Kratom products are gaining acceptance as more users discover their different benefits in boosting their health. There are those factors that customers consider when buying Kratom strains, such as quality, affordability, and reliability of the vendor. With the latest findings of the uses and health benefits of Kratom strains, lots of nations have legalized these products, which makes most vendors sell the products online quickly. Therefore, it is paramount for any interested Kratom user to do their research on a vendors reputation before considering any of them.

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There is immense advancement in the online market, and so is the case with the many Kratom vendors who are strolling a tightrope amid gimmickry and legitimacy. Precious Mitre is among these trusted vendors. The company has a slogan that boldly declares its intention by any standards: leading the consumer of their products to a better life. They have their products used both locally and over their online market. If you need a Kratom vendor that is reliable and trustworthy, this review will offer great help to you in making an informed decision.

Kratom strains offered by Precious Mitre vendor

Trifecta/Green/White/S and V Blend

  • It is one of the best Kratom blends. It is made of a combination of the S&V and Plain leaves. This unique blend is not only excellent in taste but also healthy for an S and V blend. Consumers confess of feeling its effect in mood-lifting for some hours. After approximately forty-five minutes, the impact of this blend makes them get too strong sedation.
  • It implies that this unique blend is a perfect strain to counter insomnia. It is highly recommended that consumers should use this blend at night due to its sedation effect, not unless one consumes it in very insignificant dose.

White Vietnam

  • This product is one of the best white Kratom strains in the market. It has a short effect on the consumer, though it starts acting very fast upon consumption. It is made of a strict purification process of the healthy Kratom leaves.
  • The White Vietnam Kratom lovers attribute it to have a good mood boost effect which makes one have renewed energy. It is highly recommended for evening consumption after an unfortunate and depressing day.

Precious Mitre Products

Mitre Magic/Green/White Blend

  • This blend is made of a perfect mixture of Kratom strain. It is blended to consume at any social event for it gives the user all the confidence he/she may ever need. The blend provides a combination of mood lift, energy, and motivation without relaxing effects.
  • However, it might not be the most suitable strain for anyone with anxiety to consume for it may make the user over-anxious. This blend is considered a potent stimulating variety that may cause a person jittery. If in need of an energetic, exciting, mood-lifting, and motivating Kratom strain, this Precious Mitre blend is all you need.

Green Malay

  • It is one of the renowned Precious Mitre vendor strains. Its dosage determines the effects it gives to the user; therefore, it is on the consumers to adjust the dosages to get the impact they wish to experience. Taking high levels of Green Malay is known to have side effects, the likes of headaches and dizziness.
  • It is highly recommended for the consumer not to exceed six grams of Green Malay per uptake. More so, it is best used in the stimulation of mood lift short of relaxing effects domination. The Green Malay effects are more into giving an energetic boost. However, higher doses of this strain provide the user with a relaxed, lively mood enlivening effect.

Yellow Vietnam

  • Yellow Vietnam Precious Mitre strain is known for its mild effects. However, the mild impact is not an implication that this strain is weak. The Yellow Vietnam strain gives a calming and relaxation without creating much anxiety or stimulation.
  • Its uplifting effect is minimal. However, it is highly recommended to any consumer who wants to have a mild relaxation effect. Those in need of intense stimulation and uplifting feeling might have to consume higher doses of this strain.


  • Precious Mitre is an outstanding online Kratom vendor renowned for its supply of high-quality products. Every of their different Kratom strains is taken through a stringent quality assurance process. They warrant that their merchandise is free of foreign elements contamination, and the blends at the best ratios.
  • Precious Mitre has a unique way of packaging their products to ensure that there are pure, fresh, and uncontaminated. All the Precious Mitre strains are easy to use. A consumer needs to take them in dosages that perfectly suits their needs, a thing that makes most Kratom users fall in love with their products.

Most of the Precious Mitre competitors in the online vendor business have tried their best to beat most of their products in the market, but its proving impossible. They are making fully organic products. This vendor is not only called fantastic by their users but also Precious Mitre vendor. Fantastic is often considered a perfect word to describe this white and green strains. These Kratom strains users have praised the duration and quality of their extended effects. As a result, the vendor seems cautious enough to maintain this positivity in the market. They have to take every product through a rigorous testing procedure before sending it to the market.

Kratom Strain


Every Kratom strain or blend sold by Precious Mitre has its attached price tag. Nonetheless, the vendor has highly affordable products due to their reasonable pricing as compared to other online vendors. Their products are considered cheap in consideration of the quality they offer in the market. Every potential and frequent buyer is well catered for, with favorable prices for the quantity and strain type they wish to purchase. On average, a kilo of their products goes for $70. The fantastic aspect is that these cheap products are not in any way compromise in terms of quality.

Coupons and Discounts

The Mitre coupons and discounts are factors that make their customers buy their products in bulk. They often offer a coupon code to their buyers. The customer is supposed to input this unique code during the execution of their payment process. Often, they offer flash sales that come with a 20% discount, making the price of one kilogram of their products to cost $60 on average. This promo code saves a small fortune to the retail buyer, but a vast total fortune for the wholesale buyers. Besides, there are not criteria for giving these coupons and discounts, so every customer is viable.

Shipping and Returns

Convenience is a factor that has kept this vendor ahead of its competitors. They have a diversity of shipping alternatives.

  • Some of these options include and not limited to APO (Army Post Office), DPO (Fleet Post Office) and FPO (Diplomatic Post Office) military mails.
  • It implies that even the military personnel who are active in duty can make and receive their orders. Shipping takes a couple of days.
  • They package the products in air-tight containers to firmly secure it against possible forms of destructions.

Precious Mitre online Kratom vendor has a return policy that dictates that all the exchange and return request have to get submitted in 30 days after purchase. Failure to meet the given dateline, they consider all their sales finished. If one is not satisfied with their order, they are free to return the unopened and sealed items for exchange or full refund. Items that are opened or unsealed receive a store credit on return and after inspection. Any buyer who wants and trade or performance needs to initiate the process through the use of the official site contact form. On the form, one must include their names, item(s) to return, and the order number. The vendor-customer service representative will then contact the buyer to offer an RMA number and guidance for returning the item(s). The return/refund/exchange is only termed viable after strict adherence to the given instructions.

Kratom Blends


The company has won a considerable reputation and right image in the market. Much of these come from their quality of products, pricing, shipping process, return/exchange policy, and their customer services. They have representatives who are outstanding regarding their professionalism and handling of issues raised. The variety in their product blends is also a factor that has taken their reputation a notch high. The vendor seems to have recognized the importance of maintaining a positive reputation in the market to maintain its strong consumer base.


It is irrefutable that Precious Mitre is among the leading, most reliable, preferred, and trusted Kratom vendors. They blend their strains to make high-quality Kratom powder. Also, they dominate the market with their unique and variety of Kratom blends. In addition to the high-quality strains, their products are offered at affordable prices. The buyers make their order decisions based on their budget and needs. The process of making an order is straightforward and well supported on their safe and secure official website. Precious Mitre offers expedient shipping to their online customers. They have efficient return/refund/exchange policy which is professionally and efficiently handled by their customer service representatives. If you need an excellent Kratom strains vendor, Precious Mitre is all you need.

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