Kratom is mainly associated with three distinct color strains. These are red, green, and white. Recently, a new variety of Kratom strains have become increasingly popular with vendors around the world: and this is yellow vein kratom. One of the most notable Yellow Vein strains is the Vietnam strain. Yellow Vietnam kratom is a relatively new strain. However, it is fast gaining popularity. Amongst, the yellow strains is one of the most popular.

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Yellow Vietnam Kratom Where Does it Come?

As the name suggests, Yellow Vietnam kratom is cultivated in Vietnam. Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, the region known for providing the most kratom in the world with a rich history. However, Vietnam is not usually considered a major producer of the plant. Most kratom powders originate from countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, even though the plant has grown in Vietnam for over 5,000 years.

Only recently has this strain of kratom started to become commercially available around the world. However, although Yellow Vietnam is a newer strain, the supplement has been well-reviewed and regarded as an excellent strain for people needing a boost of energy or euphoric effects. It seems as though it will be a strain that will fast become even more popular.

What Sets Apart Yellow Vietnam Kratom?

One of the most significant distinctions that set Yellow Vietnam kratom apart is the yellow veins found on its leaves. As there are only three commonly accepted vein colors for kratom, yellow vein plants are still being researched by the kratom community.

  • The most common hypothesis for their color is a distinct drying method that makes the veins appear yellow. As a result, yellow vein kratom can come from either red, white, or green vein plants depending on the strain.
  • This means that Yellow Vietnam kratom maintains many of the health benefits that the other strains produce.
  • It looks as though Yellow Veins will increase in popularity once more people become aware of the various effects and benefits.

Yellow Vietnam kratom is perfect for people that are not fans of the taste of the plant in powder form. Traditionally, kratom has a bitter taste that is off-putting for many consumers. People will resort to washing the powder down with juice or filling capsules with the powder to mask the flavor entirely.

This strain of kratom is an exception, as users report that the powder is extremely palatable and has a sweet taste compared to most other strains of the plant. For some, the taste can be a deal breaker in purchasing kratom, so having a good strain can be all the difference in having a positive experience with the supplement. There are an absolute uniqueness and freshness with the Yellow Vietnam Kratom. In terms of effects, looks, and taste it is quite different from any other strain. This makes it alluring, and also makes it a strain that is well worth exploring. Below, we explain the effects, and how these differ slightly from the usual effects of other Kratom strains.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Effects

  • This strain of kratom is well known for its euphoric effects and increased mental functioning. Compared to kratom sourced from other regions, plants from Vietnam tend to be more potent, increasing the strength of the mood-boosting effects at lower doses.
  • People with severe depression or chronic pain may benefit from the increased ability of the plant to relieve acute symptoms.
  • Yellow Vietnam kratom improves both a user’s physical and mental state, making it an excellent choice for those that want the benefits of both red and white vein kratom.

A defining characteristic of Yellow Vietnam kratom is that it lacks any sedative effects. Nearly every other strain of kratom, even if it is not of the red vein variety, comes with some relaxing effects similar to opioids. Even white vein strains, which are mostly known for providing increased energy and focus, can still give the user sedative effects at high doses. However, Yellow Vietnam kratom is unique in that it does not have any sedative qualities at all. This can hugely beneficial for a large number of people in the market for kratom supplements. Although this strain of kratom may not help those with insomnia or opioid addictions, a lack of sedative effects means that Yellow Vietnam kratom is perfect for being productive and getting work done.

Yellow Vietnam strains provide increased concentration and mind-clearing without anything to hamper the experience. This can be great for people that have a lot of work to do without any time for sleep or sedation. Since the strain lacks heavily relaxing qualities, people can focus on the task at hand due to the supplement’s increasing brain functioning and mood-boosting effects. It does not have any of the drowsy impacts which are associated with other Kratom strains.

This means you can take advantage of pain relief without needing to postpone essential things. You can get on with your day. The calm and soothing effects don’t over relax you, which means you can remain stimulated and motivated to get tasks done. Sometimes other strains may over-relax a person who can be somewhat beneficial, but it can also interfere with their ability to get specific tasks done. It can also make them overly drowsy which can be harmful. The unique aspect of the yellow strain is that this drowsiness is not witnessed.

Yellow Vietnam kratom is calming without making the user feel sleepy or tired. This combination has led to the strain becoming more popular in countries around the world and receiving fantastic reviews. Users revel in the fact that this strain is incredibly potent, which is excellent for users with a high tolerance to kratom or people that want to save money by using less powder per session. Reviewers have said that this strain is not as harsh on the stomach as other strains as well. The lack of any sedative effects is significant for consumers with disorders such as ADHD that need to concentrate for long periods at a time.

