Out of all the different kratom varieties we have white Thai kratom which is peculiar. Reasons being are that it has some of the most energetic strains and it is mainly tried in the mornings, or in draining situations where fatigue would otherwise be inevitable.
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Nevertheless, while active, they as a whole tend to have less painkilling, analgesic properties than the other green and strains.

This makes it fall under a unique niche. Hence, it’s not suitable for all. I’d like to say this to those who haven’t yet tried this variety of kratom, there is lots of potential in these strains, and shouldn’t be avoided in favor of some other somewhat heavier strain sometimes the clean boost of white veins is all that is needed.

Effects of white Thai kratom :

As mentioned above, all these effects are unique in comparison to the other vein types. The most famous and commonly known impacts of white Thai kratom are the

  1. endurance
  2. nootropic
  3. stimulating/energy
  4. Also used for depression.

Stimulation, Energy, and Endurance:

One of the most visible reasons because of which white Thai kratom is being used all over the world is for a clean pick-me-up. If you explicitly read through kratom forums, you’ll come to know about people who have replaced their morning tea or coffee with a white kratom with significant effect. The energy that gets generated from these strains is the energy way cleaner.

Nootropic Effects :

This isn’t something that requires in-depth research, but a lot of users of white Thai kratom have experienced and felt some unique cognition-boosting effects. A few users even went on to report increased memory recall, but the most common and repeatedly stated impact of it has been improved focus.

What many feels suspicious about is for the synergy between its energetic and analgesic effects, which appear to dampen background noise and promote the natural center. Since the research in this area is so bounded, we don’t know how long until we can delve more deeply into these areas.

Anti-Depressant :

Similar to the nootropic effects, the anecdotal antidepressant effects of white Thai kratom haven’t had an excellent researched on its side, but the user has found that can be helpful in this regard; but, there are no proofs that it helps in long-term depression.

Alkaloids :

The reason behind these different effects between white a red vein strains is that their alkaloid differs. Thanks, Raymob-Hamet, Phillipson JD, Shellard EJ and Beckett AH’s preliminary studies done on the alkaloidal difference to understand the difference between the growth of the strain has in the various regions and also on how the alkaloids contribute to the effects resulted by them.

Even though there is no in-depth or detailed study on vein type and alkaloid profile yet we can entirely assume the differences in similarities between strain alkaloid variation and vein-type variation.

Hence we get an explicit idea as to what type of alkaloids are to be found in this type of vein.

This variety of kratom the amount of mitragynine is proportionally high on the other hand in red veins lo lower amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine is found which contributes to the energetic effects and reduce the painkilling effect as well.


Variability of White Vein :

Having previously sold kratom it has been noticed that people tend to love them or get little to almost no effect from them at all. But With other varieties, such as red veins, the impact from person to person is observable, but on the other hand, white-veined strains play at brain chemistry in a very different manner. And due to this, not every person may be particularly suited for them.

However, just like any other perks of it, its worth a shot, as the effects can turn out to be helpful and useful in most of the cases.

Here it is also to be noted that white Thai kratom dosage might turn out to be entirely different than that of other strains, some who are sensitive to the effects may require less, on the other hand, less sensitive ones might need more. Hence it’s a beautiful idea to monitor dosage and start low if interested in this variety of kratom.

Popular Strains :

Because white veined strains can be found in all different regions and strains, there are some different effects that can encounter depending on their choice. Some of the most popular are:

White Vein Borneo:

Borneo strains have found out to be more sedative comparatively. This Borneo variety has a unique set of properties associated with it. People that have used it over the course of the year realized that provides both energy and analgesia.

This blend of effects increases it’s essential especially for those who require pain relief or anxiety relief that too without having to sacrifice performance or energy to achieve it.

White Vein Thai :

This is a typical strain which is one of the varieties of kratom, on top of the already energetic effect of Thai, it can be a bit jittery for those who aren’t used to the sedation, but can also be highly useful for tedious work or jobs requiring a lot of energy. However, you will find that the effects of painkilling in this strain ain’t very pronounced it all depends upon each strain.

White-veined kratom has a variety of unique properties, as with this vein many people have a range of experience. But, it’s not necessary that you will feel the same, you have to go through many trial and error to find the best one for yourself.

Everyone is so super Krazy about Kratom. There are people that truly believe it’s the most excellent thing ever discovered since syrup on french toast. They love to try every Kratom strain that exists to experience fully what this powerful Plant offers them.

So when I first heard White Hippo (now Indo Super White) was the latest Kratom strain for sale at Happy Hippo Herbals and what I thought at first was: what kind of name is that? White hippo! have no meaning of itself.

I quickly researched my side, and it turned out that white Borneo Kratom is called White Hippo, a moderate strain that originates from the island of Borneo which is also famous for its dramatic mood-lifting effects, endurance and gut-busting increase in productivity. The other famous strain there is their Happy Hippo 2 which is a red Borneo Kratom.

I was so excited thinking about the happy days that were going to come. And, since I hadn’t any moderate strains in my kratom kit, the timing was perfect to check out something new.

White Borneo Kratom Effects: What You Can Expect

Something that I’ve been able to understand over the course of years through my experience is that white vein Borneo Kratom can have a dramatic, noticeable effect on your level of productivity and concentration.

The intensity of this effect is not clear instead it’s like being completely focused on one task at hand that too while being able to deal with all the unnecessary distractions.

You can thank of White Hippo as something out of this world. If you if you find yourself somewhere in the cave, you might ask yourself what the meaning of life is? (just trying to tell you how it could affect you mentally don’t say later on that I didn’t warn you)

Though I must let you know a critical perk that its mood-lifting benefits are undoubtedly noticeable and people that have used it quite a lot will tell you that.

Nevertheless, no matter how much I wish to promise you that the White Hippo can do everything you want to and can solve almost all your problems, it would be a lie!

Because in spite of the fact that it works in the direction of lifting your mood and all, it can’t always cause a strong sedative feeling, the intense joy that could often be experienced with other types of strains.

Dosage Guidelines

If you were to ask me my personal opinion as to what quantity of dosage would be ideal, then my answer would be that somewhere around 5 grams seem pretty right. Anything lower and the effects don’t seem to get in the course.

Though in case of White Borneo Kratom one might be free to say that it would still work fine if you start off with 3-4 grams even if you’re new to this strain. Just be sure that you work your way up and take the proper dose. it’s always an efficient way to remind people not to burn too much Kratom too fast.

Having said that, you need to keep one thing in mind that the aroma can take time to come in effect and thus you might be required to have some patience for around half an hour or so before you try a second dose.

Just like you wait for medicine for a headache to feel the relied upon instead of wanting to take pills after pills repeatedly. Yeah, the same is the case with it.

So now to conclude the entire article :

That about sums up my review of white Borneo Kratom and, in particular, Indo Super White. If you’re looking forward lately to buy white Borneo Kratom to lift your mood or to get a clean energy boost, White Hippo would be an excellent choice for you. Feeling unfocused or procrastinating? White Hippo will take care of it too and is arguably a much safer solution.

Here in this article, we will rate it 4/5 for several reasons including that it doesn’t provide the highly intense stimulating effects found in other Kratom strains.

Rockstar Hippo Maeng Da Kratom, red vein Kratom and Hyper Hippo are some different highly productive strains, but then they are faster strains that can sometimes be a little too much.

Whereas the best thing about White Hippo is this that it comes with relatively little to no side effects and thus comes handy. We’ve thus provided you with a complete guide to strains, and hopefully, it will help you choose one according to your convenience and requirements.

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