White Kratom strains are highly regarded due to their powerful mood-boosting effects, and also their excellent stimulating effects. If you need more energy, then this could be a super strain for you. The White Borneo strain offers some highly potent effects, and it has been useful to many users. It comes from Borneo Island, which is located in the South-East Asian country, Indonesia, and it is a strain that is fast growing in popularity. Read on to find out more about the specific effects that this strain offers, and the ideal dosages.

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Best Uses of White Borneo Kratom

In the following passage, we will describe the most common uses of White Borneo and analyze some of its essential benefits and effects.

Increased Focus & Clarity

  • For those who struggle to pay attention and for those with conditions such as ADHD, this strain can be great for allowing users to increase their focus. It can improve clarity and allowed users to stay focused on specific tasks. This can be great for getting things done, either while studying or in a work environment.
  • Many people with problems paying attention have found that the strain worked very well for them. It allows users to remain focused for long periods and can work all day long. This is in contrast to other medication, which is often short-acting and can have rebound effects.

More Energy

  • One of the best aspects of White Borneo is the powerful stimulating effects. These last throughout the day and there isn’t a noticeable crash unlike other stimulants such as caffeine which tend to be short term and erratic.


  • The strain offers powerful mood-boosting effects, which are stronger and last longer than most other strains. White strains are known for their mood-enhancing effects; however, the Borneo strain provides this in a very potent way.
  • The result is a massive increase in mood, which can be fantastic for managing conditions such as depression.

More General Motivation and Drive

  • Many people who use this strain don’t have any specific illnesses, but they do have a general lack of motivation and drive. This means that they tend to stay at home, or they fail to reach their full potential. White Borneo can be fantastic for providing a kickstart in motivation, which allows users to reach their potential better.
  • It means that users are more engaged and more driven to reach their goals. It provides the energy and motivation to do many things that users wouldn’t otherwise do. It can’t change someone’s life; however, it can be the spark that many need to get started.

Increased Executive Function and Cognitive Skills

  • There is also some evidence that White Borneo can boost your cognitive thinking skills. Additionally, it can improve your executive function. This allows you to quicken your decision making and means you can tackle complex problems more transparently.
  • This strain is well known for providing a consistent boost in cognition, which can help you to maximize your potential.

Potential Side Effects of White Borneo Kratom

There is a slight risk of possible side effects when using White Borneo. These are the most commonly reported side effects. While not a side effect, you should keep in mind that the sedative and pain-killing effect that is prominent within many other strains of Kratom is not as prominent in White Borneo.

Due to the high stimulating effects, there is a lower amount of sedation and pain relief. Therefore, if you need long-lasting pain relief or a high amount of sedation, we recommend that you either pick or a strain or that you try combining White Borneo with a red vein Kratom strain. We will discuss the mixing of strains further below in this article.

How to Take

  • There are a variety of different methods available for you to take White Borneo Kratom. The most common way is to ingest it with water. You put the powder in the back of your throat and then swallow it with any drink that you like. However, you may not be a big fan of the taste which some find to be a problem.
  • The taste of White Borneo is also noted as particularly influential. Luckily, you can purchase White Vein Borneo Kratom capsules which mask the taste completely. Additionally, you can mix the Kratom into other foods and drinks. A healthy yogurt or protein shake can make a great snack that includes the strain mixed in.

Best Dosage of White Borneo Kratom

The best dosage of this white vein strain depends on your primary purpose. Also, it depends on whether you are a new user of an experienced user of Kratom.

  • All new users should stick to 1-2g for a few days. This will allow the body to adjust to Kratom. If you already have substantial experience with Kratom, then 3-6 grams will give you a sharp energy boost.
  • At this dose, White Borneo provides a very high stimulating effect, which also acts as a mood enhancer.
  • However, if you require a more relaxing effect, then you take up to 9 grams of White Borneo. This will provide a stronger sedative effect, and it will also offer a moderate pain relief effect. However, as we mentioned earlier, this strain is not the best for pain relief.
  • Therefore, you should look to other strains such as Red veins if pain relief is your priority. Additionally, if you are looking for a pain relieving white strain, then you may want to consider White Maeng Da, which we discuss in more detail further below in the article.

What Do Regular Users of Kratom Think About White Borneo?

There is plenty of discussion about the White Borneo strain available online. Below, we list what regular users think about the strain, and also display the general discussions that have been had about this strain all over the internet.