It ensures that there is no tiredness, which means can users can remain concentrated and focused for more extended periods. The strain provides laser-sharp focus, and this focus is sustained throughout the day. This is unlike other substances such as caffeine which only last a few hours and have a significant comedown. The use of Yellow Vietnam Kratom doesn’t have a crash from this focus, and it can be safely used long term.

User Reviews of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Many users have noted that the Yellow Vein strain is highly euphoric and mood-boosting. In comparison to other strains, this one has the most potent mood-boosting effects. The potency has been noticed by many users who have been impressed by just how effective the strain was at improving their mood. Many users with conditions such as depression were impressed by how much better the Yellow Vietnam Kratom was at relieving their symptoms when compared to other therapies and prescription medication.

Furthermore, the low levels of addiction mean that this strain can be used long term to treat these conditions. Users liked the fact that an opiate-like effect was possible without addiction issues. Many did say that the strain was the most potent one that they had tried. Usually, Kratom should be taken on an empty stomach. However, the high potency means that users recommend taking it with food as this can be more comfortable.

How is Yellow Vietnam Kratom Different to Other Strains

There are many ways that Yellow Vietnam Kratom is different from the typical strains on offer. The noticeable feature is the distinct yellow color of the powder. The taste is also different, with many users claiming that Yellow Vietnam tastes reasonably sweet. This is in comparison to the majority of Kratom strains which have a strong bitter taste. It is one of the newest strains to hit the market, and therefore it has some characteristics which make it stand out.

How is Yellow Vietnam Different to Other Yellow Strains

However, Vietnam is not only different from these strains, but it is also somewhat unique within the Yellow strain category. It does share a fair few characteristics with other yellow strains; however, the effects that make it stand out are a bit separated. It is similar to Maeng Da; however, the Vietnam strain is more relaxing. Additionally, Vietnam tends to be a longer lasting strain than other yellow strains.

Most other yellow veins also provide powerful relaxing and mood-boosting effects; however, they tend to wear off more quickly. Yellow Bali offers slightly higher mood-boosting results; however, it is less stimulating than Yellow Vietnam. It works well as an all-around yellow strain that provides a delicate balance of relaxing effects and interesting effects. The high potency means you can rely upon it to last the whole day.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Dosage

Dosage of Yellow Vietnam kratom is relatively the same as with most of the popular strains.

  • It is always recommended to start with lower doses, especially when a strain such as Yellow Vietnam is potent and contains more alkaloids.
  • An overdose is rare, but you should exercise precaution when starting with the substance.
  • Experts say to begin with two to three grams of powder, while upwards of six grams can be used to produce the maximum effect.
  • It may help to try other yellow vein strains first to see how the user reacts to kratom in their system before trying such a potent strain; however, the benefit is that less of the supplement is required to achieve the same effects. It is essential to experiment with different strains and doses to see what works best for each user.
  • For Yellow Vietnam kratom, in particular, it is advised not to take the supplement on an empty stomach as the strain is potent and can cause adverse side effects is overused.

Where to Buy Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow vein kratom is harder to find than the more common varieties; however, this is changing as more people are gaining access to the plant via online vendors. Yellow Vietnam strains are typically consumed as a powder, using water or another beverage to help wash it down. As mentioned earlier, the sweet taste of this strain means that it may not be necessary to use a flavored beverage to mask the taste. Capsules may also be avoided, which helps people save money and time filling each capsule before consuming the supplement.

Since Yellow Vietnam kratom is more potent than other strains, less of the powder is needed to produce desired effects. As a result, this strain may be useful for people looking for kratom on a tight budget. There are only a few reliable sellers that offer yellow Vietnam Kratom, and we list the best ones below.

  • We recommend as they provide high-quality yellow Vietnam Kratom. They offer a fair price, fast shipping, and they have many positive reviews for this specific batch.
  • Additionally, we also recommend Krabot, as they too offer a highly potent powder for this strain. It is appropriately lab tested which ensures that you receive the highest quality. Shipping can also be easily tracked.


Yellow Vietnam Kratom is one of the unique strains of the plant on the market. The different drying methods of yellow vein leaves produce mood-boosting effects without leaving the user sedated. This strain of kratom is dominant, and the energy increase it provides is useful for many different situations. Yellow Vietnam strains are an excellent purchase for those that need increased productivity without feeling tired or people with chronic pain that need all-day relief. It is a strain that will only increase in popularity once it establishes itself further. We hope that it will be easier to find in the future so that everyone can benefit from the effects it provides.

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