Kratom has different strains one of them is super green Malay kratom, that is again the prepared from the leaves of Kratom tree. After reading the name, you would have got an idea that these leaves are found in Malaysia, and the tree is scientifically called Mitragyna speciosa.

green malayred maeng dakratom capsules

The name green is not because of the color of the leaves, but it is because of the color of the veins of the leaves. One of the unique things about Super Green Malay Kratom is that its composition is entirely diverse from other Kratoms.

Super Green Malay Kratom is a very popular and useful herbal treatment for pain relief, energy booster, and mental calmness.

Different From Other Kratom

You might be thinking that the word Super that is added before the name is just a marketing strategy, but don’t get it wrong this word comes because of the process that is involved in the harvesting of this end product.

Alkaloids are the main component that decides the capability of the Kratom to enhance mood and other health benefits, so farmers collect the largest leaves of the tree as it contains more volume of alkaloids.

Other strains of Kratom are also known to have efficiency in stimulating the brain, but out of all the strains Super Green Malay Kratom is known to be smoothest. This makes it the best choice of medication for the victims of pain or for the people who are facing problems with mood swings.

Moreover, the effect of the medication is changed in a very gradual way, which is not the same as other Kratom. Green strains are considered as one of the miracles of the nature that provided so much of benefits without having any side effects.

These Kratom have the capability of providing notable enhancement in the energy with a positive mood. As per the studies combination of these effects can be experienced only by using Super Malay Green Kratom. So, we can just say that it behaves according to the name. There are many positive effects for which these Kratom are typically used, some of them are mentioned below.

some positive effects of green Malay kratom

  •  Energy supply for the whole day
  •  Complete relaxation to the mind and increased concentration
  •  Efficient pain relief in joints and muscles.
  •  Complete relaxation from stomach pain, stress, chronic pain, and anxiety
  •  Helps in attaining regular sleep cycle
  •  Regulates normal blood pressure
  •  Enhanced mood and positive feeling the whole time.
  •  Helps in attaining self-confidence and communication.
  •  One of the best anti-oxidants available in the market.
  •  Has the capability of increasing the immunity of the body.

Let us discuss some of the effects that can be experienced with the use of Super Green Malay Kratom.

What different side effects this kratom can cause

As per the feedback from the people till now nobody has experienced any kind of serious side effects, but there are some chances of side effects as mentioned below.

  • Giddiness.
  • Light vomiting.
  • Bit of excess sweating.
  • One may feel trembling.
  • For some time there may be a loss of appetite.
  • Vision may not be clear for some time.
  • One may feel a slight headache for some time.

If you search through the internet about kratom products, then you will be surprised to see that The Super Green Malay Kratom is the product that is highest in getting positive reviews from the users. It is a kind of strain that can be introduced to the beginners also without any fear.

Even technology is helping people from around the world in getting their share of kratom through online stores. Online stores have become the latest destination when one can easily buy the Super Green Malay Kratom at cheap rates and get the product delivered at the doorsteps.

There can be severe side effects if consumed improperly or if you do overdose. Green strains are one of the very few products who get these many positive and good reviews.

So, If you want to know about its benefits you can try them. Cost of the green strains makes it affordable to familiar people also.

Green Malay Kratom dose and effects

Green kratom as Energy Booster

All the kratom provide energy to the consumer, but only green kratom releases the heat in the smoothest way as other kratom release energy in a burst. This also helps to retain steady energy throughout the day. However, an increase in the dosage of the same can also have sedation effects.

Even during the ancient time people living in the forests used to consume kratom leaves to have steady energy levels that helped them in hunting their food. Today with globalization and development the same kratom is available to everyone around the globe. Other strains like red vein do not have this property and consuming the same may have an opposite effect.

Usually, it is best to have kratom powders on an empty stomach as it works better in this way or else if you have already consumed your food then you need to wait at least for 3 hours. The process of digestion will delay the release of energy from kratoms, and you will not get the complete benefit of consuming kratoms.

How green kratom help in different dimensions

How Best green Malay kratom work as Pain Killer

Pain relief is also one of the leading characteristics of all kratoms, but green vein leaves are the most efficient in this segment. The main reason is the lack of sedation effect that saves a lot of energy. This is the main characteristics of the green kratoms that made it so famous.

The working mechanism of kratom is also excellent as it has the capability of blocking opiate receptors which prevents any signals related to the pain to be sent to the brain.

There are many painkillers available in the market,, but green kratoms are natural medication without any serious side effects. Today, a majority of the populace prefer to use natural treatments rather than other chemical drugs.


