Vivazen has been infused using Kratom which a healthy instrument is coming in the form of a liquid. The industry responded in producing this kratom drink believes that it can assist in boosting energy and helping people to relax.

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The advantages that you may end up getting from this kind of drink are credited to Kratom, which is present in it. In case you are curious about the amount of Kratom present in Vivazen, then there is the necessity of reading further in this article.

What is Vivazen

Vivazen is a drink containing Kratom and is capable of providing one with a feeling of vibrant and making you feel relaxed and healthy. The shot o Vivazen Kraton includes the same amount of packaging as to that of 5-Hour supplement energy. In case you wish to acquire a buzzing feeling or desire to relax your muscles, all you need to do is taking a Vivazen drink shot.

The industry is using a combination of various herbal dietary ingredients that are natural. They help a person in acquiring desirable effects. The drinks components are including Kratom, poppy extract, and white willow extract.

Potassium-sorbate effects

Kratom ended up becoming famous in all the world since it is offering clients an opium-like effect. The plant known as Kratom is growing abundantly in various regions found in Southeast Asia. The plant is also capable of serving as a relaxant; it can also end up having different results in dependence on the profile of the user.

The goal of Vivazen is intensifying the effects of Kratom while at the same time reducing the possible side effect which it may end up bringing. One may also buy this drink from Vivazens website and afterward, pay for it at a full price. However, in case you wish to save $3 per each bottle, consider purchasing the drink online.

The present ingredients in Vivazen

Vivazen contains various extracts of herbal nature. The excerpts are including white willow extract, California poppy extract, and kratom extract. Other present elements which are combining with herbal extracts are de-ionized water, sucrose, propylene glycol, potassium sorbate, and citric acid.

Amount of Kratom in Vivazem

You may be curious about the amount of Kratom which is present in Vivazen. You may also be interested in determining the number of effects which it is capable of bringing about. In any packaging, it is said that every Kratom is continuing around 1500mg of Kratom which is supposed to be equal to 1-3 grams of Kratom plain leaf.

Vivazen Benefits

This kind of drink is priding on two significant benefits which you may end up getting. They include:

  • A feeling of enjoyment and relaxation
  • Reducing minor muscle pain which is as a result of exercise

By the industry, the drink is usually used by a person that wishes to acquire little muscle relief from pain, overall wellness, and relaxation.

Vivazen proper dosage

If you wish to acquire maximum effects in Vivazen, you should consider taking it in a stomach which is empty. However, it is not recommending taking their item in a stomach which is meaningless for sensitive individuals.

It is much better if you are drinking the item in a stomach which is full since the effects may be stronger for you and most especially for the beginners.

Vivazen Kratom drink

In case it is the first time you are trying Vivazen Kratom drink, it is highly recommended that you consider drinking half of the bottle. You should afterward wait for around 20 minutes to experience its effects. Eventually, you may continue drinking the content, which is in the bottle.

The kratom Vivazen drink should never be consumed by people who are less than 18 years old. Additionally, you should never combine it with any other alcohol or medication. You should also never consider taking two Vivazen bottles in a day.

The longevity of Vivazens kratom drink

A lot of studies require to be done in determining the continuation of its effects last. The results are never the same with weed and alcohol. Using Kratom, you end up feeling relief because of the pain because of the workout and a happy feeling.

However, regarding the industry which produced Vivazen, the effects of the drink are dependent on one’s size and weight. Many people may experience the results in 20 minutes after taking it, and it might end up lasting for even six hours.

Now that you are aware of the amount of Kratom which is present in Vivazen, you may end up determining whether you can make use of the item and the dose you may be taking as well. You might end up consuming this drink all the time if you wish and you will not have to worry yourself on issues concerning addiction. It is besides also much cheaper as when compared to alcohol.

Benefits of Vivazen Kratom


Diverse effects are resulting from consumption of Kratom. But it is worth noting that the results are dose-dependent.

diarrhea effect

Consuming Kratom in high doses may end up leading to constipation. In low doses, Kratom may end up being used as a diarrhea remedy.

It is said that the kratom use ends up slowing peristalsis. This is a condition where the muscles are moving in the gut. Kratom is useful in keeping the contents for more extended periods, thus stopping diarrhea. Additionally, Kratom is capable of tightening the sphincters which are found in the gut. Patients who have Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis may end up using Kratom to bring diarrhea to a stop.

Boosting immune

An active immune system is essential in fighting the infections present in the body. A weak immune system is unable to end up resisting the uncomplicated infections such as colds. Kratom is being recognized as an immune system booster. It is said to be containing some alkaloids that are acting in strengthening the immune system.

The alkaloids Isorhynchopylline and Isoptreropodine have been useful in stimulating the immune system. Iso Mitraphylline helps work as an anti-leukemic agent. Mitragynine is being said to be antihypertensive besides being diuretic. All these kind of alkaloids are working together to help in boosting immunity.

These are the type of kratom strains that are said to contain high immune alkaloids boosters. Red dragon kratom, Green Borneo Vein Kratom and Supper Kratom Indo yellow.

Anti-inflammatory agents

Kratom is containing more than 30 alkaloids. It is containing several alkaloids which are said to be carrying anti-inflammatory capabilities. Rhynchophylline and Epicatechin are two different alkaloids which are found in the Kratom and are listing anti-inflammatory advantages.

Alzheimer's, cure

Though they appear in small quantities, patients who are suffering from various inflammatory conditions have been testifying of relief when they use Kratom. Individuals who are suffering from arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’ disease, and cancer can end up benefitting from Kratom as it is an inflammatory agent.

Kratom strains are said to contain high anti-inflammatory agent levels which are Supper red Indo vein, Green Bali and Yellow Borneo Kratom. In case you are a kratom retailer or distributor, you may consider joining any program on wholesale Kratom from various manufacturers and are standing a chance of making big profits and acquiring the bulk product.

Libido enhancement

Many people have been using Kratom with the aim of sexual enhancement. This might be as a result of the effects present in the muscles, blood circulation, and the brain. Enough blood circulation is of importance for an erection which is sustained. Kratom is said to be stimulating the brain and improving mood, eliminating anxiety and stress. In this case, it can assist in boosting the libido. White vein Borneo and Green Vein Borneo re very useful for sexual stimulation.

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