Valkyrie Botanicals is a kratom vendor that started operating in 2016. After some years of consistent growth, Valkyrie Botanicals are now dominating the smoke shop circuit giving stiff competition to other vendors. In 2019, Valkyrie Botanicals joined hands with the Carolina Kratom which is a kratom shop that operates out of Augusta, Georgia. Carolina Kratom is a wholesaler, and it has been serving Georgia for many years.

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Furthermore, Carolina maintains an e-commerce website where customers can make purchases of quality kratom from Valkyrie Botanicals. Carolina kratom was found by the commitment to provide quality kratom to its customers, and it only works with few trusted companies that offer quality kratom.

Valkyrie Botanicals is committed to excellence, and its kratom products are carefully tested at the lab before distributing to the market. Being independent companies, both Valkyrie Botanicals and Carolina Kratom, strive in ensuring that their customers receive top-quality kratom in the market, which is free from any contamination. Furthermore, Valkyrie Botanicals have gone above in promoting scientific knowledge as well as keeping customers informed of their quality.

Products offered by Valkyrie Botanicals

At the moment Carolina Kratom has in stock some of the best Valkyries Botanicals products including;

  • The Red Bali kratom powder. When it comes to anxiety and pain relief, the Red Bali kratom powder is the best. Furthermore, the Red Bali is more effective compared to another kratom because of its effectiveness as well as reliability


  • Red Plantation Maeng Da. This is one of the most popular strains of kratom produced by Valkyrie Botanicals, and it is available at the Carolina Kratom. The Red Plantation Maeng Da is well known for relieving chronic pain, and it is mainly recommended for arthritis. However, Red Plantation Maeng Da is one of the most effective strains of kratom, and it has a pure relaxation as well as plenty of energy.
  • Maeng Da Supreme. This strain of kratom acts as a reliable pain reliever, sleep regulator, and relaxing. Furthermore, the Maeng Da Supreme can be used in enhancing mood, withdrawal relief, and nootropic assistance.

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The costs of Valkyrie Botanicals products

All strains of kratom from the Valkyrie Botanicals have a flat rate of $10.34 per 30 grams while 100 grams of kratom powder is $20.34 and for 250 grams goes for $33.33. Furthermore, you can buy kratom powder in bulk. Valkyrie Botanicals has become very successful in recent years due to its cheap and quality kratom. Despite having remarkable kratom, Valkyrie Botanicals always put first its consumer’s health, and that’s why they carry out lab tests before selling out its products.

Why you should purchase from Valkyrie Botanicals

Despite not having various strains of kratom, Valkyrie Botanicals offers its customers quality kratom and furthermore, its customer care service is the best. Valkyrie Botanicals kratom might at times not be in stock, and this is due to its strict lab testing process.

When purchasing products from Valkyrie Botanicals website, during checkout, enter the code VALKYRIE, and you will be given a 10% discount. Furthermore, you can get Valkyrie Botanicals coupons on their Facebook profile or at coupon birds. When you purchase 8 ounces of kratom, at times Valkyrie Botanicals will give out two free ounces of kratom as a discount, though this rarely occurs.

In spite of being a young company, Valkyrie Botanicals has received positive feedback from its consumers, helping in the growth of the company. This is because; Valkyrie Botanicals features some of the most potent strains of kratom. Nonetheless, Valkyrie Botanicals provide its customers with cheap and affordable kratom powder that will never disappoint you.

Shipping Valkyrie Botanicals products

You can as well get free shipping coupons from coupon birds for orders made over $75 or international orders above $100. Within the United States of America, Valkyrie Botanicals offer to ship to;

  • Rhode Island.
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Vermont
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin

Shipping cost ranges from $7 to $84, and it comes in packs of 30g, 60g, 120g, 250g, and 1kg.

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Payment Methods

At Valkyrie Botanicals you can make payments of your order via;

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Debit card

Valkyrie Botanical working hours

Valkyrie Botanicals operates from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

For Saturday and Sunday, Valkyrie Botanical is closed.


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It is very vital to know whether your vendor is profit-oriented or values the well-being of its customers. Identifying customer-oriented vendors is very easy since they will reward you for supporting their products. Furthermore, a customer-oriented vendor will strive to provide you with quality kratom products that have undergone lab tests.

Furthermore, their kratom powders are tested at the lab for any biohazard. Valkyrie Botanicals value the well-being of their customers rather than profits. Valkyrie Botanicals works with top kratom farmers to bring their customers quality and organic kratom every time. Never dither to purchase kratom from Valkyrie Botanicals since their products are of excellent quality.

Consequently, each time you make an order, you will always get a fresh mandate. Valkyrie Botanicals is known for having top kratom experts who help in creating some fantastic kratom products. Furthermore, Valkyrie Botanicals offers various exotic strains of kratom that are hard to find anywhere else, especially in online marketing.

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