One of the worst feelings one can have in his or her life is anxiety that always brings trouble, and it leads to a more complex situation called nervousness.

Anxiety is a state of mind when you don’t feel confident about anything in you or you do, which can affect your job, and your health. However, studies have found out that kratoms have the capability of suppressing anxiety.

The reaction between chemicals inside the brain and alkaloids are responsible for such a positive outcome.


Depression is a medical condition when one person does not feel happy regardless of the situation or place. Let you take the person to a comedy show or a movie or a beautiful place

. It is a state of mind when the victims just think about ending life and is considered very dangerous. Super green Malay kratom is very helpful in such conditions, and it helps the victim in enhancing the mood and feel calm.

This also shows that green kratoms have the capability of positively communicating with neurotransmitters inside the brain.


One of the main reason for the massive popularity of Super green Malay kratom is because of its high efficiency in providing relief from anxiety and stress.

Unlike other kratoms, it does not have sedation effects, and so consumption of the same will not have any adverse impact on your daily routines. You will not even know when anxiety and stress were squeezed out of your body.

De-addiction Medication

You would be surprised to know that people in Thailand use Kratom leaves as the medication that can get rid of addictions from opium, heroin, and morphine.

Today, drug addiction has become one of the major concerns for the governments of every country and the majority of our younger generation is getting addicted to it. However, the use of kratom leaves not only help in reducing the cravings for the drugs but it also stops the withdrawal symptoms to occur.

Today, many people and non-profit organizations are creating awareness about kratom leaves and its benefits, so that more people can be saved from the clutches of drug addiction.

Enhancement of mood

Presence of two alkaloids namely 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine makes super green Malay kratom as the perfect solution for the enhancement of the mood. Consumption of this kratom will keep you positive throughout the day. It is also popular for consistent performance every time it is consumed without any kind of serious side effects.

Powerful Anti-Oxidants

The term Super seems very small when compared to the benefits we get from the green strains. One of those benefits is they act as a powerful anti-oxidant, destroy damaged cells and also increase body immunity.

As the green kratoms have the highest number of alkaloids, it also has the capability to help in fighting with various kinds of cancers. These kratoms are used in Malaysia for centuries and today people even from other parts of the world have got the opportunity to experience the benefit of the same leaves.


Today there are many people who suffer from sleep-related issues called insomnia. This is a condition when the person is not able to sleep properly or will have interrupted sleep.

This is a very serious problem for a person does the job that needs a lot of focus and alertness like driver and heavy crane operators.

Many people have reported that consumption of kratom leaves have helped them in fighting off insomnia and they are now able to get proper sleep.

Even scientific studies have proved that kratom leaves have the capability of treating insomnia without any kinds of side effects. However, medical experts have also opined that kratom leaves should not be consumed for a longer duration as an aid for the sleep as it can cause addiction.

Weight Loss

Yes, you are reading right, kratom leaves have the capability of naturally increasing your metabolism and reducing your excess weight without any side effects or addiction.

The best part of consuming kratom of weight loss is that all the energy needed by a person is supplied by the strain and so one can quickly go for a hard or strict diet without any issues.

Many people have experienced a loss of the appetite, and so they can follow strict diet helping them in reducing weight in a very short time. Super green Malay kratom also has the capability of keeping the person happy, and we all know a happy person will be healthier.

Sexual Intimacy

There is no official confirmation about this majority of super green Malay kratom users have found that use of this strain has helped them in improving their sexual intimacy and performance.

This is considered as one of the very few medications that help in the enhancement of sexual experience in both males and females without any adverse effects.

Dosage Information of super green Malay kratom

It is one of the most potent strain so you should be careful while consuming it as an overdose may call for some side effects. Usually, if the person is consuming for the first time, then 1 to 3 gram is the ideal dosage, and for regular person 2 to 6 is the right dosage depending upon the physical condition.

One thing should always be remembered while consuming Super green Malay kratom that if you want relaxing or sedative effect then you can consume higher dosages, but if you want to have an energetic effect that you should always opt for smaller dosages.

Consumption of green strain is very simple as you can just take the right dosage through a spoon and then drink some water with it or any other kind of fluid. This effect is known to be most effective and works faster. There are some people who like to mix the powder with tea, coffee or juice as they don’t like the taste of the powder.

Green kratom is prepared from the leaves of the most significant size, which means it will have more alkaloids to make it more sufficient than other strains, but then also it has better taste compared to other strains.

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