Kratom is a natural herb that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because of its fantastic health benefits. The origin of kratom is South East Asia, but it has now spread to other parts of the world, including the US.  Many vendors specialize in kratom and its products. Buyers can enjoy the numerous benefits of this herb by dealing with licensed, reputable online vendors of kratom extracts and other organic herbs. Soul Speciosa is on one of the best vendors that sell genuine, quality products in the US.  This post is going to highlight the vendor’s consumer reputation, products, shipping policy, pricing, and more.

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An Overview of Soul Speciosa Company

Soul Speciosa Company is based in Los Angeles, CA.  The available reviews show that they are the best online dealers of fresh, high-quality kratom extracts. Their main objective is providing her customers with pure, raw organic kratom at competitive prices. They have a customer-friendly website that re-routes their customers to their online store.  This vendor has been stepping up their game and taking the necessary measures to ensure that their customers get high-quality and contaminated products.

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For this reason, all its products are tested in the labs for purity.  This vendor is known for going beyond and above to delivering amazing products. The raw materials used in making their kratom extracts are also tested to make sure that is not contaminated.

Soul Speciosa Company is one of the main supporters of the America Kratom Association (AKA). This is a non-profit body that is committed to ensuring the customers get the best products.  They also play a significant role in preserving the future of kratom in the US.

Which Products Do They Offer?

This is the best place whether you can get various strains of pure, fresh kratom.  They offer different types of products ranging from 100%, pure kratom extracts to kratom powder, and beginner strains.  They also provide kratom powder to their customers.

The following are their main caps and powders.

The super enhanced Maeng Da Thai is their best strain.  Maeng Da, which is popularly known as Pimp Daddy in some areas, is another most popular product offered by this vendor.  Most customers report that this product is stronger than the other strains of kratom found on the current market.   This vendor has been taking a step further to ensure that it popular super-enhanced Thai kratom extract is incredible and affordable. With this strain, you need to take a few grams to achieve the desired effects. This is what makes it so popular than the typical Thai strains.

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User-Friendly Website

This website has an easy to use website where its customers can place their orders. You can also get the phone contact and email address by visiting the company website. Anyone who has an issue when placing an order should contact the company’s customer support team. Again, this is the best place where you can get crucial information about available discounts and promotions on particular products. Their customer’s data is handled securely and safely.


This vendor has been offering quality strains of kratom at affordable prices.  The average cost for their 28 powder is $9.55 while that of 56g is $16.55. They also have another packet for 112g that goes for $ 28.95.  Their powdered extracts are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive in the market. The only issue with this vendor is that they do not have bulk kratom- They do not offer half kilos or kilos.  The average cost of their 28g capsules is $14.99, while that of the liquid extract sells goes for about $ 19.99.   Their liquid kratom products are packed in 90mg bottles.

How to Use Their Coupon Code

As mentioned earlier, all their products are quite affordable, but they also offer special discounts to suit the needs of their customers.  They have a prompt that greets their customers when they visit the company’s website. Customers who visit their homepage are required to enter their email addresses to receive their special offers or deals as they purchase their favorite products.

Customer Service and Shipping

Once you place your order on the company’s website, your products will be disbursed the same day. Their shipping is done via UPS.  Orders whose value exceed $99 are shipped for free the following day to ensure that their customers receive fresh products promptly. These products are well-sealed to avoid any damage or prevent contamination.

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Customers who want to get in touch with this vendor can either mail them or call their office, number, a-1-800 number that is provided on the contact form.  To enhance service and delivery, this vendor has employed a team of dedicated, knowledge, and prompt staff.  They are always willing to assist their customers who want to inquire about specific products.

Their Return Policy

Customers are free to return the product received is they are not satisfied with them. However, you should be very careful not to interfere with the seal since they do not accept any item that is opened.

Their Additional Perks

This company has a 5-tier loyalty program that allows its customers to unlock some benefits when they buy products from this vendor.  This includes five percent for products whose value is $ 500 or more.  In addition to this, their loyal customers are eligible for weekly promo codes of up to 70%.  They also have a 10% discount program for customers who have been following them on social media.  Furthermore, they have a rewarding affiliate program where influencers are rewarded points when they share their links on their websites, blog videos, or posts.

Customer Experience

Some reviewers have shared the experience of customers who have purchased or used the products offered by this vendor.   Most buyers who have purchased kratom extracts provided by this vendor report that they are satisfied with the product’s quality and consistency.  Their products are effective and very potent.

Soul Speciosa Kratom benefits

Those who started ordering small amounts of Green Malay have started trying the other strains as well. Regarding their pricing, their products are quite affordable. Users of the famous Super Green Malay report that it makes them feel more energetic and relaxed. The energetic side depends on the amount of the dose taken.  In addition to this, this strain is excellent for mood lift and social interactions.


From our discussion, we can conclude that Soul Speciosa is one of the most reliable online vendors that specialize in high-quality, pure, and fresh kratom extracts. All their powders and capsules are affordable. Their products are safe for use since they do not cause any harmful effects on the user’s body. Individuals who want to try their products can place their orders on the company’s website.

They have a ready customer service team that is willing to help their customers in placing their orders or respond to their inquiries.  Both new and regular customers should visit our website to check out on special discounts.  Most customers report that products offered by this vendor are smooth, calming, and relieving. We have also seen that this vendor provides a wide variety of fantastic kratom capsules and powders that buyers can choose from.

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