If you are looking for Kratom products, one of the best places to check would be over the Internet. Here, you can easily get vendors that offer quality products at affordable prices. However, not all kratom sellers are the same. Some are reliable, while others are not trustworthy. One of the best kratom vendors you will get on the internet is Moon Kratom. This online company is a leading Kratom seller that provides you with an array of high-quality and potent herbs at the most unbeatable prices in the kratom market.

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  • Moon Kratom products do not go through any retailers or intermediaries, but they come directly from kratom growers under the strict supervision of the company’s representatives.
  • By doing this, Moon kratom reduces the operational costs in a big way, and the savings are later passed on to the business’s customers. If you’re looking for an online vendor who delivers high-quality products at affordable rates, then read this detailed review to make a suitable selection.

Types of kratom strains offered by Moon Kratom Vendor

Best Vendor Moon kratom

Green Indonesia Kratom Powder

  • This kratom can assist with a range of different problems. Green Indo Kratom is one of the most common types of kratom to assist in alleviating pain. This kratom strain can also help an individual who is going through opium-related withdrawals. This strain from Moon Kratom can also be used to assist in treating nausea feeling and the shakes that people feel when they’re getting off opiates.
  • Green Indo kratom can be utilized in supporting people to relax because it has soothing effects. This kratom powder is also used to assist in improving moods and allowing an individual to relax without any stress.

Maeng Da Micro Powder

  • Maeng kratom powder, also known as Super Green, is one of the purest and most active types of kratom powder that anyone can purchase from Moon Kratom. This kratom strain will help you improve your mood and also offer you an energy boost as well.
  • If you use this kratom strain in the morning, you will have energy throughout the day. You will also be able to think and work with a clear mind.

Yellow Thai Kratom Powder

  • The Yellow Thai powder offered by Moon Kratom can help an individual get a feeling of euphoria whenever they use it. This type of kratom can be utilized in improving mood and also enable an individual in boosting their focus.
  • While it’s not known for its sedative effects, moat people that utilize this kratom will become relaxed. The strain can also be used to alleviate pain, as well.

Red Indonesia Kratom Powder

  • Red Indo Kratom powder from Moon Kratom is used to assist people who are suffering from chronic pain. It also helps in relaxing tense and sore muscles.
  • When you use this red type of kratom, you will be able to experience a reduction of stress and anxiety, a feeling that lasts for six hours. Other people utilize red Indo kratom powder to support weak immune systems and to lower blood pressure.

White Borneo Kratom Powder

  • White Borneo Kratom powder is one of the difficult kratom strains to find, but you can easily get it at Moon kratom online store. It can boost your mood and also assist in treating different symptoms of depression.
  • White Borneo powder also helps a user in increasing their level of concentration and reducing distractions when working on a specific task.

Yellow Indonesian Kratom Powder

  • Grinding yellow kratom leaves make this kratom powder by Moon Kratom. This type of kratom strain provides users with an energy boost, and it’s one of the most active types of kratom strains on the market.
  • Users can also utilize this kratom strain when they’re feeling fatigued to give them energy. Quality yellow kratom is rare to find, and you can easily get this type of kratom powder from Moon Kratom.

Red Bali Kratom

  • This kratom strain can be used for a range of different effects. It is made from the red kratom leaves. Red Bali kratom from Moon Kratom can be used to improve focus and become more attentive when working on specific tasks.
  • This kratom strain can assist an individual in getting a feeling of calmness and also improve sleep quality. It can also be used to help relax sore and tense and muscles as well.

10 X Kratom Extracts

  • Moon Kratom also offers another product called the 10X Kratom Extract. The product will offer not only the purest but also the cleanest type of Kratom extract. The 10X is one of the most sought-after kratom products at Moon Kratom after because it’s highly concentrated.
  • Users do not have to use a big amount of this product to get the desired effect. The 10X is pretty easy to measure, and you can also mix it with juices and many other liquids.

Moon kratom powder


Moon Kratom is outstanding and popular for many things, but their fair prices top the list. They sell their well packaged Kratom powder at relatively low prices. It is not a surprise getting Kratom powder going for as low as 21 dollars. The most amazing part is that this vendor offers the products at the lowest prices without compromising their quality.

Special offers and coupons

Moon Kratom has a package to suit every potential Kratom product consumer. It is a one-stop-shop with everything you may require. They have their products well distributed with pocket-friendly prices to suit every consumer in the market. They always give discounts to every customer who makes a bulk order.

  • Buyers can get their coupon codes, which enable them to enjoy these great discounts. These codes exist to any buyer who makes an order through Moon Kratom newsletters. Their varieties and deals are not selective to both expensive and cheap Kratom products.
  • Besides, the wholesalers and retailers purchasing the Moon Kratom products are at liberty to order gift certificates for their family and friends.


Moon Kratom certainly has a good and strong reputation and image in the market. Most Kratom users who may have received their services often express their satisfaction. This reputation is on a higher degree attributed to their amazing customer services.

  • They have professional, courteous, and polite representatives who serve customers without hesitation. Their quality of products is also another major contributing factor. The vendor focuses on giving its customers value. Moon Kratom offers high-quality Kratom strains at affordable prices. Their supplied Kratom is said to be fresh, fluffy, light and powdered.
  • The overall experience of every Kratom products customer from this vendor is highly satisfying. This factor has, to a great extent, helped in building Moon Kratom’s reputation. Moon Kratom is now the leading and promising vendor for you.

Customer support

Contacting Moon Kratom customer service is always easy, a factor that has helped them build their positive reputation. They have outstanding customer services where their representatives respond to every inquiry made almost immediately. One can use a variety of ways to ensure access to their services and products. Emails, messages, and calls at any time are some of their common customer service access channels. Moon Kratom also has an active Facebook page. It is evident that customer satisfaction is a primary goal for this vendor. Looking at the testimonials and reviews given by their customers, the consumers give praises about the reliability and effectiveness of their customer services.

How to place an order

Visiting the official Moon Kratom website marks the first step. Then, search for the Kratom products that they need. Viewing the product is either under the option of “quick view” or “get more information” on the particular product.

How to buy Kratom

  • The customer then selects the quantity and the size of the packaging bag they wish to purchase. Upon completing this information, the customer should click on the “add to cart” tab.
  • The option of “add to wishlist” is also provided for the visitors who are not placing their orders at that moment, and saves the item for the later time.
  • After completing the shopping, click on the “cart” tab and move to the “checkout” page. Fill in personal information which entails the shipping and billing information.
  • Those who have discount codes should also enter them on this page. The customer should then fill in the payment information, and select the payment option to use from the selection accepted by the site.
  • Before clicking the “complete order” tab, the buyer should review the order to ensure every detail is correct. It is after verifying these details that the buyer completes the order and receives a confirmation code.
  • It is possible to monitor the order status for the number of days that the Kratom product takes before its delivery.


It is undeniable that Moon Kratom is one of the most trustworthy and preferred Kratom vendors. They offer high-quality, yet affordable strains. Moon Kratom has an excellent reputation and excellent customer services. Besides, every buyer has a variety of products to choose from, based on their needs and money. They have simple, easy, and efficient order-making process and fast shipment. Their responsive and professional customer support representatives address every issue raised and within no time. If you are in search of a perfect Kratom vendor, then your search is over because Moon Kratom is your best bet.

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