Red Maeng da is a sub type of Maeng Da. Maeng Da is one of the most famous strains of kratom. According to the users, it is known more it’s energizing effects rather than the sedating effects.

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Maeng Da is a Thai word which when translated to English means ‘pimp grade’!

Maeng Da has three leaf types: white Maeng Da, green maeng da and red maeng da. out which red maeng da is the one we would be focusing particularly on.

It has more active flavonoids and alkaloids which is the reason why this strain packs a punch.

Red Maeng Da’s specifications are the boost, stimulation, pain killer etc. However, it’s effect in each individual varies greatly according to one’s genetics, environment, and tolerance levels. Results vary greatly from farmer to farmer since proper cultivation practices are important to get the right amount of potency in the strain.

You can recognize red Maeng Da through its dark green color. Usually, the quality of Maeng da is recognized from its very green color. That means more the kratom is green, more alkaloid it contains and higher is the potency.

What’s so special about red in the Maeng Da gang!!

There are three different types of Maeng Da: red, green and white. According to users, red maeng da kratom leaves are more potent as compare to other strains.

This is one of the reasons for its popularity amongst the kratom community. Even the effects of red Maeng Da are very long lasting.

It would make you a fan if are into fast kratom. The effects are observed to be kicking in within 5 to 10 minutes.

It is ideal for people suffering from fibromyalgia or CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome). Also for the people suffering from arthritis or chronic lower back pain.

It is more effective at a lower dosage which means it is less likely to build tolerance or addiction compared to the rest of the strains.

The active dose is generally 1-2 grams.

AND it is ideal for treating opiate withdrawal symptoms as well.

Common effects of red Maeng Da kratom_

Common effects of red Maeng Da kratom:

The effects of red Maeng Da are quite unique to it. It has pain relief property and at the same time help in focus and clarity. It works strongly on the anxiety, mood and energy levels. Generally, effects are noticed within 5 to 10 minutes of taking this strain of the kratom.

Following effects are noticed are taking red Maeng da kratom:

Mood enhancement:

It provides happy, enthusiastic and euphoric feeling which directly impacts the motivation to work.


Due to the high potency of red Maeng, it fills you up with energy to get past your day flawlessly.


The euphoria and energy that you get from red Maeng da help you pull out of depression. It is a good and natural alternative to dangerous anti-depressant medicines.


It is quite a stimulating strain. Even stronger than coffee. This is due to the alkaloid content found in the red Maeng Da. Most users describe the effects as calm and euphoric at lower doses. And at higher does it is observed to give sedating effects. Red Maeng Da directly impacts the delta opioid receptor in small quantities while it affects the mu opioid receptors when taken large quantities, which explains the reason for the variation of effects when taken in small and large quantities.

Pain killer:

Red Maeng Da is very potent which gives it strong pain-relieving properties. Hence it is considered an alternative to painkiller drugs with almost zero side effects. It is particularly helpful in joint pains and arthritis.

Boost motivation:

This may be to the energy boost. But it is reported to help people get shit done. The feeling is described to be happy, euphoric and a strong desire to the work.

Addiction withdrawal:

This strain is very helpful in opiate withdrawal symptoms.


It helps relaxation and at the time does not lead to sedation. The mind is described as calm and focused.

Possible side effects:

Besides being a natural and chemical free product, some people might notice some mild side effect (which of course varies from individual to individual). Some of the side effects that are possible to occur in some people are social anxiety, stress, insomnia, dry mouth, increased urination, loss of appetite and constipation.

Dosage: red maeng da dosage should be very specific. The results may vary greatly with a slight alteration in quality. It is advisable to start with low red maeng da dosage. It is quite an effective strain, so you don’t need a higher dose to see the effects (People start noticing the results even as low as 1g dosage). And then slowly and gradually start increasing the dose till you reach your optimum level.

You should always measure the kratom powder before taking or you can even use pre-calculated red Maeng da kratom capsules. While taking capsules just keep in mind that there is a proper description of the packing of the contents and quantity of material in the capsules.


Which kratom of Maeng Da to go for: red Maeng da or other ones?

With such a great variety of strains and then sub categories of each strain, it may get confusing and overwhelming to decide which ones to go for and which one to avoid or even which ones to try first!

Obviously, it is not possible to try all of them at once. The simple solution here is to know what you want out of kratom experience. Is it that you want some relief from your chronic pain? or you’re taking it for its stimulating effects?? or to be motivated to get shit done???….

Whatever the result of want at last, just be very precise of what you want and then start the search of the appropriate strain that can help you achieve that…

  • Say if you want to be motivated throughout the day to get things done, white vein kratom would be awesome to start with.
  • Or if you’re looking to get some relief from the physical that you’re suffering, then red Maeng Da has a good history of knocking that off!
  • for relaxation and soothing effects, Green vein would work well

So there was a quick guide about red Maeng da kratom. If there are any further question do let us know!

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Darla Morey · September 20, 2019 at 9:58 pm

Been taking red Maeng Da for two years its completely sedating and pain relieving Thank God!

Lynn · September 25, 2019 at 8:40 pm

I’m experiencing terrible FM/CF pain, and wondering how often I can take the Red Maeng Da. I usually use ‘as needed’ and have needed another dose…
Thank you!

Dustin · October 3, 2019 at 5:35 am

does anybody have first hand knowledge of anybody getting liver/heart damage due to Kratom? Helps tons with my shoulder/back pain seems too good to be true

Arlene Downer · October 22, 2019 at 1:32 am

Just got the Red magea Da red strain & was so excited about it I was thi nking of being a distributor for The Golden Monk.Can you give me any in info.

Rose vanalphen · November 13, 2019 at 2:01 am

Not sure which one I want!looking for energy and a pain reliever?

    tbuds · January 13, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    Hey there just putting this as first hand experience. If you want pain reliever and energy defiantly go with red maeng da to start out. Pain reliever effects are so strong but it also kicks you in to gear with the energy effects. I would start low in doasage so you don’t become immune to the effects quickly. I’ve been taking Kratom for years now and if you want specifically pain relief thats sedative then go for bali or gold bali. Green maeng da is awsome for energy at small doses (2-4 grams) but does help quiet nicely when taken in large doses (4-7 grams) another great one to try is red thai for energy and pain releiver. Its cousin green thia is more energy than pain reduction but must take more to get the correct effect. Always start low on doasges not because it saves you kratom but if taken to much it can make you really sick and turn you away very quickly. Also keeping it at a low dosage will help you to keep tolerance low which is KEY when taking kratom for extended times. Red maeng da or red thai is my go to for work for pain and energy, and gold bali is my go to for when i get home for rest and pain. Never try whats called train wreck because its such a vast mixture of kratom and effects you will be sick with side effects. Always try one at a time until you get a feel for what each strain can do for you. Stay green my kratom loving friends and for lifes sale enjoy your life. Even with pain and fatigue there are natural ways of eleviating them. Have fun out there. FYI – stay away from pre packaged kratom if you can, try and get a shop that buys directly from the source in kilos and repackages it because the pre pqckaged stuff can be years old and cause undesirable or no effects. Live love grow

Aj · January 18, 2020 at 8:48 am

Can anyone tell me if they have used the red maeng da to get off of opioids?

    Brandy · January 25, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    I use a variety of them to keep my opiate withdrawals away. The problem is that there is a cross tolerance so if you’re used to taking high dosages of narcs then you will need a higher dose of Kratom. I started out taking 8gms first thing in the morning and then redosing around 2pm and then I take a full spectrum or a red at 4gm to help me sleep. I’m going on 10 days with no narcs and I’m fine!

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