The first question that many Kratom users ask is “where to buy it online.” If you search for top Kratom vendors right now, you’ll come across dozens of results. You’ll see many websites claiming to be selling capable strains. But once you read through their reviews, you’ll notice that most of these vendors sell ineffective or harmful products.

Dealing with Kratom industry has, therefore, become challenging. And new users have a hard time finding reliable suppliers who’ll not make their experience regrettable. As such, it is understandable if someone remains skeptical about PurKratom. Even though this seller claims that its product quality is top-notch, but so do other vendors online. Therefore, the only way to determine whether this company indeed delivers high-quality products is by doing your research.

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And that’s what we did precisely. We’ve come up with this comprehensive review which will help one in making an informed decision on whether they should invest in PurKratom or not.

About PurKratom

It’s an American based company which distributes its products throughout the United States and Hawaii only. PurKratom has been around for quite some time, and it has earned an excellent reputation. Customers who’ve used its products before say that it’s an outstanding company which delivers quality and contamination-free substances.


  • All its products are processed from purely organic Kratom leaves that are free from harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. A third party also test that all the substance inside their packages is safe, legal, and most importantly, original.
  • Since PurKratom uses their products to treat anxiety and pain for its employees and even its founder himself, this makes them earn public trust easily. And shows that it’s not just about making sales alone, but they believe in what they’re selling as well.

Is Purkratom Legit?

Because of the numerous positive reviews, someone may wonder if it’s a legit company. Many vendors pay for fake reviews and have people making money from pushing their low-quality supplements. But, it’s not all about marketing for PurKratom. It’s a legit enterprise which gets their supply from Southeast Asia.

Purkratom Prices

They provide their customers with a variety of Kratom powders and capsules as well as natural sleep formulas and Joint supplements too. Here are some of their most effective and popular products:

Red Maeng Da Powder- $19.99

  • Red Maeng Da is a Red-veined strain. It’s mostly suitable for beginners. Maeng Da is originally from Thailand and is most effective in alleviating pain, increasing focus, reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and gives one better mood.

White Sumatra Powder- $19.99

  • White Sumatra is from Indonesia. Many people confuse it with White Indo strain. However, when consumed, it brings stimulating effects, which helps boost one’s energy levels and mental sharpness. The right recommended dosage is 4-6 grams.

White Bali Powder

  • White Bali strains also originate from Indonesia. Bali strains often bring stimulating and uplifting effects when consumed. They help with memory functions and overall improved mood. Beginners should take between 3-5 grams, since if taken in higher dosages can cause euphoric effects. PurKratom sells White Bali capsules at $16.99.

Premium Bali Powder

  • Premium Bali is a red-veined strain mostly useful for managing chronic pains. It’s also a mood emphasizer and can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Premium Bali capsules cost $16.99

Green Maeng Da Powder- $19.99

  • Green Maeng Da originates from Thailand and can be identified as a Green-veined strain. When used, it exhibits balanced effects. It can be used for improving people’s energy levels.

Purkratom – Placing an Order

To make your purchase, you must first create an account. Registration is straightforward and quick. Once you’re logged in, one can begin checking displayed products and select what they prefer. All products are visibly labeled with features and price. Also, note that this vendor only sells powder and capsules.

  • PurKratom’s powder is available in one pack size- 28grams- And one user can buy nine packs maximum in one order.
  • Kratom capsules are also available in one packaging size, packed in 50 capsules per box for all strains. And you can only order nine packs per purchase.

PurKratom Capsule

Purkratom Shipment Procedures and Customer Service

Fast delivery and exceptional customer service are things that make people buy from them. They even offer different mailings: first-class, priority, and express. With these mailings, customers get their products within three days, including land and air travel routes of your package. Inland shipments are free without any specific order limits.

Purkratom Return Policy and Payment Options

If one’s order doesn’t meet his or her expectations, they can return it within 30 days. But, bear in mind that you’ll bear the costs of sending your order back to the vendor. Once PurKratom receives your rejected product, they’ll send you a full refund.

