The Golden Monk Kratom Introduction

Kratom is mainly known for its positive impact in maintaining individual health; there are various benefits of kratom to our body. However, just like other medical drugs available in the market today, kratom has its side effect. Therefore, you need to know your standard dosage to avoid those side effects. There are various online vendors to purchase kratom from, but there are only a few trustworthy vendors, and the Golden Monk Kratom is among those trusted few.

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  • The Golden Monk Kratom is a Canadian owned company, and it was started back in the year 2016 as a small startup. The Golden Monk Kratom offers top quality kratom to its customers since they place their customers above profits. Furthermore, The Golden Monk Kratom offers quality kratom at an affordable rate.
  • Nonetheless, the kratom from The Golden Monk Kratom is of high quality, and it comes with 30 days satisfaction guarantee. Golden Monk Kratom became successful by spreading the word of their product and making sure that they offer the best quality of kratom for its customers.

The Golden Monk Kratom Products

Products sold at The Golden Monk Kratom

We all know the impact of kratom when it comes to the maintenance of individual health. Nonetheless, there are various health benefits of kratom, and that is why The Golden Monk Kratom has chosen to provide its customers with the best of kratom in the market. Some of the kratom available at The Golden Monk Kratom include;

The Golden Monk Kratom – Red Maeng Da

  • This is one of the most popular strains of kratom that is available at The Golden Monk Kratom. The Red Maeng Da is well known for relieving chronic pain, and it is mainly recommended for arthritis.
  • Nonetheless, Red Maeng Da is one of the most effective strains of kratom, and it has pure relaxation as well as plenty of energy.
  • The Red Bali kratom powder. When it comes to anxiety and pain relief, the Red Bali kratom powder is the best.
  • Furthermore, the Red Bali is more effective compared to another kratom due to its potency as well as consistency.

The Green Malay kratom powder

  • This kratom is famous for supply energy that will last the whole day as well as a complete mental relaxation, increase in concentration as well as an effective pain reliever. Furthermore, the Green Malay kratom enhances mood and positive feeling throughout and helps in attaining self-confidence as well as communication.

White Bali Kratom powder

  • This kratom is famous to please the kratom enthusiasts since it simultaneously relaxes and uplifts you.
  • Furthermore, this strain of kratom is a stimulant, and it provides you with smooth energy as well as it improves your well-being.

White Borneo Kratom powder

  • The White Borneo Kratom is a strain of kratom that is growing very fast when it comes to popularity. Furthermore, this strain of kratom has a mood-boosting effect as well as an excellent stimulating effect. In case you are looking for more energy than the White Borneo kratom is for you.

The Golden Monk Kratom Products and packaging

Whenever you place an order at the Golden Monk kratom, you are assured of a quality product at all times. This is simply because a third party handles none of their product. The Golden Monk Kratom usually deals with farmers who are trusted and have experience in kratom. Therefore, as a result, they offer quality kratom, which is rich in alkaloids that will make you desire for more.

  • The most amazing thing with the Golden Monk Kratom vendors is the product catalog. They often have in stock the Horned Leaf Kratom, which is a kratom strain that is very hard to find online. Furthermore, the Golden Monk Kratom vendors offer capsules, which is an excellent option for you. This is ideal for you if you are beginner since you will not have to worry about any scaling equipment, including spoons.

Kratom Measuring Spoon

  • When it comes to packaging, The Golden Monk kratom packs its product professionally and discreetly, and it is always packed in a resealable bag. The Golden Monk Kratom always makes sure that their kratom product is never affected by UV light from the sun.
  • Therefore to obtain a UV resistant bag, they pack their products in none see-through bag. You can either receive your order in either bubble mailers or boxes depending on the order you placed.

The Golden Monk Kratom Pricing and shipping

The Golden Monk Kratom has vendors who are among the most trusted in online stores. Furthermore, you will not only like the Golden Monk Kratom products but also their very efficient shipping.

  • For orders that are above $39.99, the Golden Monk Kratom offers free shipping, which is very vital to those who prefer purchasing kratom in bulk. Despite that, the Golden Monk Kratom does not ship their goods on Sunday; the customer care service is always available in case of an issue with your order.
  • Across the board, the prices of kratom are standard, but for The Golden Monk, there is a standard starting price for a quality kratom. Prices of kratom at the Golden Monk is quite cheaper than most of the other prominent vendors.

For those purchasing kratom at Golden Monk for the first time, they receive a 5% discount 5% and a 10% discount for those who are shopping for the second time. Furthermore, The Golden Monk has an exciting guarantee of up to 30 days for those who are uncertain about their products.

The Golden Monk Kratom Loyalty reward points

At the Golden Monk Kratom, customers are awarded loyalty points after they review the Golden Monk products on their website, including shopping. Furthermore, there are various ways of saving money as well as earn discounts when purchasing for kratom at the Golden Monk Kratom.

  • For you to earn a loyalty point, you will have to sign up for an account with the Golden Monk Kratom, and you will receive 250 points. Once you have an account, you can review The Golden Monk Kratom products you purchased on their website, and you will earn 500 loyalty points per review.
  • 500 loyalty points are equivalent to $5, which is credited to your account. Furthermore, you can earn up to 100 loyalty points for every $10 you spend on the Golden Monk Kratom website.

When you sign in to your Golden Monk Kratom account, on the checkout page, you will save your points for discount option on your cart acquisition. You can either keep your points up or use them to get a free order or use them when you place your next order for a discount.

Why you should purchase kratom from the Golden Monk Kratom

One of the main reason as to why you should buy your kratom from Golden Monk is that they usually sell organic kratom. Since the Golden Monk Kratom is a Canadian based supplier, they typically get their kratom from organic farmers. Golden Monk Kratom receives its kratom from farmers who care about their product. Furthermore, the farmers should have been working with kratom for long. Each order from the Golden Monk is always a fresh order, and that is guaranteed.

  • Nonetheless, when purchasing for kratom while in Canada, you don’t have to worry yourself about legality since possessing kratom is legal.
  • The Golden Monk Kratom features most knowledgeable kratom experts; therefore, their customer service is second to none. In case of any question concerning the Golden Monk product, their experts are always available to answer you anytime.
  • On another hand, the Golden Monk Kratom features every popular strain. All strains of kratom are always available for you to make an order and furthermore, the Golden Monk Kratom offers a very flexible payment as well as shipping options. Since the Golden Monk Kratom has various strains of kratom, you can choose any that suits you, and you will enjoy their fair prices.
  • All of the kratom strains are available at the Golden Monk Kratom website. Nonetheless, they offer the best quality; this is because they know what to consider when looking for a kratom.

Moreover, Golden Monk understands perfectly and everything that kratom has to offer. There are very few vendors today who offer quality kratom as they claim and the Golden Monk Kratom is among the only vendors remaining.



When it comes to purchasing of kratom from online vendors, it might sound like an easy task. But before you decide on the vendor to work with, you will have to be skeptical when making an order from someone you trust and can provide you with the best kratom powder. Being an online vendor that hasn’t been there for long, The Golden Monk Kratom has positive reviews which are somewhat had to ignore. As an online vendor, The Golden Monk Kratom has offered their customers satisfaction, and that is the main reason as to why they receive positive reviews.

To many, the Golden Monk vendors will at all times be a reliable vendor with high-quality products, competitive prices, quick shipping as well as excellent packing. Whenever you are looking for a reliable kratom vendor with a superior product at an affordable rate, then The Golden Monk Kratom is going to be your ideal choice.

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