. A buyer needs to load their official page, select the item to buy and follow the process of making the purchase.

Online shopping and payment system

Major Kratom online and customer service systems are highly user-friendly. They are easy for any buyer to approach and to make their procurement of the Kratom products. Their visually attractive site has a quick loading and intrinsic online store. The customer needs to click on the Kratom products which he/she wishes to buy, view their description, and fill in the required information to make a purchase. The site requires the buyer to click on the “Purchase” tab and receive their desired products. Their professional made online payment system allows multiple ways of payment, including the use of cheques.

Buy from Major Kratom

Shipping and delivery

They have an efficient free-home-delivery system for the local orders. Orders can get delivered on the same day except on holidays. This factor has made them the most preferred Kratom vendor. They also have an international delivery system, which is highly convenient for international buyers. All their Kratom products are packaged in airtight containers before their shipment to ensure their quality is maintained during the delivery process.

  • The entire Kratom shipment process is quite simple for every buyer to understand. Most of these significant shipping processes are done under the Priority Mail. This process is regarded as fast, secure, and comparatively cheap.
  • The delivery settlement takes three days on the maximum end. However, the Express method, which takes one to two days for the order to get delivered, is also used. The 1-2 tins are often delivered using the first-class mail delivery option.

Customer service

The pioneers of Major Kratom introduced it with a primary objective of providing quality Kratom products to the consumers. They highly value the feedback given by their customer under the review section on their website. Also, Major Kratom has an email address where clients can send their queries or share their experiences. Their customer care representatives are highly courteous, friendly, responsive, and professional. Major Kratom staff believes in upholding a positive reputation in the market.

Return policy

Major Kratom has the best return policy. Customers receive a 100% money-return-guarantee for them that aren’t satisfied with their orders and needs changes. It is one of the best things that most clients who had an encounter with Major Kratom notes. It is a factor that makes purchasing confident and comfortable for their customers. They have a goal of ensuring their customers are fully satisfied and happy.


If you have been in search of high-quality Kratom products at affordable costs, then Major Kratom is the deal for you. They offer every type of Kratom strain to suit the different needs of their customers. More so, they have an efficient doorstep delivery for their local customers and fast shipment for international buyers. They use airtight containers to store all their powder products, which is a guarantee for safe and quality shipment and delivery. Major Kratom has customer service providers who are honest and highly professional, giving a satisfying buying experience. Their products are legit and natural, which makes most consumers offer high recommendations when giving their reviews.

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