  • One can pay using different payment options such as Credit cards, Debits Visa/ Master cards, and Discover Network.

Purkratom Discount Coupon Codes

Despite selling high-quality Kratom powder and capsules, this enterprise has been rewarding its loyal customers with care and proper responses. But, it also offers coupons and discounts for its clients. People can use these coupon codes and enjoy their discounted products. Some of these coupon codes offered include:

  • Shop 10%- get 10% discount sitewide
  • BF30- 305 discount on Friday sale
  • Deal Activated, no coupon needed- Free shipping
  • False- 15% discount

To use these coupons, click on any code button, highlight and copy that code, then enter it in your next order. After, click “apply” button and you can enjoy your discounted order.

Highlights of PurKratom

Purkratom Quality

When dealing with Kratom, quality is not something you’d want to gamble with. Cases of Salmonella contaminations have been reported. And many people have been left adverse nursing reactions that resulted from consuming contaminated strains. And apart from adverse effects, poor quality substances will waste your time and money as you won’t experience any benefits.

  • However, PurKratom has done almost everything to reduce customer’s worries in matters quality. Apart from getting its strains from Kratom’s native lands, they ensure that a third party tests all these strains.  Additionally, this vendor has an entire section of its website, which makes all lab tests results accessible by its customers.

Purkratom Variety

    • PurKratom has an extensive list of product selection. Individuals can find all popular and potent strains. We’ve already reviewed which ones they sell and mentioned that they’re categorized into capsules and powders. And, this company is dedicated to giving its customers a sense of different touch, it’s no wonder they’re always researching on different strains.

    Purkratom Free and Fast Shipment

      • After meeting certain thresholds, one gets free shipping of his/her orders. And as there are various mailings, they facilitate fast delivery of your items. Clients are again offered same-day shipping on all orders made before 3 PM EST on weekdays.

      PurKratom Natural Health Products

      Reasonable Prices and Multiple Payment Options

        Kratom powders are very affordable. But, capsules are slightly costly due to their packaging. However, one can avoid paying more for these capsules by purchasing Kratom powder and empty capsules and make Kratom capsules at home.

        • Clients are also offered coupons and other discounts that ensure they pay lower prices. And again, customers have various payment options provided, including crypto-currency and electronic checks.

        Multiple Purchase Options and Data Protection

        • Customers can purchase different strains at one time, all of which come in standard size packing. Even though there is a maximum limit, the products will still be enough for personal use. Again, personal details of all PurKratom’s customers aren’t shared by any third party.

        Purkratom Blog and Affiliate Programs

        • Although their affiliate program is a marketing strategy, still customers are treated to attractive deals, discounts, and commissions for those who’re new on this website. Plus, they have a blog which features articles on Kratom, its benefits, and uses.
        • This enlightens new users who don’t know much about Kratom, its capsules, and powder.

        Purkratom – The Downside

        There’s nothing much to say about PurKratom on this end as they strive in giving customers quality products and exemplary customer service. But, as they only sell capsules and powdered Kratom, it can be a limitation since some users prefer other forms. Also, this site has a disclaimer announcing that its products aren’t FDA evaluated. And even though that’s an honest revelation, it’ll be better if they seek a license for selling authentic goods. Also, they state that they don’t sell Kratom for its medicinal values. So one wonders, what exactly do they sell it for?

        How to Contact PurKratom

        You can find their contact details online on PurKratom’s website. But the company’s physical address is 9737 North West 41 ST #764 Doral FL 33178. You can also call the customer care line (+1-(800) 985-6429), which is available from 9 AM- 5 PM daily except on weekends.

        Final Thoughts

        From the discussion above, we can conclude that PurKratom is a reliable vendor. Their commitment to selling high-quality Kratom and even making their lab test results public is what makes many people purchase from them. Also, if user reviews are anything to go by, it’s fair to say that their product is legit, safe, and useful.

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