Organic products made from kratom plants are currently becoming popular, especially in the treatment of a wide range of ailments. As a result of this popularity, you will notice that many vendors sell different organic products throughout the globe. Serenity Botanicals is among the best and reputable online sellers in the organic market due to its professionalism in the business, as well as high-quality products. Serenity Botanicals is generally an online shop which sells quality botanical products such as

  • tea powders,
  • organic bathing soaps,
  • shower products,
  • lotions,
  • essential oils,
  • mood-enhancing blend teas,
  • and many other great products.

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The company intends to provide high-quality organic products to consumers at the best possible prices. If you would like to purchase these organic products, you can utilize promo codes, working coupons, and discount codes to receive instant offers. This detailed review will give you all the useful information you need to know about. Serenity Botanicals help you judge whether it is a worth sampling or not when looking for a trustworthy vendor.

Available products

The professionalism of Serenity Botanicals is one of the main aspects that make this online company different from other ethnobotanical stores and online vendors. This one-stop store offers you an enjoyable purchasing experience with all its proficient deals. They also provide a wide range of different varieties of organic products because they are well aware of the diverse needs and preferences of their customers. Here are some of the best products as well as a list of categories you will find once you visit Serenity Botanicals’ website.

Serenity Botanicals Bath and body

  • Gifts and Baskets Collection
  • Botanical Collection
  • Extract Collection
  • Mood Collection
  • Tea Blend Collection
  • Wellness Collection
  • Relief Collection
  • Focus Collection
  • Essential Oils
  • Tea Powder
  • Organic Loose Tea
  • Organic Lotion
  • Organic Castile Liquid Soaps
  • Organic Bath and Body
  • Functional Beverages such as Slim Roast, Trim, Energy, and Immune Boost


Serenity Botanicals was founded with a strong commitment to extending the significance of organic kratom products made to the highest quality. The owners of the company itself were the first users of the organic products manufactured by the company. Before they decided to share them with the whole world to ensure more lives are healthier and happier as well.

  • Apart from its primary objective to give individuals more access to a wide variety of health products in the marketplace, Serenity Botanicals also intends to be incredibly consistent in manufacturing potent, effective, and pure organic products.
  • That also adds on to the assurance that its massive pool of customers will get and enjoy all the maximum results along with numerous health benefits upon consuming Serenity Botanicals products.
  • Serenity Botanicals upholds excellent industrial practices and have worked pretty hard to attain their industrial practices certification. All their products undergo thorough lab testing to ensure pure organic products which are safe for human consumption.
  • They employ different professionals as well as other regulatory bodies to ensure that all their processes and practices are as per the required standards in the country.

Some of the essential tests carried out include heavy metals testing and microbial safety tests to ensure that all the products offered are safe for consumption. Serenity Botanicals stands out from the many organic products vendors who package low-quality products without caring about the harm their products might cause to the users. This online company has the best interests at heart for all their customers. So, they always ensure that all the organic products they deliver to consumers are of high quality.

Serenity Botanicals


Serenity Botanicals pricing is moderate. Generally, there are some expensive essential products, but in most cases, consumers enjoy cheap deals when purchasing organic products. The product prices might fluctuate from time to time, but it is up to you to remain on the lookout for times when the prices are favorable to purchase a given product. At times, it’s challenging to keep track of the pricing of different organic products globally. However, it is different from Serenity Botanicals because they invest a lot of time and effort to make sure that the prices of their natural products remain moderate.

  • If you are new to the kratom products community, Serenity Botanicals welcomes you with 10-gram sample packs for only $2.99. That’s around three bucks for what would initially go for approximately ten dollars in the global marketplace.
  • That’s an excellent choice for the neophytes because they can affordably and safely try out a particular strain without the fear of getting stuck with a lot of powdered products that they might not like.
  • One ounce of different kratom powders goes for $6.99 only, which is still below the market value. You can also get six ounces for $29.99 only, which is also incredible when compared to the average prices in the kratom industry.
  • Although Serenity Botanicals kilos are not precisely on the cheapest end of the entire spectrum at $129.99, the company is undoubtedly low when you compared it to most online sellers.

Discounts and coupon codes

Discounts and coupon codes are also available at this online store site. You can also enjoy shopping for everything you want and enjoy reduced payments during your last checkout. If you’ve some discount treats and working coupon codes ready. Apart from the advantage of shopping with discounts and coupon codes during your purchases, you will discover that all the price tags are incredibly affordable than most online stores. If you have the budget and you’re planning to go on a shopping fling, you probably won’t need any coupon codes at all.

Payment methods

Most online vendors have a wide variety of standard payment options, and Serenity Botanicals is not different. The online company provides customers with multiple payment methods when it comes to paying for their products orders. Some of these methods include

They don’t have any specific method which is preferred over the others, so it is up to you to use any of the payment options mentioned here. This variation of the payment methods is usually a relief to the prospective customers who prefer using less popular choices such as e-checks and many other options. Hopefully, this payment information will be of great help to any current and prospective Serenity Botanicals customer when it comes to their payment process.

Serenity Botanicals Products


Serenity Botanicals have an efficient delivery system for all the local orders. All the products orders are delivered within the shortest time possible, a factor which has made them one of the most preferred organic products vendors. The company has an international delivery system as well, which is incredibly convenient for all international customers. All their natural products are packed in airtight containers before shipment to make sure their overall quality is well-maintained during the process of delivery.

  • The entire shipment process is pretty simple for every potential customer to understand. Most of the significant shipping processes in Serenity Botanicals are done through Priority Express and Priority options available via USPS.
  • This entire process is usually fast, secure, and reasonably cheap. On the maximum side, the delivery settlement takes around three days. All the tracking information is made available when your transaction gets completed.

Customer service

Serenity Botanicals’ customer representatives are generally fast, professional, friendly, and incredibly responsive. These employees are always ready to assist new buyers with information and offer the best support possible. Besides, Serenity Botanicals has maintained an excellent reputation due to its skilled and courteous support staff. Just like many other online vendors who sell essential organic products, Serenity Botanicals offers email contact and Live Chat platform for all their customers. The company allows buyers to send their queries regarding all their organic products, packaging, or to express any grievances. Serenity Botanicals offers immediate response to questions and resolves all the problems in the shortest time possible.


Once you visit the store of this online site, you will instantly bump into a wide range of essential products which will come into view in different categories. One of the best things about purchasing your essential health products at Serenity Botanicals one-stop store is the fact that you will be getting more than enough choices to consider before making your purchase. That is one of the healthy ways of shopping that not only allows you to better decide more on the essential products which will be your best picks, but it’ll also make you a wiser budgeter because you will have more opportunities to compare the benefits and pricing as well.


If you have been looking for high-quality organic products at unbeatable prices, then Serenity Botanicals is the best place to check. They offer an array of natural organic products to suit the different needs of different customers. Serenity Botanicals stands out in various aspects. They are both a professional wholesaler and retailers of essential organic products at affordable prices. The company offers advanced and incredibly hassle-free services and high-quality products. When it comes to savings and customer satisfaction, this online vendor is a great option. You will get a lot of value for your money, and you will be more than happy with their services. All these factors make Serenity Botanicals a great shopping site for both existing and prospective customers. If you need high-quality, smooth, and fast delivery of essential health products, then Serenity Botanicals is your best bet.

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