If you are feeling let down by the stimulating effects of the most famous Kratom strains, then you may want to consider a rare strain that is currently being underlooked. Its rarity makes it a unique gem in the Kratom world. White Horn Kratom is one of the rarest kratom strains currently available on the market. It provides powerful and unique stimulating effects that cannot be matched by most other Kratom strains.

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Alongside this, it is known for providing potent euphoric effects that can be fantastic at mood-boosting throughout the day. White Horn is rare because it is challenging to grow and cultivate. It is the best kratom strain for boosting energy levels, so it is optimal to use it during the day to provide that extra push. The relative scarcity of this strain means that its popularity is still somewhat reduced in comparison to other strains. This following guide will provide you with the most reliable information on this strain so that you can make your own decision.

What is White Horn Kratom?

Most kratom strains such as White Borneo, White Sumatra, and White Kapuas get their names from their places of origin. But, the name White Horn is from the shape of the leaves. The leaves of White Horn Kratom have a horn-like appearance.

  • White Horn is grown in Borneo Island, Indonesia. Like other kratom strains, it contains the two active alkaloids: mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine.
  • White horn kratom has lower levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine and high levels of mitragynine compared to other kratom strains.

The two alkaloids are known to cause

  • anxiolytic,
  • antinociceptive,
  • antidiarrheal,
  • antipyretic,
  • euphoric,
  • antidepressant,
  • antitussive,
  • blood pressure lowering, 
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antidiabetic,
  • and appetite suppressing effects.

Benefits of White Horn Kratom

Here are the positive effects you should expect after using white horn kratom.

Boosts Energy Levels

  • This is the main benefit of this kratom strain. Most people prefer to use it in the morning so that they can be active throughout the day. It also helps one to overcome feelings of lethargy and lack of motivation.
  • This positive effect is the reason why the white horn is the most preferred kratom strain for students, athletes and anyone who needs to be energetic throughout the day.

Improves Positive Thinking

  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment and productivity leads to positive thinking. White horn helps you to be productive by boosting your energy levels.

Other positive effects include the following:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Improves focus
  • Relaxation
  • Mild euphoria

Optimal Dosage for White Horn Kratom

Factors such as the level of the user (beginner or seasoned user) affect the dosage required. We will look at the general guidelines to have an idea on the best dosage. This strain can affect everyone differently, and therefore you can tailor these guidelines to suit your circumstances.

  • A small dose, i.e., 2 to 4 grams is recommended for beginners. With this dosage expect to experience mild stimulation, improved mood, increase in motivation, and a small boost in energy levels. Even experienced users can benefit from a low dose due to the potent effects.
  • A moderate does, i.e., 3 to 5 grams is for seasoned users. This average dose increases energy levels and improves cognition.
  • A high dose, i.e., 5 to 8 grams helps to improve positivity and relaxation. This dosage also induces euphoria. This dose is not recommended for beginners. In general, most users will not need a dose of 8 grams as the strain is potent enough on the lower range.,

You should avoid extremely high doses because they cause adverse effects, and sometimes these can be serious.

How to Take White Horn Kratom

White Horn Kratom can be consumed in various ways.

  • The most common method is to swallow it in the back of your tongue with some water or another drink. This is known as the toss and wash method.
  • Alertianvely, you can also mix the powder within protein powders or milkshakes.
  • Additionally, you can mix the Kratom powder into foods such as yogurt.
  • Capsules are another excellent option. However, due to the rarity of this strain, there are currently no vendors that provide White Horn Kratom capsules.
  • The good news is that you can make your homemade capsules, and you can view more information about this in our previous article.

Potential Side Effects of White Horn Kratom

I’m sure you will agree with us when we say that abuse of any drug or supplement causes adverse effects. This is a strain that requires extra precaution due to its potent effects.

Therefore, extremely high dosage of white horn kratom can potentially lead to the following side effects.

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

These side effects are short term. You can avoid them by taking small and moderate dosages. Another side effect of regular kratom use is tolerance. If you choose White Horn every day, over time your daily dose will lose its efficacy. When that happens, it’s tempting to up your dose so that you can experience the sedative or pain relieving effects again, but we don’t recommend it.  Instead, we think that you should take a short break from taking your kratom so that your body can reset.

You can avoid tolerance by taking your kratom less often and by taking a few different strains and rotating them. That way you won’t be taking one strain often enough for your body to get used to it and build up a tolerance. It is essential to take a few days to break from the strain. Additionally, you can cycle different strains which can also help to reduce tolerance. Both of these tips will allow you to use the strain long-term and also be able to benefit from its powerful stimulating effects.

It is common knowledge that dehydration is one of the causes of headache. So, drinking a lot of water will help ease the effects. Also, resting and eating something when you feel any of the adverse effects will help you feel better. In general, however, you should keep in mind that all supplements carry the risk of side effects. The benefits of Kratom is that these effects are relatively minor.

