Many people have been using kratom for various reasons. Getting your hands on the pure kind of treasure house botanicals is not an easy task. The most genuine type of treasure house botanicals is pure mitragna speciosa powder. Many countless-par kratom items have been flooding the market place, thus making it a home with the murky affair to help in procurement of quality leaf.

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Who is Treasure House Botanicals

It is a supplier who has a basement in the US. They are having a social media of modest nature. They are much worth talking about since they are performing their due diligence during the provision of the fresh leaf to the whole public.

They have been dedicating themselves to community education on every kind of kratom, which is very good for all people. This is the reason as to why they have to post a guide on handy strain on their website. They have also been going out on their way in highlighting the news present in their latest industry.

Their specialty

It is many of their competitors throwing up product pages in a simple manner using a picture of powder bearing micronized powder. They later wait for their dollars to start rolling in. This kind of cats ends up placing batch numbers on every bag of their product. You will, therefore, end up knowing precisely how fresh it is.

Treasure House Botanicals

What they offer

Pitman kratom is among the alluring strains which this seller has been offering for many years. They are selling capsules, powder, and even more. The following is a certified list of many variations:

  • White MD HongKong
  • White Elephant
  • White Banjar
  • Red Malay
  • Red MD
  • Red Elephant
  • Red Banjar
  • Modern Maeng White Da
  • Modern Maeng Red Da
  • Modern Maeng Green Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Da Maeng
  • Green Elephant
  • Green Bukit
  • Green Banjar

As you might have noticed, this vendor has been stocking several various powders bearing Maeng Da in all the names. The reason behind this is the fact that all the leaves are mostly plucked using a unique process. The vein colors will also be differing very much from each other.

They afterward end up drying all the kinds of products indoors to help I preserving their aroma. They, therefore, produce a powder which is superior that is strong and fragrant.

Their kind of elephant is among the most appropriate around the USA. It has also been coming from among the most significant varieties which have floppy leaves. This is the main reason as to why it is being referred to as an elephant. Although some have been comparing it to MD, it is longer lasting and more potent.

Treasure House Botanicals Effects

Pitman is among the more exotic strains. They are often stocking since it is seldom present in the contemporary markets. Besides, it has been having from Indonesia Kapuas region. It is said and proved to be very rich in a color besides being dense in alkaloid indole content.

Banjar is also another excellent option. It is widely renowned for its smooth burn and moderate aroma.

Cost of Treasure House Botanicals

This kind of botanicals has been very transparent concerning their purchasing and prices options. This has happened as many people have been complaining concerning their changing prices. They have tried explaining to their customers to cope with them since there has been alteration on shipping costs. They have, therefore, been making adjustments to ensure they are not running the company at a loss. They are currently not selling the 500-gram option. In its place, they have put the 250-gram size, which is selling for $21.45. They are also split kilos which are available for 1000 gram thus ensuring it is mixing easily and also matching your favorites.

The buyers who are making purchases for the first time end up picking up 100 grams for just $11.95.

Treasure botanicals House Coupon

Adding t their specials deals, this kind of vendor is often offering a coupon code that is saving you 5% on all the orders which are more than $87.00. This is representing a kilo of kratom. It is thus placing it below the average of the industry in terms of the sharp price point in 1000 grams.

Treasure House Botanicals Payment Methods

In case you are concerned about the technique of paying securely and safely, you should have no fears at all. This kind of business is accepting a plethora of means of payment. This is including all debit and major credit cards. When you check out and ensure the order has already been processed, you will afterward receive an email invoice which is containing a balance in it.

This kind of invoice email will be including a link for one to follow whereby you will end up landing on the server which I secure and log in the information. The information will be including card expiration and card number. After punching in the required information, consider following the prompts, and by that, you shall be well and on the way towards receiving the benefits in your mail.

Treasure House Botanicals products

An email which will be used for confirmation will afterward be sent to affirm that you are required to place your order. This will be for security and safety. You may also pay through e-check or personal check. However, treasure-house mostly prefers e-check since it is much more convenient for all kinds of parties which are involved. Paying using e-check will be expediting your order since the time to process is less and keeps the ball rolling.

Treasure House Botanicals Customer service and shipping

This vendor is shipping all kinds of orders through USPS Priority Mail that is generally arriving in 2-3 business days. Shipping days are varying based on how many items you have been purchasing. For example,  a kilo s costing $7 to ship it while two kilos of the same product will be going for $13. More than two kilos will be costing around $18.

Treasure house is making it simpler to get in close touch with them in case you have any concerns or questions. You may send an email to them or else consider filling out the online forms they use in contacting people. Emails are typically answered regularly.

Treasure House Botanicals Pros

  • Dedication to customer support
  • Convenient methods of payment
  • Pricing is excellent
  • Exotic strains
  • Wide variety
  • Fresh batches

Treasure House Botanicals Cons

  • They are not disclosing on whether the item has been tested in the lab
  • They are not revealing the source of the product
  • It lacks accessories
  • People comments

People have been talking about it all over the internet.  There is a user who commented that he decided using it since it has detailed descriptions. Another user said that some batches were of high quality as compared to others. Being honest and open concerning the item is among the most appropriate way for one to spend money.

Treasure House Botanicals benefits

The modern version of botanicals seems to be always much better compared to the Noncurrent versions. They seem to have similar exact effects which are having more potency. They have appeared to have the same results but with a higher power. The time for shipping was perfect in only three days. Packaging at most times has been average. The kinds of pouches they have been using are very high, indeed. They are additionally sturdy and holding up to usage.


After a thorough investigation of the background of the company, their site in official e-commerce and community presence, there was sampling one the last batch. The result pleased very many people. The burn was satisfying, and working with the owner was a great pleasure. In case you wish to try something new, this is a batch which is worth considering.

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