If have you been looking for an online vendor that is specialized in selling various types of botanicals, then you are in the right place.  Super Speciosa is known for offering fresh, lab-tested, organic products.  Its high-quality botanicals are pure and 100 percent safe for consumption.  Anyone who is looking for less powerful capsules or potent kratom powder will have a product for him.  This vendor has been in this industry for many years.  Their great deals can help you in saving money next time when you make your next purchase. They have a customer-friendly website that one can place an order or even contact their efficient customer support team.

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A Review of Super Speciosa

This company has become very popular because of its CBD oil and kratom products. Both wholesale and Individuals buyers can get their suitable product from this reputable online vendor.  The kratom products offered by this company are trendy among kratom enthusiasts. Their products come in different packed ranging from 20g to 5kg.  They are also known for selling powders which are available in various varieties.  Their products are affordable available and well-packed.

Why Makes Super Speciosa So Special?

Customers who buy products from this vendor are given a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can freely return your products if you are not satisfied with it.  This vendor is known for giving special attention to its botanical botanicals. Also, this vendor has been offering exclusive coupons that allow customers to get worth of the money spend when buying their products.

Main Products Offered by Super Speciosa

This company is known for selling a variety of botanical products. Buyers can get more information on the available options and their price range by visiting the company’s website.  Buyers who prefer using products in capsule form have also sorted.  Most of their products are available in both capsule and powder form. The product’s quality is 100 percent guaranteed since all their botanicals are lab tested. Their main products include;

Capsules Vs Powder

Kratom Capsules

  • Their capsules are obtained from trusted harvest.  In addition to this, they practice clean and sustainable methods. Their organic products are organic developed, processed, and treated to reduce contaminants and maintain the integrity of the kratom plant.
  • Their capsules are packed using specialized equipment and facilities that ensure that all the cleaning specifications are adhered to. They don’t pack any product by hand.

Kratom Powder

  • Their products are sourced from trusted harvesters. Furthermore, they are harvested using sustainable products to get quality kratom powder.  The kratom leaves used to make this powder are dried indoors and finally milled to a powder.
  • Drying products outdoors is the best way of protecting them from contaminants.  The processed powder is then taken to the lab where adulterants, contaminants, and impurities are tested.
  • All this is done to ensure that customers get quality, pure and, natural products which they can trust.

The Main strains of kratom that you can purchase from this vendor include

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Bali Kratom
  • The Green Kapus
  • Red Borneo Red Bali
  • Green Malay Kratom
  • Green Maeng Da

Hemp CBD

Customers can source quality, pure CBD products like CBD capsules, oils, salve, and vape oils. Most of these products are sourced from natural, non-GMO resources.  The hemp plants used in producing CBD oil are selectively grown to give high-quality CBD content. Their CBD products are lab-tested, thereby ensuring that all the quality standards are either exceeded or met.

Super Speciosa Products

Super Speciosa Shipping

Shipping is another essential part when it comes to online businesses.  This company has an active shipping structure which brings together most of the shipping services that you can find in various parts of the globe.  Customers get free shipping when they buy their first products.  Wholesale customers are eligible for special shipping discounts from Super Speciosa.  Buyers can get more information about their discounts or secure their shipping deals by visiting the company website or signing up to their newsletter.

Super Speciosa  Return Policy

This company offers a 30-day guarantee on its products.  This is meant to improve their customer’s experience and ensure that they are delighted with the final products.  It also shows how the vendor is confident about its products. You should not hesitate to call them whenever you have any issues with their products.

Super Speciosa Website

Their website is user-friendly, making it easy for the customers to navigate.  It is less cluttered when compared to the other vendors.  One can easily navigate through the website and place an order of what he/she wants in a short time.  The other great thing about their website is that it has the most straightforward layout, which ensures that all the crucial links are clear.  This means that their customers have easy access to their online stores and other relevant sections of their website.

Super Speciosa Customer Service

Purchasing kratom products may not be that easy, especially for new customers.

  • This company has an efficient, dedicated customer support team that is always ready to help you and answer any question that you might have.
  • Customers who want to know more about specific products, inquire about dosage or report some issues with their shipment should feel free to contact their support team.
  • All their processes have been streamlined to make them as fast as possible and enhance their customer experience.

Super Speciosa Customer Experience

Most people like reading reviews of other customers before buying any product online. Remember that online buyers do not have a chance of seeing products they are buying in real life.  For this reason, you buy products from trustworthy vendors since they sell quality products. Reading online reviews is the best way of assessing other people’s experience.

  • Most customers who have used products from Super Speciosa are happy and satisfied with them.  This vendor has been receiving positive feedback from its customer.
  • Once you visit the official company website, you can find many clients who praise Super Speciosa products because of their quality.
  • Other customers report that they are happy about the company’s timely shipping, customer,  and excellent customer service.

Pros of Super Speciosa

This company has been offering quality products, which are packed in attractive packages. They have modern in-house equipment that does all the packaging and selling of their products to minimize human contacts with personal items. This is also helpful in maximizing the product’s cleanliness. They offer a wide variety of lab-tested products, including kratom capsules, salve, CBD oils, capsules, and kratom powder.

  • Thorough testing is done on their products to ensure that thy meet or exceed the expected quality.  For instance, all the kratom products are tested to impurities and contaminants before hitting the market. In general, botanicals go through stringent quality standards.
  • Customers who buy goods in bulk are given special shipping discounts.  They have an effective shipping policy that ensures that their products are delivered on time.
  • Customers who place their orders before noon in the United States can get their products the same day. Those who are outside the US can get their products within five days.

Super Speciosa Product

As mentioned earlier, they have a customer-friendly team that makes it easy for customers to navigate and access their favorite products.  Those who have queries about specific products can get help from their dedicated support team.  You can always find someone on the line to help you.


From our discussion, we can conclude that Super Speciosa is one of the best online vendors.  They have high-quality products that meet their client’s expectations.  Their support team is ready to offer help, making it easy for new and other buyers who have issues with the usage of certain products. Their return policy and money-back guarantees clearly show that they are confident in their products.

Through its lab tests and thorough inspections, this vendor can ascertain that all its products are safe for consumption.  Customers who have purchased or used their products report that they are satisfied with the products offered by this company.  Many wholesaler buyers have benefited from their special shipping discounts.  In general, customers can enjoy excellent customer service and get genuine, quality products by dealing with reliable online vendors like Super Speciosa.

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