Additionally, the risks of overdose are very slim, and addiction is rare. This makes them far safer than opioids and even some prescription medication. If you take necessary precautions, then you will have nothing to worry about when using this substance. Also though the effects are potent, the chance of addiction and abuse is far lower than opiates. There are very few other substances that can provide the same stimulating effects without serious side effects.

User Reviews & Experiences of White Horn Kratom

Additionally, there are many anecdotal experiences from users. They can offer a unique insight into the substance and fully showcase the effects it can have.  Here are some reviews from users. These reviews have been found on social media websites such as Reddit and various forums. They have all authenticated for legitimacy.

One user describes the strain as ‘good’ and stated that the sample size was enough to tempt him into purchasing a full quantity of the strain. Another user found it very lovely and was a big fan of the stimulating effects it gave. He described the effects, as ‘cerebral,’ ‘euphoric’ and also noted how it made him ready to get things done. Additionally, he stated that he was surprised by the high euphoric ability especially in comparison to Red Borneo. The dosage that this user had was 5 grams which explain the high euphoria effect. Another use stated how he was new to Kratom, but that so far White Horn was the best strain that he had sampled.

  • Another standard description that we have seen is “chill but awake and stimulated.” The balance of the strain was noted by a user who loved it, and he also was a fan of the balanced effects which ensured a euphoria without jitteriness. It allows users to calm down, but also to be stimulated enough to complete a range of tasks.
  • The dosage has also been commented on by many users. One particular user noted that only a couple of grams was needed for a powerful boost. He also described how the strain would allow him to get things done at work and the house. Additionally, he mentioned that the strain made workouts more comfortable and more intensive.
  • This shows how the stimulating effects of this strain are useful for many purposes including exercise. The user highly recommended it as an energetic strain.

One review was written by a user who was taking the strain with his partner.

  • He noted how it helped him with energy, but also helped her to deal with depression symptoms. He described that he specifically used it before the start of a long shift, and it was able to keep him energized for over 6 hours. Additionally, he noted how it was able to replace coffee. The user recommended the strain to all long shift workers as it provides sustained focus and alertness. His dosage was 3-5 grams.

Finally, another user spoke highly of this strain for daytime use. He commented on how it allowed him to become more motivated for fun activities such as creative writing. This shows how this strain could be the key to unlocking your creative side.

Overall, the vast majority of comments notice the high stimulating effects which last throughout the day and do not cause any jitteriness. This is in combination with the powerful mood-boosting euphoric effects which are also long-lasting. This combination ensures that this strain packs a punch. Many long-term users have found relief for their depression symptoms, and others who use it for their daily routine. This is a flexible stimulating strain that can be effectively used for a wide variety of purposes.

Where to Buy White Horn Kratom

There are a variety of vendors that you can purchase White Horn Kratom, however not all of them offer the same guarantee on quality. Additionally, not all vendors provide fast shipping to the United States. The following vendors have been checked and confirmed to ensure that they provide high-quality White Horn Kratom which is shipped quickly. We recommend ‘AuthenticKratom’ as they offer free same-day delivery and have many positive reviews.

Additionally, you can also purchase from ‘TheGoldenMonk.’ They have the powdered form of White Horn available in many quantities. Shipping is fast, and quality is high since this is the only white strain that this vendor provides. You can buy from both of these vendors to ensure that your White Horn Kratom power reaches your home in the shortest time possible.

Essential Things to Consider When Taking White Horn Kratom

  • Always buy from trusted vendors whether online or offline. White Horn Kratom is rare, and therefore some vendors may try to offer imitations. Purchasing from a trusted source ensures that you receive authentic White Horn Kratom.
  • If you are a beginner always remember to start with the small dosage, i.e., 1 to 2 Grams. Wait for at least 30 minutes before you increase your dosage. Increase your dosage gradually.
  • This is a strain that can be particularly potent, especially for new users. Therefore, the general guidance for Kratom strains is even more critical. It can be tempting to re-dose; however, we do not recommend this as some people can notice effects up to an hour after ingesting.
  • The first days of using White Horn Kratom require experimentation to establish the optimal dose.
  • Kratom strains cause dehydration, so take a lot of water. White Horn Kratom is known for causing slight dehydration, and therefore you should regularly check your liquid intake.


From the above information, you can see that White Horn Kratom is the best strain to use when your energy levels are low. You should act fast since stock levels can change quickly due to the relative rarity of the strain. This strain may be underlooked; however, it is evident that it provides a powerful stimulating effect that is combined with potent mood-boosting effects. If you need a coffee replacement or something that gives your workouts an extra kick, then this is the perfect strain for you. This is the ideal strain for everyone that needs a powerful energy boost that is both sustainable and long-lasting.

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