  • One common notion that is commonly repeated is a feeling of “clean energy.” Many individual users are impressed by the amount of stimulating energy that this strain provides. They feel more awake and alert. However, they also note that this energy feels different when compared to the power they got from substances such as caffeine.
  • They notice that it feels far less jittery, and does not give them the ‘shakes.’ For people with anxiety, this is excellent because they take advantage of energy without further disrupting their condition. Additionally, it also works well for some people with depression, as it provides them with the power and motivation to push through for the day.
  • Another common effect that has noted is euphoria. Most strains create a certain feeling of happiness and have a positive impact on moods. However, none are quite as pronounced and long-lasting as the effects produced by White Borneo. This mood boost has made many users far more productive.
  • There are many online experiences available to view where users state the profound mood-boosting effects that the White Borneo gave them. It made them more willing to do difficult but essential tasks that they would otherwise find unpleasant. In a way, it helped them to move on from a difficult phase in their lives.
  • Many were recovering from traumatic events, and the White Borneo gave them the boost they needed to aid their recovery. Users often call the effect “uplifting” rather than a high that is associated with other substances. This means that the happy feeling of White Borneo has a low-risk potential for abuse.
  • Users feel a pleasant effect; however, they do not get addicted to it. Instead, it allows them to change their habits to make this happiness last in the long-term. White Borneo can often be the crutch that will enable users to unlock the joy that was lacking in their lives.

White Vein Borneo vs. Other White Vein Strains

  • White Vein Borneo, in many ways, is a typical white strain; however, in different ways, it offers some key differences. Compared to other white strains, the effects of White Borneo are more profound and long-lasting. Users tend to feel the mood-boosting and energy affects more strongly. However, different white strains offer better pain relief qualities. Additionally, they provide effects that may be slightly more sedating.
  • If you are looking for a more relaxing strain, then you may consider a White Bali strain which offers this since it provides a stimulating effect that is balanced with soothing qualities. Also, another White strain that provides a calming yet stimulating effect is White Hulu Kapuas. This is a fusion strain that is rated highly for its exciting effects and pain relieving effects.
  • Overall, if you want a more sedating strain that also offers pain relief, then you may want to look to another white vein strain. However, if you want the most potent stimulating and mood-boosting effects, then White Borneo is the strain for you.

White Vein Borneo vs. White Maeng Da

  • Another hugely popular white vein strain is Maeng Da. They offer some similar benefits, and Maeng Da is one of the most sought after strains. However, there are also some key differences to take into consideration. White Maeng Da is an excellent all-purpose white strain. It is highly potent, and also offers a significant energy boost.
  • It also provides far better analgesic properties when compared to White Vein Borneo. But in terms of long-lasting stimulating effects, and a sustained mood boost, White Vein Borneo comes out on top when compared to Maeng Da. Both white vein strains are well worth a try, however, and they are both highly popular because of their high potencies.
  • For many people, White Maeng Da is their favorite overall Kratom strain, and therefore, there is a great reason to try it.

Purchasing Guide

  • You can purchase White Vein Borneo from many online sellers and vendors. However, there are some critical differences between the quality of the product and service offered by sellers. White Borneo Kratom is usually provided in both capsule and powder form. This provides convenient and flexible options.
  • If you are looking for Kratom powder capsules, then we highly recommend, “KrankenKratom,” as they are reliable vendors. They offer free same-day shipping and have a large stock of White Borneo capsules. Alternatively, if you want the powder, then you should go with KratomSpot.
  • They source the highest quality White Vein Borneo, and they ensure that it is appropriately lab tested to make sure of this quality. Additionally, both of these sellers of Kratom offer excellent customer service.

Can You Mix White Vein Borneo Kratom with Other Strains?

Some Kratom strains can be mixed to provide different or more pronounced effects. A reasonably large number of users have had success in mixing Borneo Kratom with Red Vein strains. This provides an additional boost alongside the pain-relieving and relaxing effects.

  • It works great for those who need more stimulating effects to compete physically or mentally draining tasks. White Borneo is excellent for its sedative effects; however, these can be slightly too strong for people who need full focus in demanding tasks. Combining with Red Vein strains can help to provide this calming shot of energy.
  • Generally, however, they are both potent enough to be used individually. Most people will get the desired effects just from taking one strain, and therefore, we recommend experimenting with different strains before you try mixing. Mixing white and red strains can increase potency further, which can be far too much for some users.


Overall, White Borneo Kratom is an excellent white vein strain. It offers a range of positive effects such as increased clarity, sustained energy, and powerful mood-boosting effects. It is a highly potent strain, as are all Borneo strains. However, it is the white strain that offers the highest level of stimulating facts, and also the white strain that can be the most effective tool against depression. If you are looking for a white vein Kratom strain that packs a real punch, then White Borneo will be the ideal strain for you. It can bring a smile to your face, and give you the energy you need for the day. Unlike Coffee, you won’t be hit with a comedown.

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