Kratom products are often preferred due to their significant effects on consumers’ wellbeing. However, the rise of online vendors leaves one in doubt of which vendor to trust and consider when making a purchase. One needs to take time and perform enough research. Getting such a vendor involves considering a variety of factors. Besides, the most prominent factor is to ensure that the products’ effects are most satisfying and legit.

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Mayan Kratom is one of the few legit Kratom vendors. They have set their standards way high and regarded as a pacesetter in the supply of quality Kratom strains in the world for years. The vendor delights in having a not only clean and well-packaged variety of Kratom strains, but also affordable and well-packaged products. If you are puzzled of which vendor to buy your Kratom strains from, this article will make it easier for you.

Products offered by Mayan Kratom

Mayan Kratom Maeng Da

  • Maeng Da is one of the Mayan Kratom strains whose popularity grows every day. Most of its consumers acknowledge of its amazing effects which range from the burst of energy to pure relaxations. It comes in unique variety blends, the red, white, and green veins. Red veins are known for their effectiveness in pain reliving to their consumers.
  • If you have been having persistent headaches, Red Maeng Da could be the product that you need to consume. It gives a calm and relaxed feeling, which can also help in sedation. Besides, this Kratom strain is known for its uplifting effects.
  • Green Maeng Da is another strain of the Mayan Kratom products. It is commonly used for its sedative effects. It is a perfect blend to take while in need of a good rest at home.
  • The White type of Maeng Da offered by Mayan Kratom is perfect and highly recommended when one needs to have a lot of work accomplished. It is known for its effects on the cognitive functions, and the significant boost when consumed.

Maeng Da strains come either in capsules or powder forms. There is little difference between these two packagings. The capsules are in measured proportions, which makes the work of the consumer easier in that they don’t have to measure the right amounts to the consumer. However, the powder form is normally faster, acting for one can start feeling its effects after twenty to thirty minutes after taking it. It takes about an hour after consuming the capsules to start experiencing their effects, but it is a normal thing so one shouldn’t worry.

green vein extractMayan Kratom Premium Bali

  • This Mayan Kratom product is unique in many aspects. The name Bali show the origin place of Premium Bali strain. Bali is a simple Island in the land of Indonesia and known for its rich cultural heritage. These local occupants believe that the power of the Premium Bali has unique properties.
  • However, it is strange that Premium Bali is not grown in Bali, but in a neighboring Borneo Islands. The product is largely known for its uniqueness in giving sedative and uplifting effects. The processing and packaging are unique in that it ensures that the strain is free of any form of contamination.

Maeng Da Supreme

  • This strain is often harvested from the best of Maeng Da variety and quality trees. It is indigenously sourced from Thailand, and then hand-selected while being picked, a step that better refines its quality aspect. More so, the leaves must be mature enough before harvesting. It’s known for its good effects.
  • It is known to show stability during its growth and suffers less of the environment and season changes. Maeng Da Supreme leaves are harvested while darker in color and with rough edges, not the usual smooth oval-shaped leaves. The leaves which are used in making this strain are known to have high levels of phytochemical compounds.

Mayan Kratom Green Malay

  • It is often considered a Kratom strain that is a step far ahead of others. Green Malay is among the most preferred Mayan Kratom in the market. Its grown popularity has made it a major sought after product, due to its effectiveness in euphoria, pain relief, energy, and improved focus. It is perfectly made of pure Kratom leaves and the high concentration of the good alkaloids.

Mayan Kratom Quality

Mayan Kratom must have realized that offering quality products to their customers is the most amazing thing that would make them beat their competitors in the market. They are famous for offering high-quality Kratom strains. Their processing and refinement of these strains from their raw materials are strict in ensuring that they meet their set quality standards. Besides, they package their products in containers that guarantee that they are free of any foreign contamination. Mayan Kratom is easy for the users to consume for they are also offered in either the powder of capsules form. They also offer a prescription to the consumers on how to use the products, stating the expected effects that the user would experience.

  • Mayan Kratom has a unique way of sourcing their raw materials. Most of their Kratom leaves are often handpicked to warrant a strict selection process. They also have specific places where they source their leaves. Therefore, every consumer is assured that their products are pure and organic. They have also hired some third party farmers who do large scale farming of Kratom trees.
  • In their many efforts, Mayan Kratom is meticulous in ensuring that they maintain their legacy in offering high-quality products. They are now producing strains from leaves that are freshly picked and refined. More so, they opt to encapsulate their products to ensure that these pure products are safe and that their quality properties are retained.

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  • Mayan Kratom is also known for selling legit strains. They explain their manufacturing process and ingredients on their packaging containers. Also, their leaves go through planting, cultivation, picking, drying, and grinding processes. Their machines are cleaned and their leaves well-washed before going through the process. They also take their strains to the laboratories for testing and assessment.

Mayan Kratom Pricing

Mayan Kratom offers a variety of Kratom strains and products. Every unique strain has its price. Nevertheless, all these products in the market come at highly reasonable prices. Most of their customers acknowledge that the Mayan Kratom strains are among the cheapest in the market today. Despite their high-quality, the company offers products that are pocket-friendly and affordable to a majority of the consumers. It implies that any potential user is perfectly suited with a provision of a budget suiting and satisfying strain.

Mayan Kratom Discounts

A majority of every product users tend to get attracted to a vendor that offers products at high discounts. It is a thing that Mayan Kratom must have mastered. Most of their products come with huge discounts, and some with pleasant coupons. In special occasions, they offer discounts for up to 80% of the product cost. There are also special instances where they may decide to offer coupons in the form of free shipment to the customer at their specified destinations. Their discounts and coupons are not selective and apply to both the bulk and retail buyers.

Mayan Kratom Reliable Contacts

Mayan Kratom vendor uses its website to offer means through which they can get contacted. Any customer may fill a form at their official site. Also, they offer an email address and a phone number for customers to reach out to them. There are moments when a customer must contact them, like when making orders or even other follow-ups. The vendor always gives feedback to every message sent or phone call made. They also offer an easy yet efficient way through which their customers ought to follow when making orders.

Mayan Kratom Powder

Mayan Kratom Customer Support Services

Mayan Kratom is a unique vendor from the image that their customer service personnel gives to their clients. Their process of making orders and shipment involves contacting the customer service providers, who then forwards these quests to the respective authority. They also advise their clients on which of their products is best for them depending on the needs and expectations they have. The vendor must have realized that the quality of customer services they give to their clients is what will make them stand out from the rest of their competitors.

  • Mayan Kratom seems to have ensured that every consumer contacts them before accessing their products. Their swift response to the raised issues is also a significant factor that has raised their positive reputation.
  • The customer service representatives are always informed, eloquent, and sincere in their engagement with clients. Professionalism is an element that can’t go unnoticed. It is an assurance of customer satisfaction with their services.


Mayan Kratom not only offers quality products but also highly affordable and free of foreign contamination. The vendor has a special way of processing their products. They also package them in a manner that warrants their purity and authenticity. Their products are availed in both powders and encapsulated forms. Their customer service, easy ways of order-making orders, efficiency in shipment, and huge coupons and discounts melts the hearts of their consumers. If you are looking for perfectly satisfying Kratom strains, Mayan Kratom has a variety for you to choose.

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