Kratom is indeed one of the highly beneficial plants with significant health value to its consumers. The ancient history has it that this plant is highly potent and can treat many diseases such as depression, diarrhea, chronic pains, and fever. There exist different ways through which one can consume the kratom strains, be it in leaves, powder, or capsule forms, to acquire its benefits. However, one of the most common ways includes smoking or chewing of leaves to huff the alkaloids.
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With the current modernization, there are new ways through which one can use kratom products. However, every method used in consumption has its advantages and limitations. Some of these methods speed up the effects to the consumer, while others are liked for the prolonged effects. This toss and wash the kratom consumption technique are one of the efficient and convenient ways. This article will make you understand the reasons why this method is highly recommended.

History of Kratom Consumption

Based on some studies conducted and presented by Bulletin on Narcotics, the use of kratom has been commonly for ages in various parts of the world. The kratom leaves can be brewed, smoked or chewed, and widely used in many of Southeastern Asia. Most Thailand natives are known to eat Kratom leaves. It implies that there are different ways through which kratom can get ingested. Most of these natives are believed to have used it as their herbal solution.

Another study presented in the Ethnopharmacology journal proposes that most people in Malaysia used kratom strains by consuming it in juices. It also mentioned that most habitual enthusiasts did consume the kratom made juice for at least three times in every day at varying amounts. It is an indication that these people might have realized the benefits of taking the kratom strains.


There was a study on legal medicine in the internal journal. This paper outlined the different ways through which kratom is utilized in recent days by the Western people. It stated that the commonly preferred ways of consuming kratom strains in the West region included using the powders, capsules, or chewing of leaves.

Toss and Wash Kratom Taste

Most of the kratom strain consumers claim that they rarely get to feel the kratom taste when they quickly guzzle its powder using water. It means that this consumption method doesn’t allow changes of bitter taste settling in the mouth. Nonetheless, one is likely to have some bitterness aftertaste. The powder particles may be left in the consumer’s mouth if he/she doesn’t use enough water.

The Meaning and Formula of Toss and Wash Intake

Toss and was is among the best-known methods of consuming kratom. It is a simple technique likened to scooping a spoon full of kratom strain and putting it into your mouth. Also, drinking a glass of water to have it washed down the throat.

The toss and wash method is effective, easy, and quick for the kratom strains are absorbed faster by the body through the stomach. However, this consumption method is known to have its techniques, and one needs to practice for some time. Therefore, despite it being simple, the technique requires the kratom user to abide by some simple steps.

To use the toss and wash method of kratom consumption, one needs to choose the kratom strains that are suitable for his/her needs. After selecting the strain based on the requirements, one should also obtain sufficient amounts of the strain. This procedure starts with one measuring the right amount of kratom powder. Consumers may utilize a kitchen scale, digital weighing scales, or a measuring spoon to determine the suitable amounts.

Kratom-Toss-and-Wash benefits

The second step is scooping the powder into the mouth. It is usual for the powder to clump immediately after getting into the mouth cavity. It may start sticking to the tongue and sides of the mouth. The user should now take a glass filled with plain water and gulp little amounts of it. With the water in the mouth, the user should swish it like the mouthwash and clean the kratom powder stuck in the mouth for easier swallowing. It is prudent to brush the teeth after consumption of kratom stains through the toss and wash to remove any stuck residue.

It is always good to remember that kratom leaves are naturally bitter. Many consumers may not withstand such a taste. Nevertheless, the feeling is likely not to be felt after the user becomes fond of it. One should not inhale additional kratom when using the toss and wash method for the powder may clog in the lungs. It may be possible that kratom strains may contain some portions of silica or other dangerous compounds that are harmful to the lungs.

Toss and Wash Kratom Dosage

It is essential to know the right amount of kratom that will guarantee optimum user effects. Most consumers are known for taking one teaspoon of the powder for every ingestion. One can continuously increase the dosage with time as the body becomes more conversant with the product’s effects. The beginners are advised to take half a teaspoon of the kratom powder.

The Pros and Cons of Toss & Wash Way


  • One requires just a beverage and kratom powder
  • Uptake of water helps in breaks down the strain chump to ensure rapid digestion
  • The kratom effects and results are fast felt
  • The method is quick
  • No preparations involved


  • The consumption require a specific routine which proves tough for beginners to undertake
  • One has to measure the appropriate dosage every intake time
  • It has a bitter taste and may cause nausea
  • It may cause a high intake of water

Kratom Toss and Wash Vs. Other Methods

Kratom Capsules

Most kratom consumers perceive the toss and wash method somehow unbearable due to the bitter taste left in their mouths. Therefore, such consumers opt to use kratom capsules to avoid the painful experience. However, there are some advantages of the toss and wash method over ingesting the pills.

One significant benefit is that the kratom effects start faster as compared to the tablets. This factor is from the idea that the stomach has to first digest the gelatin capsule before the absorption of these alkaloids to the body system. The gelatin dissolution may take time. The toss and wash powder are, on the contrary, absorbed in the stomach almost immediately after consumption.

Toss And Wash Kratom effects

Kratom Tea Leaves

Kratom tea is more comfortable to consume as compared to the toss and wash. Drinking such tea eliminates possibilities of kratom powder sticking in the user’s mouth. Besides, one can add some sweeteners or citric to the tea to somehow mask the kratom taste. Though most kratom users claim that kratom is often unpleasant due to its bitter taste, it is almost impossible to find unpleasant-tasting kratom tea.

On the contrary, taking kratom tea means that all the alkaloids are not absorbed in the body. When one is boiling the drink, not every form of alkaloids is fully dissolved, and some may be left in the boiling container. Therefore, the toss and wash way is highly likely to result in stronger effects.

Kratom Powder Mixed with Sweet Foods

Toss And Wash Kratom

There are lots of consumers who prefer mixing the kratom powder with some sweet food to beat the usually unpleasant kratom taste. Applesauce is among the leading foods used. Therefore, the better feeling is the usual benefit of this consumption method as compared to toss and wash.


But, the main limitation of this method is that it takes longer to experience the effects of kratom powder for the food has to go through the entire digestion process. Nonetheless, this is the most applicable method for every consumer who is prone to having nausea or such problems.

Things to Remember When Using the Toss and Wash Method

Always remember that you should not inhale any additional kratom strains, for they may harm the lungs or cause overdose consumption. Some of these kratom products have compounds such as silica, or other unsafe ingredients, which may be dangerous for the human lungs.

As a novice, you should begin with the process of taking low doses. Maybe they toss and wash method would be the best, for it would help you measure the power consumed in teaspoons. After becoming fond of the product, you can then slowly increase your dosage.


In summary, toss and wash method kratom consumption is perhaps the most effective and accessible among the methods used. However, it requires one to practice and perfect this method. It is not every user who finds the way lovely due to the usual bitter taste that the kratom powder is likely to leave in the mouth. Practicing this method is necessary for any consumer who would wish to have fast results. It is common knowledge that taking this fine-grounded powder makes it impossible to get rid of the taste entirely. Amateurs are advised to start with a low dosage and increase their dose as their bodies get used to it. After all, it is just a matter of the kratom tastes, and every user will opt for a distinctive method.

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