This is a common question that you will hear beginners ask. It is a reasonable concern that when properly handled, one is likely to be exposed to the usage of kratom. Remember, kratom can be used for its medicinal value as well as for sensation effects. Therefore, if you take it in the wrong way, you can experience results that you are not even interested in. It could also harm your life. As critical as this concern is, it will be misleading to tell you to either use it after a meal or before meals. The answer is dependent on many factors that should be first understood before a stand can be taken. Let me break this article into two. The first portion is taking kratom on a full stomach, and then the other sect is taking kratom on an empty stomach. After comparing the two options, we will be in a position to conclude.

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Taking kratom on a full stomach

A full stomach, in this case, is just that stomach that has been fed, and the digestion process is not complete or has not even started. When kratom is taken at such a condition, the effects will still be felt, but then the kratom user will have to be patient enough to wait. It can even take as long as one hour to get to fruition. This means that if you have a condition that needs to be sorted immediately by the kratom dose, you are most likely to be disappointed by the wait. Therefore, depending on the effects you want to realize, you can take the kratom as soon as you have just eaten but been ready to wait. If you have to boost the results, then you should take some light food then go-ahead to take your kratom dose.

Kratom right use

Should I take kratom while eating?

A concerned kratom user might have to ask this very question concerned about what he or she can do wisely to get kratom to effect while at the same time not violating the law of drugs that they should never be taken on an empty stomach. Well, it would be wrong if this article does not answer such a level of curiosity.

  • The answer to this question is no. when you take kratom. It should be attached to the digestive tract to allow absorption to be effective. If you take it while eating, you will be creating a lot of competition between the food and the kratom to be absorbed. In return, the kratom you have taken you not be fully consumed.
  • The right amount will be discharged as a waste product. This will hinder you from experiencing the effects, and in turn, you will feel like taking another dose. With this, you will be heading towards overdose or tolerance since you will not be sure the amount of kratom that your body needs.

Taking kratom on an empty stomach

An empty stomach, in this case, refers to that state of the stomach when all the food that you have taken is already digested completely. The best time to define this state is when you have just woken up in the morning, and you have taken any food. At that time, there is no food in your stomach to be digested. Of course, this is when you have not taken food in the middle of the night. Generally, it takes between three to six hours to have food in the stomach to be fully digested.

  • On the start, it could be very wrong for me to advise anyone to take kratom on an empty stomach directly. I am not reasoning based on a medical point of view but rather from experience. If you take kratom on an empty stomach, you will feel some side effects that are going to work against you.
  • Every kratom user will tell you that when they took kratom on an empty stomach, they ended up feeling nausea, stomach upset, and other complications. You don’t deserve such. However, if you are strong enough to bear with the side effects, then we can go on and find out what to expect when you take kratom on an empty kratom.
  • Taking kratom on an empty stomach can give you the fastest result. This is because there is nothing in the body to interact with your kratom. It is, therefore, directly exposed to the lining of the stomach, and so it can be absorbed freely.

when take kratom

  • There is nothing that acts as a hindrance to the absorption. If anything, the results are like 100 percent of intake. This is why a person exposed to this will enjoy the effects very intensely. As said before, the kratom on an empty stomach may lead to unwanted side effects.
  • Taking about the time duration, kratom taken on an empty stomach takes about 15 to 30 minutes to have the effects kick in. This is an extended period. Otherwise, the timing may range from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the strain of kratom used. Strains like Maeng da kratom might kick in very fast than Bali kratom.
  • Additionally, the state to which you choose to take the kratom might also make that time longer or fast. For instance, when you take the kratom in resin form, the effects might be faster. It is, however, very unbearable to have your kratom on an empty stomach in resin form. I would recommend that you don’t think about this. Your health is more important than the pleasure you are going to get when taking kratom.

If you are in a position that you need that kratom with an immediate effect, then you might be tempted to take this direction in taking kratom. What is unfortunate is that you must be prepared to handle the results. The secrete that most kratom users who have used this method report that you can take that dose and wait for the few minutes for it to bring its effects. Once you start experiencing the effects, you can go on and take your meals. You can choose a heavy meal or just the light one as you prefer. You don’t have to stay on that empty stomach for long. You will be suffering instead of experiencing the effects you desired.

What, therefore, can be considered the best time for the kratom dose?

Having reviewed the experience on an empty stomach and a full stomach, you could be there wondering which time is safer. As we can compare both the options, I think you can bear with me that the best time to take kratom is when you have just taken some slight meal. This seems an ideal option for you. The results are that it is not going to give you the effects immediately.

Best Time to take kratom

At the same time, you are not going to feel the side effects. I don’t think there is ever an emergency to use kratom. You know the impact that you want to experience. It is not a life and death situation, especially when you are taking your dose for stimulation. You can make your calculation so that you take your kratom at the right time so that you get the effects when you need them.

Kratom Reddit

Whenever talk about debatable issues about kratom, I cannot end it without giving my audience a chance to interact with other kratom users. The point about kratom has lots of issues that making one conclusion for the whole generation would be relevant to some but very misleading to others. This is why whenever you are not sure about the direction to take, you ought to check out how the same issue is on other people’s lives.

As a kratom user, therefore, it would be wrong of you to operate individually without other kratom users. Kratom is being used worldwide, and so you got to join the kratom community. Therefore, you can have your own kratom Reddit account. With this, you will have an easy time sharing what you are going through. If you are having problems with taking kratom before a meal or after a meal, then you can share that experience on the platform. You might be lucky to have one who has overcome the situation. The issue is that there is no specific advice that can be given to all people to deal with a particular issue.


You are a special kratom user. You got to deal with yourself as a unique being. Therefore, you can settle for what can work best for you. Do not take something only because someone else is taking it. However, if you are a beginner, you should ensure that you take kratom when you have just taken a light meal. You might not manage the side effect of taking kratom on an empty stomach. At the same time, you don’t want to waste your kratom on a full stomach. If you are an expert, then you can choose what works best for you. Whatever you go for, ensure you take enough water to avoid dehydration.

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