Kratom is an exotic plant which is bearing a lot of medicinal values. Most people of different continents have been using Kratom for many years for reduced pain and increased energy. In the westerner’s world, Kratom has been seen to be of a different kid on the block. Most people have information which is biased as people are all overusing it to assist in the process of curbing their various opiate withdrawals and escaping the addiction on heroin. Other individuals are using it to help in kicking the habits on the usage of coffee. Besides, some people have turned on the use of coffee for recreation purposes.

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There is a lot of materials and information all over the internet concerning Kratom. However, there is a need for being careful about what you read as most of the posted information is biased as it is written in a hurry to get money. Besides, most of the written report has been published by people who are selling Kratom and therefore ca tend to favor Kratom to get more customers. This happens in their best interest to help in promoting Kratom and talking on how important it is while paying less or no attention to the various side effects and its addiction potential.

If you have taken your time to go through this article, you may have a clue on what Kratom is. You may even have an interest in coming up with ways of solving the kratom problem. This article is therefore useful to you as it will be of importance in the process of answering all your kratom problems. Besides, it will help teach you all you wish to know on the way Kratom works primarily in the brain, reasons as to why it is addictive, and the ways on how to avoid using it when you feel less pain.

Experience with Kratom

A friend discovered Kratom while he was busy working as a carpenter as he was building a house in Oregon. He was one day busy talking to a coworker on the way he had recently got addicted to using coffee. He was staking 3-4 coffee cups daily and incase he delayed or forgot drinking them; he would end up experiencing a terrible headache as afternoon approached. His coworker gave him a suggestion that he should consider using Kratom as it would reduce his thirst for coffee. Kratom was new to him, but he slowly started using it.


On his way home, he passed through a store which was having a giant sign in a given window and was having these writings, “Kratom Sold Here.” He stopped and told the seller that he was there as he wanted to purchase Kratom. He tried to buy Kratom to help in determining whether it would help in kicking off the coffee habit. At that time, the government was considering making Kratom an illegal drug, and thus, the vendor was selling Kratom as a low price to finish the stock very fast. The friend, therefore, managed to get a kilo of Kratom at $ 100. He bought it though he did not have a transparent background on what it was.

The next morning, he woke up as usual and went to take his coffee. Next, to the coffee beans, he saw the big kratom bag he had purchased. He, therefore, decided that it was the best time to determine whether it was working. By good luck, it was working. He took a minimal dose and in 30 minutes was zooming all over the house as he was getting ready to leave for work. He admitted that he was feeling very high. Apart from having an energy boost from coffee, he realized Kratom was also capable of boosting his energy. He was therefore very excited on his way to work.

His feeling Lasted all day long. However, he was still affected for not taking coffee as he even experienced a headache. He took some ibuprofen, and it helped in reducing the headache pain. He followed the same routine for 30 days, and he managed kicking out coffee addiction in his body.

The reason as to Why Kratom is Addictive

Like most of the substances, people are putting into their bodies; some of these chemicals are having addictive properties. To understand the reason, there is a necessity the various effects Kratom is bearing inside the brain. There is, therefore, need for understanding how addiction is working and why multiple people are becoming addicted to various things.


Kratom Chemicals

Kratom is a plant which is native to Southeast Asia. People in this region have, for a long time, used it for a very long time for the process of managing opium withdrawal and pain. In the west part, Kratom is widely used by many people for self-management of present illness or getting a withdrawal from opioid drugs such as prescription painkillers and heroin.

Kratom is bearing over 20 very active ingredients. Two of the elements are hugely responsible for the immediate effects as well as addiction potential and tolerance. These two ingredients are Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. These chemicals are containing very many repercussions on one’s body. The most known effects include binding on the opioid receptor.

In standard and straightforward personal terms, this implies that these two chemicals in Kratom are acting similarly in the same way opiate is working in the brain. This is the main reason as to why opioids and Kratom are having similar withdrawal symptoms and similar effects.

The Fastest Way of Quitting Kratom

Cold Turkey

When it comes to the process of quitting the usage of anything, cold turkey is the fastest way. Using ‘Cold Turkey’ method implies the stoppage of kratom usage all at ago. Most people have been swearing that this is the best way to go as it happens at ago. Besides, it assists a person is throwing away stash and dealing with the problem head-on. Therefore, this is the best way of kicking the habit. However, this method is excruciating.

feeling sick

Depending on the duration was has been using Kratom, people take different times to cub it. The withdrawal symptoms may be intense to function anymore at the level you wish them to work. If you are incapable of dealing with 1-3 weeks of depression and feeling sick, consider the tapering method.

Tapering: Picking Your Comfort Level

Tapering is a method which is reasonable to help in quitting and reducing Kratom usage. The idea is straightforward. It involves carefully controlling the level of consumption, reducing the intake amount slowly until you end up stopping without experiencing unbearable withdrawal symptoms.

Tapering down this dose will be allowing your body time to adjust to change. It is a comprehensive strategy which doctors are using in weaning patients off for medications.

Tapering is involving self-discipline and careful planning. You will be using smaller doses compared to what you had gotten used to. You will, therefore, end up felling more severely than usual. If you are incapable of fighting the need to taking more, you may need to get someone who will be keeping you accountable. If you have enough Kratom and time, tapering down of the dose may be the best way of solving the problem on kratom addiction.


Right Taper

There are various ways of tapering the dose. The amount you will be reducing your dose in every step will be depending on how the body is reacting. There is a need for paying attention to the body. It will be communicating to you on whatever that is happening in the body. However, there may be existing outside factors which will be helping you in determining the length of the taper. Maybe you are going out on a given trip, and you will not require to carry Kratom with you. Besides, you may be having a drug test which is coming up for a given job. Whatever is the case, you may end up planning the taper all around these laid live events.

Is Quitting Kratom Hard for an Individual

Overcoming addiction is a very challenging task for any individual quitting using the cold turkey method may be the easiest way as you will not be worrying concerning doses regulation and all you will need is sticking to it over time. It is effortless to go a day or even two and end up finding yourself misinterpreting the need for quitting. This way, you may end up going back to past habits. Cold turkey is painful is, however very painful and may have a negative impact on one’s daily life. It is a big task and challenging to handle all by you. It can be hard to stay accountable all to yourself.

In case this is your case, there is a need for finding someone who will be holding you accountable. With the negative stigma operating around addiction, it is very understandable if you are not willing to share the obsession with family and friends. Therefore visit an online community as they will help you curb the habit

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